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Dragon Age Inquisition/Pony Age: Q&A · 12:59am Nov 14th, 2014

Hello all! I hope this blog post finds you well.

Next Tuesday is a very important day. It is a day that will live on in infamy. It is a day of great significance to some, but mainly to me, for you see next Tuesday is November the 18th and that day is...

My birthday. Oh, and the next instalment of the Dragon Age franchise. That's cool too.

So, with the days matching up, Dragon Age: Inquisition will be a fitting birthday gift, but I would very much like to share all of that with you! As such, I will be streaming DA:I on November 20th. This stream will be more than just me playing a video game, but also a Q & A with the author of Pony Age: Origins and Pony Age: Catalyst where YOU, dear readers, can ask anything you like and I'll do my best to give answers.

Why two days later? I'm going out, it's my birthday after all.

Let's get the info out there. Again, I will be streaming DA:I on November 20th at 7 PM EST on my channel, http://www.twitch.tv/omegaphoenix11. Please note that I will be getting the PS3 version of the game. Why? Because my PC can't run it and I don't have a PS4. Please be respectful in the chat, and be patient if I don't get to your questions right away.

I hope to see many of you there.

As always, I'm still not done yet!

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Comments ( 3 )

So just how hyped are you for the game? I've been looking on footage and it does seem promising, but I've been far too consumed by Divinity: Original sin to really climb the walls.


Gonna be gud ( also, Lords Of The Fallen is gut. )

2594286 I'd say I'm pretty optimistic with my hype since it had a bit more development time than DA2

I really wish I could join you but I've got to work. I paid for the deluxe edition now I've got to work it off. But it should be worth it for all that cool flame stuff.

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