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This story is a sequel to Going Somewhere...?

You have another unexpected encounter with Adagio, but something is different... Now Sunset is involved.

Author's note: You may want to read the prequel, or else you will be a little lost.

Cover art by SkycatcherEquestria.

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Knowing her, she's probably forgotten about the whole thing by now.

Leave it to Sonata to not give a crap about how she once tortured and raped someone. I always knew she was the most evil of the bunch.

Wait, what war is he talking about? Are you sure this is the same guy from the first story? There was never any mention of a war in that story.

It also kinda sucks that Adagio drops the sultry, sex goddess act. That was my favorite part of the last story.

This was a nice change of pace from the first. I would have liked to see a little more explanation as to Anon's background, but I think it's fine as it is. I hope you write more things in the future.

Wow, this story is amazing! I like how each of the Dazzlings were portrayed in this story, especially Adagio. Kudos to you on yet another excellent story my friend. :twilightsmile:

5843411 why do you have to be so mean? :(

Cute, warm, sexy.

Up until the end, I was still waiting for some sort of trick, heh. Adagio and Aria, while heartwarming to see, seemed to have quite the extreme shift. I do love me some change-of-heart Dagi, though.

>that art tho ;)

GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! RIGHT IN THE FEELS!!:applecry::fluttercry::raritydespair:

This was a kind of cute that I can get behind.

5843695 *waits a day to reply*


I'm trying to come up with an idea for another sequel, which would probably include more about Anon's past, though not taken too far out of context from the story at hand.

We shall see. :3

5851077 Well, if you come up with anything, I would love to see it. No rush, though.

Good chapter, I was expecting something at the end

Aww yisss, thas wha I'm talkin' 'bout (Willis), :rainbowkiss:

Can't wait for the next one! :rainbowdetermined2:

"Rape? What's that?" She asks as she shoves her finger up your poop shute. :trollestia:

Hmm... His change of mind seemed just a tad bit too fast for me. I mean, if I was chased down, tortured, and raped, I think i'd be a lot more hesitant. I still enjoyed this, nonetheless; it's got a happy ending, at least.
I'll be thumbing up and favoriting. :twilightsmile:

5843411 Hey, she ain't evil. She's just got on the wrong side of the battlefield by accident.

5862650 last I checked cats are evil little buggers, yet they are adored by many, myself included. Ergo Sonata is adorable, end of story, fade to white, written by M.A. Larson, role credits.

So Adagio is apparently sorry for the undoubtedly-sexy events that unfolded in the last fic. I'm interested...

Things are gonna get SEXAAAAAY. :raritywink:

5862716 Agreed. And ah, what the hell. I'll like and fav too.

If only this was rated Mature. I would've loved to see how the raunchiness wasplayed in full detail. :raritywink:

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Comment posted by DragonKing deleted Jun 2nd, 2015

Sunset stands a few feet away, looking dumbfounded for a second before pressing her hands to her mouth to try to stifle a happy squeal.

All I could think of was
I am such a horrible little bastard. :pinkiecrazy:

I find his acceptance and forgiveness of those who literally tortured and raped him unrealistically quick and easy. I can see the story was meant to be one of forgiveness and romance, but I felt it was rushed. I would have liked to see just a bit more strain here.

Apart from that, good work, well put-together, and thanks for sharing.

5925703 What Aria did to him was sexy? Did you miss that part?

5883432 All Sonata did to Anon was tickle him. Adagio did most of the sexual stuff.

holi fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk............ fuk :pinkiegasp:

Dazzle blew any hope for a second chance.

I would like to know more about his past so it can make more sense. I will be watching this with great interest ^^

Please tell me there's more of this

Fingers crossed for a part three! :pinkiehappy:

5925703 Technically, she did Rape him, so that maybe a big part of it all.................Then again, if it was dagi and Nata *I* would have minded that much *Nosebleed*

Step one: Grudgingly forgive rapist.
Step two: Immediately take her home and fuck her stupid.
Step three: ??????
Step four: Profit!

Yes. This looks right and is perfectly normal human behavior that a human would do. I declare this plan cannot go wrong![/thrakerzod]

Also, damn, Dagi! Hair trigger much? That's twice now you've orgasmed after a few seconds of dry humping. I'd be afraid actual intercourse would put you into a coma.

Well this is the most heartwarming case of Stockholm's Syndrome I've read about in a while. Good stuff :)

As much as I enjoy heartwarming stories like this, personally I could not forgive someone that easily. Especially if it were something as severe as molesting me.

Personally I would be pissed unless it was Sunset, either way I would still probably be livid.

She blew a lot more than that in the prequel

I was feeling the same thing, to be honest. Her apology in the last chapter was bizarrely callous and dismissive, she really comes off like a complete psychopath in this fic, total lack of guilt and all. I've been trying to tell whether or not the author was doing it on purpose or not

"I haven't celebrated Christmas for..." You pause in thought, counting on your fingers. "-eight years, now?" At this, the room falls rather silent.

What a coincidence. It's been 8 years since this was finished. Can we get a Sequel this Christmas? :pinkiesad2::raritywink:

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