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So I've been away for a while... · 4:12am Oct 17th, 2016

Hey all.

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Omega presents... something new! · 1:15pm Apr 20th, 2015

Hello! I hope this message finds you well,

One thing that always bothered me is the lack of new content I put out. Sure, I get the occasional Pony Age chapter out at a decent time, but I haven't written anything brand new in a long while. I want to give something new, so here we go.

This Sunday, the first chapter of Champion's Road will be released. There will be redemption. There will be shipping. There will be professional wrestling.

Look forward to it!

I'm still not done yet!

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Half a Million and Counting - an Omega Blog · 3:18pm Feb 21st, 2015

Hello everyone, I hope this blog post finds you well.

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2015 and Omega have a discussion · 11:57pm Jan 4th, 2015

Omega: La la la la la la!

*The phone rings. Omega goes to answer it. He has difficulty because of hooves, but somehow manages it.*

Omega: Hello on this glorious new year!

2015: Hey there buddy, it's me, 2015! Do you have any big plans going on?

Omega: Oh sure I do! I'm finally ahead of the ball for Pony Age: Catalyst then I've ever been, and will even upload a new chapter this Tuesday!

2015: Oh that's super, buddy, but you know what would be really good?

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Reminder! Pony Age Q&A/DA:I Livestream · 2:13am Nov 21st, 2014

Hello all! This is just a reminder that the Pony Age Q&A/DA:I Livestream will begin at 8 pm EST, which is less than an hour away! Please join the stream at http://www.twitch.tv/omegaphoenix11 . I will be doing some testing between now and showtime to make sure everything works.

Look forward to it!

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Dragon Age Inquisition/Pony Age: Q&A · 12:59am Nov 14th, 2014

Hello all! I hope this blog post finds you well.

Next Tuesday is a very important day. It is a day that will live on in infamy. It is a day of great significance to some, but mainly to me, for you see next Tuesday is November the 18th and that day is...

My birthday. Oh, and the next instalment of the Dragon Age franchise. That's cool too.

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Guess who's back... Back again... · 2:04am Oct 10th, 2014

Omega's back... tell a friend.

How goes the things? Been a while, but I'm ready to get back on the horse of writing. In some circles, that could be taken the wrong way. I'll keep it short and sweet, so let's get right to it:

Friday, folks who follow "Pony Age: Catalyst" are getting a new chapter. We are starting the first major arc, where Twilight trains her new Wardens and prepare to delve into the Dark Tunnels.

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Three Years of Pony Age · 4:50pm Jun 8th, 2014

Three years. One thousand and ninety-six days. I could go on, but you all probably got the point.

The fact of the matter is it has been three years since Pony Age was first published on EQD. Now, the standards were a little lower then, and it probably wouldn't cut the mustard now, but that was the start of this little project of mine. There are a few things I would like to bring up.

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Pony Age: Catalyst - · 8:23pm Jan 20th, 2014

Hello all! I hope this message finds you well.

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Pony Age: Catalyst - Coming January 21st · 9:45pm Dec 28th, 2013

((It probably helps...))

“I look upon the world now,
Where ponies tread in the mires they have formed.
I see them suffer and hate,
And spread despair and torment to one another.
I weep for my little ponies,
For they know well what they do.”
-Canticle of Coltenidies, 8:45

Coming Soon, January 21

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