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Mystical Rainboom

You may know of my power, but you may never know my limits- ?????


Adagio and the others accidentally knocked out Sunset Shimmer. Now they have to masquerade as her to avoid another rainbow blast.

Since they are the closest in hair color and Adagio is a sly fox, she must pretend to be Sunset on the free day of the Mane 6.

Meanwhile, Sonata and Aria are trying to revive Sunset as time goes on.

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Heh. This was funny and kind of cute, if a little bit rushed. Fear of getting Rainblasted really opens the door to shenanigans, doesn't it?

:rainbowlaugh: love it. Was a little confused at the ending part

But she had one thing to do...
She threw the bat in her arms into a closet.
"What was that?" Rainbow asked.
"Nothing." Adagio said.

7293356 Adagio was holding a bat to fight with.

Couldn't be too careful in her case.:derpytongue2:

The concept was good but the execution was a bit flawed, I recommend a proof reader, They do more than just point out grammar and spelling, a good one will help you to expand the story and make it flow more naturally. Keep going though, you have good ideas.

Adagio explained that if the others found out Sunset was attacked by the Dazzlings, they'd come after them and blast them.

...Two problems with that statement, Adagio:
1. The rainbow beam wouldn't work without Twilight Sparkle, as far as you know. In actuality, it wouldn't activate without either the Element Bearer or Sunset (considering what happened when CHS and Crystal Prep clashed), but...you wouldn't know about any angelic transformations.
2. I'm certain that if you explained it was a complete accident, caused by you opening a locker door too quickly and hard, they would understand and not think it was deliberate assault.

Don't most schools have security cameras? Why isn't this incident caught on tape, to prove the Dazzlings are only guilty of forcefully opening one of their own lockers?

I believe they accidentally K.Od her at their house, but there would be a camera somewhere to catch them. Then again, maybe they were lucky enough to only look like Sunset when she only left the house XD

Perhaps they were afraid the Rainbooms would only see them as nothing but trouble, which connected with other stories, isn’t impossible. They don’t quite know eachother as much XD

As for the 1st detail, in this story, Twilight comes to visit the Rainbooms on some weekends, so the chances of her being around for a friendly and fun day are pretty high.

...Oh. I could've sworn I read 'locker', but...guess not.
Also, I posted that when I started reading this story, so...

"It's no use!" Aria shouted.

"3. Get my comb back from Fuzzhead, Purple the Pigtails, and Taco Nut?" Aria read aloud. "If she was awake, I'd gladly kill her now."

Yeah she's so be dead if she were awake now that the sirens know she gave them nicknames they dislike.

Aria facepalmed and Adagio sighed. She knew what she must do. Adagio dragged Sunset to the bathroom.

Yep and it's kinda obvious what she's about to do.

Adagio stripped Sunset down and changed clothes. Adagio took a few minutes and came back. She had miraculously changed every detail to look like Sunset. Sunset was in a towel and still breathing through her mouth.

Well at least she didn't leave her naked.

Adagio turned around and smiled. "Sorry, that wasn't right. You two stay here and wake me up or else Adagio will pound you." She said in Sunset's voice.

Wait how did she do that just now?

Adagio mentally prepared herself and put a forced grin on her face. "Aria and Sonata, you better hurry up." She whispered.

And hope the girls will find out that adagio is Sunset.

"I thought the air in he mouth would fly to her brain and wake her up." Sonata shrugged. "She turned blue, so I thought she was okay."

Damn it sonata. :facehoof:

The movie highlighted how one girl switched places with a girl like her, while the original girl was unconscious with her friends. Adagio immediately started sweating again. She called it now. She had the worst luck in the world!

Yep, you can say that again.

In the time it took for the group to get to the festival, Adagio got a text. Sunset was somewhat awake and dressed. The music started the crowd started cheering. Adagio tried to escape, but she was trapped in another hug. She then had the idea to surf the crowd to the exit.

Why is my gut telling me they dressed Sunset in adagio's clothes.

"But I told them what happened and how I was knocked out for hours." Sunset said.

How are they not pissed off or upset at her after what just happened!?!?!??

"Nothing." Adagio said.

Wonder who that was she decided to put to sleep?

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