I Could Just Eat You Up

by OmegaPony11

The Tale

I Could Just Eat You Up
By OmegaPony11

I hope you understand how brief our love shall be. Know that I feed off love, and for you… well you won’t survive our first and only session.

It has been a long time since I had the company of somepony as delicious as you. Your form is pristine, the texture of your body. Oh, I could just eat you up. But you know I will, and you know you will enjoy every moment of it.

Oh, how rude of me. I forgot to show you around. This is my hive, far away from that cursed Equestria and their pathetic pony princesses. I had it all won, you see. My plan was flawless, the execution impeccable! I even had the very princess of the sun Celestia bound in a cocoon! The power I held was supposed to be mine, and changelings everywhere would have gorged themselves on the love of ponies everywhere!

Give me a moment, please. It is still a sore spot for me, even after all this time. Have you ever been so close to something you desire, only to have it snatched away from you? That is what happened in Equestria. Dominion over the land and its ponies was to be mine, but it all went away in an instant. Alas, I suppose a weak-willed thing like you does not possess the acumen to have a more grandiose purpose in life than to be consumed by me.

Ah, but you should feel honoured. This is going to be greatest moment of your short life, and one which I will treasure as well. I hope you don’t mind, but I am the type that does like to play with her food. The end is meant to pleasurable for my meals, and I find it better if they are in the same mood I am.

Tell me, my delectable little morsel: are you enjoying this? Do you enjoy my hoof trailing down your spine, my eyes meeting your gaze as if we were locked in a trance I can’t… or wouldn’t… escape from? How long have I waited for this moment, when we are both together, alone in my chambers? Are you ready? I certainly am.

Come to me, my darling morsel. Come to me and be mine, even if for a moment. Know that you will nourish your queen with all your love, as you were meant to—

“Uh… Queen Chrysalis.”

Oh of all the… “What? What do you want? I’m in the middle of something! Something important!”

“Right… well, we heard some grumblings from the other changelings about starting another constitutional democracy. They feel you’ve become… a bit obsessive. The fact that every changeling knows about you and your… meal times… makes it a bit hard to defend your rule.”

Excuse me, lovely tasty treat. “Allow me then to show them the error of their ways. Hey! Changeling hordes! Who wants to form a democratic republic, hold regular elections, and have responsible representatives decide on policies that will benefit you all?”


“And don’t you all forget who’s in charge! Now, you two! Get out of here. My mealtime is meant to be private and epic.”
Good.  Now we are alone again. Where was I? Oh yes.

I do hope you were put off by that display. Sometimes I have to keep the drones in line. Times are tough after our defeat in Canterlot, and the rumblings are many. I do what I can, but sometimes… sometimes it’s hard. This destiny of being changeling queen was not so much given to me as it was thrust on me, to lead my changelings by example. I get to choose very little, my love. Only these little retreats are what I grant to myself.

Unless I want something more, then I just use a little more green fire. It seems to work.
I can control the temperature of my flames, did you know that? I can create a great inferno that could level cities, to a comfortable little campfire. My heat can also be very… sensual. Would you like to feel the heat, my delectable dinner? I’m sure it would make you simply melt.

How’s that, my dear? Do you like that? Do you enjoy the tongues of my flames stroking you, leaving you nice and toasty? I like having a little heat with my meals. Oh my, you are browning quite nicely. A little tan is tasty for you, my luscious lunch.

Oh! Oh you naughty little thing. You’re leaking already. Do I excite you so readily?  I’ll have to clean that up. I suppose it almost time to eat anyways. Don’t worry. It will be a slow, sensual process and you will enjoy every minute of it. I know I will.

How shall we go about this? Shall I lick your sides? Nibble on your ends to excite you before plunging my mouth onto you? To feel my lips on your body, before I feed on your warm delicious love? Oh, how rejuvenated I will be once I am done. I already feel the warmth flowing through my body. You are so warm and tasty right now, I almost can’t resist myself.

This is what I need. I can’t hold off for much longer. I’ll put on some music. Light some candles. Slink my way towards you. Even if our love is fleeting, know that I’ll always cherish what we have. Your love will make me whole.

I want you, I need you, and I simply must have you. No more waiting. No more stalling. I will have you, right now. Are you ready? Here I come.

Mmm… mmm… oh yes… oh… right there… oh… oh you’re delicious… yes, give me all your love… oh the cheddar is just so good, so warm and gooey, and the ham… it’s so heavenly… I need this… I want this… oh… oh my… yes…

I bucking love ham and cheese sandwiches.