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Still Gone-ish, Reflections · 4:34am March 18th

Hah. It's rather strange, isnt it? Nostalgia. Such is what inspired me to log in again, to this old relic. Of all things, as well, to reread old blog posts. I've kept a journal for a few months now, but these are ramblings I put down... Five years ago now. Just, wow. The oldest "journal" of sorts I own, this account. So I once again appear for a short while, and ramble on into the void of a long dead account in passing yet again, as is my way.

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Hope you’re doing okay, wherever you are.

Please never leave again. :pinkiesad2:

Maybe... Possibly... :trollestia:

I'm back to say this again. Please, return. :raritydespair:

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