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Aria's grumpy attitude awakens an ancient evil, Grouch Grump, that won't leave her alone and spreads bad luck. The day only worsens, because the angrier Aria gets the stronger the bad luck.

This being is able to feed off of negativity from disastrous days and exorcise the dominance in multiple relationships and is angry enough to kill anyone, even if they are on the same side. The other is named Grouch Grump.

Perhaps someone will get her to feel joy and break the being...or make it a 1000 times worse. After all, this is Aria Blaze.

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Welp. This fuckin sucked -Aria

6109262 Do want me to get Sonata to really see you mad?:derpytongue2:

6109974 Just cranky. I will be if you keep up the bad grammar in your replies

6110000 glad to see we're on board with each other

"She dashed off in the hall, bit Miss Cherrilee called after her." *but;; "Sunset cut the chase," *cut TO the chase;; "Aria got free yelled at Adagio." *something needs to break that up;; "ruled with an iron fist and tried to use he first" *her;; "Get back her blue pest." *here;; "but Aria was Twice as fast and wrestled her into a pile." *no capital needed

"If we forcefeed him with too much grump energy he'll blow up. That's how I beat him in two days, but Aria can do it ten minutes." --> I understand Aria suddenly overloading him, but I don't really get how gradually overloading would work... wouldn't he just get stronger?
"Sonata was the perfect target to get her angry, but the monster was only gaining more power." --> I would think it as "target for her anger" but that doesn't quite convey that Sonata is what makes her mad... maybe "subject" or "theme" (in contrast with target as an object)
"You lousy blue numbskull! I'm gonna knock your teeth in and leave you in a ditch, once and for all!" Hilarious, top notch silly humor. Cute ending

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Well that was silly and enjoyable. A little out of place the mad ghost king at the end though.

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