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Updates updates updates!!! · 7:40am Sep 22nd, 2015

That's right, folks! Not one, not two, but THREE new chapters tomorrow! Isn't that exciting!? Guys? Hello? Guys?

Okay then.

Anywhoosers, proofreader allowing, we should be up and running tomorrow. I plan to send them off to her soon.

Big thanks to Luna-tic for her proof reading of all the previous chapters!

TBoe, signing off for now!

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Thanks so much for the follow, you're awesome. XD

1769288 Thanks! Wow, that's news. Thanks for telling me.

1768678 you didn't know? Huh. Well, congrats!

1768529 :pinkiegasp: My story was featured? Literally, the first time I've heard about this.

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