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Aria Blaze lost everything when the Dazzlings tasted defeat thanks to the Rainbooms. Splitting from the group, Aria is ill prepared for the trials of life without her powers. Escaping from the cold of winter, she stumbles into a gym with an owner that gives her an offer she never imagined: to be a professional wrestler.

Now Aria must graduate highschool, train in the ring, and eventually make it in the pro wrestling business. The road is difficult and wrought with danger, but with friends, love, and a few suplexes, Aria knows she can become a champion.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 86 )

This is a story I wanted to write for a long time. Thanks to Equestria Girls, I finally found a means to do so.

I am doing different things in this story. I hope you enjoy it.

Hmm...Reminds me of the anime Wanna Be The Strongest in the World.

I thought for sure Fluttershy was Konstance Pain

When is the next chapter coming out?


Typically, when they are done. For chapter 2, let's say... sunday Sunday SUNDAY!


I take it Fluttershy is not a wrestler in this story? And this picture I found makes her the cutest pro wrestler ever.



She is not, no. As much as I think she would be a beast in a Hell-in-a-Cell, this is Aria's story.

Okay... :applecry:

She could have always be a rival to Aria or an alley. Just saying but she would be in the lightweight division. Also it is important to note that Aria didn't have lie about her age. If the AWC is a small local independent promotion. Then Aria could wrestle for them under the age of 18. If they do tours out of state then she couldn't. From the looks of things the AWC is local and small time, or could be a training federation like Ohio Valley Wrestling is to the WWE.


Fluttershy will be an ally, just not in the ring. As for the AWC, I liken it more to TNA, but far more successful.

I am running on a lot of "perfect world" scenarios here. Like there being a company of all women's wrestling that is wildly successful and popular. That giant women who aren't terrible at taking bumps exist. I am taking a lot of liberties here.

I still love how Konstance Paine is pretty much Kane. This story is amazing! Keep up the good work!

5994336 Kane? I think she's more like Karma/Awesome Kong.

6148883 I see it more like Kane, but it could just be the fact I haven't actually watched any wrestling in a while

6149663 I have. It's doing alright, but none of it is really, great yet.

Figures that Sonata is working at a Mexican food place.

Comment posted by magmon1000 deleted Jul 8th, 2015

I wanna post Legacy's theme song, but its not letting me.


Looks like someone figured out my chapter naming scheme.

Allow me!

This should be Aria's intro:

6182990 I was a little suspicions of I walk Alone, (Inside this Pit of Danger), but now I for certain.
Course, I'm expecting Only One Can Judge as a chapter name.

6188510 I think it should be Only One Can Judge.

6190357 I chose that song since it is fitting for her.

6190383 I won't disagree, but now thinking about it, this fits more:

6192586 At least I didn't suggest this:

Then again this would fit Adagio to a t.

6195078 I can't really disagree there.

Though this would be good if she ever got a Stable:

Somehow I knew there would be a Sunata pairing, Ariashy as a potential ship?


and maybe appledagio...why? cause i havent seen that pairing before and i want to see if it can be done

Ah Sunata my entrance ship to all MLP ships, brings back good memories, anyway glad to have a new chapter, was really fun to read.

6485477 Actually I could see Adagio with Rainbow Dash for some reason.

Hmm...why do I see Adagio winding up at a rival wrestling gym and becoming Aria's rival once she debuts in the ring.

Feels life a movie how dramatic it is

Keep going its really good

6182990 Though now it's a double reference.

6809438 New Day Rocks! New Day Rocks! Can't help but to like those guys. They'd still be midcard jobbers if it wasn't for that stable.

You know what else rocks though?

An update! Enjoy!

Also for everypony, check out the author's notes and leave a suggestion for an entrance theme and finisher!

Entrance Theme: Second Coming/Only One Can Judge.
Finisher: A Cobra Clutch with Bodyscissors. As an alternative, just one I realised could be done, A Corkscrew 450 Splash.

I'm thinking her entrance theme could be "Burn in my light" by Mercy Drive.

A few thoughts for themes:
Warriors - Imagine Dragons
Karma - Kamelot
Up Through The Ashes - Kamelot

With Aria, I see something metally and symbolic to what she's trying to do with her life. The fact that she's trying to build herself back up after a terrible fall.

For a finisher, now that's a bit tougher. Taking into account the style that I am thinking that she'll use, a combination of speed and power, veering on the speedy side, I'd say go with a top rope diving move, the shooting star press. That's it, a flashly looking and dangerous move that's sure to garner her the following that she's looking to have.

How about:


As Aria's theme?

I should give my ideas for a theme, shouldn't I?

I'm currently leaning to "This Fire Burns" By Killswitch Engage. I know it's CM Punk's first theme and some will try to find allusion between him and Aria, but I'll state now there isn't one. I just think the lyrics fit Aria's journey to the squared circle, regardless if she is heel or face.

As for a finisher, I'm going to be lame and think of giving her the Spear to start her career with, and likely will add the Cross Armbreaker later. I'm always up for changing things as the story progresses, but remember that Aria is getting fast tracked unlike many in the business. There will be a time to grow and improve her repertoire. If you don't agree, please share your thoughts.

Now to share thoughts about what is offered:

6814317 As much as I love Through the Fire and Flames (and Dragonforce in general), I find it too fast for arena settings and find it doesn't fit. Now Cry Thunder on the other hand...

For your second choice, that one I do really like. The rap portion puts me off, but I imagine the entrance being done by then (or simply cut to keep the chorus on loop). I'll keep this one in mind.

6813914 Kamelot... I like you.
For Warriors, I like this song as a theme for a PPV, but not so much for a wrestler theme. It's kind of slower when I'd like something high energy for Aria. The same is said for the two Kamelot songs, though I really like Karma.

I think she will get a top rope move when she gets more confident in the ring, but not off the bat. The Shooting Star Press is a great move but dangerous; even the 'E banned it for a long time ever since Brock Lesnar turned it into the Shooting Star Self-Piledriver. What would you think of the Swanton Bomb or Starship Pain?

Ooh, ooh... Phoenix Splash...

6812070 I shouldn't forget this song. I loved this song. I like this choice. I like it for a heel theme... possibilities.

6810661 Second Coming is doable as a theme. I'm really looking for a theme that says "pop" when you play it. Yes I know people will be reading the story and I won't put music links in the story itself, but I find it helpful especially for something like professional wrestling. It is for that reason I don't like Only One Can Judge as a theme. It worked great for Cody's character at the time, but not Aria's character as it is now.

These are some great suggestions, keep 'em coming, or dispute my reasoning! I love a good discussion, especially about wrestling.


The Phoenix splash would be amazing, but not Starship Pain. That move never really looked strong enough to be a finisher and Morrison never really managed to hit it fully when he did it. His opponents were always just a tad to close to the turnbuckle. And I do see you going with something simplistic like a spear as a starting one, just remember to do it like Edge would do it, with the full ring run up because Aria wouldn't be the largest of wrestlers and that is a way to make it more believable that she could take someone out with it.

And I do see your thoughts on the pacing of the music, wanting something nice and popping, but Ii always thought that a first theme should be something on the more slower side, so that it could be changed to faster or slower as the time goes to indicate the style changes or the heel/face movement and such. But then, That is just me.

Why not use Dean Ambrose's theme and for her finisher, she could use a superkick or buzzsaw kick

6814641 I had an idea.
The Spear is a massively over used move in the wrestling community. So why not go for a more brutal, over used move. A Curb Stomp.
As for a Submission, I stick to what I said first time: Cobra Clutch with Body-Scissors.

And finally, as a theme, why not something OUTSIDE of wrestling? A theme that hasn't been used in wrestling? I don't have any great suggestions right now, but I can offer Lane Boy by Twenty One Pilots.
I know it sounds purely masculine, but trust me, it isn't.


6855197 You are right that the Spear is an overused move, but remember that I said Aria is only using it in the beginning. This story is going for the long haul, so there is plenty of time for her to get new moves, especially should she face those where the Spear won't put them away.

As far as the theme song goes, for starters I'm kind of at a loss now. I'm still sold on Killswitch Engage, but I wonder now if choosing that song or any other will just upset readers. I dunno, I don't want a rap song, it just doesn't do well for me. I have other ideas but I just don't know any more.

I get the feeling that Aria will meet Adagio in the ring and I have my suspisions about The woman in the Dolly mask anywho, it will be an interesting ride to follow!

Begin training montage!

I can't wait to see what you do with that caveat to the contract. There are so many different ways that I could see you going with the one match that Roza has and many different ways in which it could play into both in-ring storylines and the main overall one of the story in general.

And you're still looking into music, I'm gonna throw some more recommendations. Maybe something from Shinedown. "The Sound of Madness" is a really good one. Or "Adrenaline". Or maybe one of their most recent songs "Cut the Cord"

Ok, this has nothing to do with the chapter, I just need to say it. I think Konstant Payne is Adagio. There, I did it. If I'm wrong, I’m wrong.

So...one pinkie pie-wrestler and one applejack-wrestler. Are you going to give every one of the mane seven a counterpart?

6969286 Nah, that's really about it and that's only because of the similarities to those character traits. Ice Cold will show that she is absolutely nothing like Applejack and Octane is a bit more reckless... If there are future similarities, consider that there are characters that share similar traits across a lot of media.

As for your other point, there is the height thing to consider, but I will not confirm or deny. Adagio will finally make her appearance soon.

I bet Applejack IS Ice Cold Apple Cider. Oh I was thinking this and should've been Aria's theme.

EDIT: Oh I just realized the irony. "Wanna be the Strongest in the World" is about a pop star diva who becomes a pro wrestler. Aria is a former singer who becomes a pro wrestler. OH THE IRONY!

You updated already? HIT THE MUSIC! * "Beautiful Dreamer" plays over the stereo.

Victoria > Vince nowadays.

I take it Ada is Adagio?

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