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hey thanx for faving all to ourselves...was the half pony and sea pony thing for the anthro tag handled well?

Thank you so much for the fave

1911892 I love them too, personally i feel like if they ever do make and EG show spin off the dazzlings could really work as recurring villains, struggling to regain their powers and get back at the mane 7 but also dealing with the internal struggle of being even more ostracized and alienated in the world for what they did, if you really think about if the ending of EG RR goes on to say they lost and never got back their powers...then how are they surviving without them? Twilight and the rainbooms are heroes yes but they basically destroyed the lives of three girls taking away their only special talents.

1911822 i've read every story in the series so far. And i really like what i see. i also just love the dazzlings and will read pretty much anything with them in it

thanx for faving so...these are my girlfriends what'd you think of it?

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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