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My Little Pony..Friends!


When Aria needs to get to her apartment in a hurry she decides to use the lift, something that she never used. When the lift is stuck Aria finds out she'll be trapped with a certain pink human.

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I actually have a couple of nicknames for Pinkie: Sugar high, Cotton candy, Bubblegum, Sugar rush, 50 shades of pink, Poodle, Jigglypuff, Party crasher, and Gumdrop. Also, LOVING the story so far! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks and be sure to see a couple of those nicknames around Chapter 2 which I'm working on

If she doesn't shut up for one freakin second I'll beat her up so she looks like one of those old crazy animatronics at the new pizza place!

FNAF reference!

Yay, someone got my reference. You sir get an imaginary cookie

Comment posted by MissSparklePony1 deleted Aug 16th, 2015

You might want to change the story's status from Complete to Incomplete

Thanks, completely missed that

Your writing style gets a good feel for the characters and who they are, however I can't help but feel that your sentences are short and choppy, interrupting the flow of the story with repetitive short phrases. In addition your writing style tends to be confusing because of simple grammatical mistakes and the occasional misplaced word.
I recommend getting a good proofreader (Someone you've met on the fandom who isn't averse to reading over your works). Second I'd work on some of your speech patterns for the characters to make their conversations work better together. All in all though your story is easy to read and paints a picture of what is happening. Just don't be afraid to elaborate on the situation or the characters.

Thanks so much for your comment. I'll consider this for next time and yes I do need a good proofreader since English is not my strongest suit:pinkiehappy:

6431043 Thank you so much for noticing me:pinkiehappy: I love your stories, especially Daughters of Glimmer:raritystarry:

6434301 Gosh, thanks! :twilightblush: Will you continue this story anytime soon? :pinkiehappy:

6434306 Yup, I currently writing the first chapter for this, I can't believe you like my work:pinkiehappy: I'm actually crying tears of joy now

6434332 Aw, don't cry! :fluttershysad: :rainbowkiss: Can't wait to see Aria and fifty shades of pink back in action *Snort snort* :derpytongue2:

6434351 Well it will start with the Humane 7 and thenoticed there will be some robbery action. You're my role model and inspiration for writing:pinkiehappy: Oh my god I need to lie down. And my birthday's next Tuesday:heart::heart:

6434370 And you deserve way more subscribers

6434370 wow...I'm so so honored! Thank you for your kind words! :rainbowkiss: And happy early birthday!!!!:yay:

6434397 Thank you!!!!!:pinkiehappy: You know it's my dream if one day we could do a collab? :twilightblush:

6434410 That's cool! I've had to take a mini break from collabing though because I'm working on projects for college (Super fun) but yeah, I'd love to as soon as I get em done! :twilightsmile:

6434463 Haha, I never think of myself as a big writer, just a random one :derpytongue2: It makes me glad that you like the stories I put up, it's all for fun giggly stuff :twilightsmile:

6434473 No problem, my writing is nothing compared to yours. I just feel like you should be a comedy writer:scootangel:

6434520 I wouldn't say that--writing just takes time and practice... I know Code Blue needs some serious editing :ajsleepy:

Really funny story!!:pinkiehappy:

Sometimes I wonder if everyone thinks that I'm childish, immature

Awwwwwww!!!:fluttercry: This gives me the feels since Pinkie is my favourite pony and I relate to her on so many levels. When I was in 5th grade I was bullied because I was "childish" and "weird"! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU PINKIE!!!!:pinkiesad2:

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