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When Twilight wakes up and finds smoke and melted crystal all over her castle home, she follows the trail and finds an age old enemy that she couldn't avoid any longer, Dragon Fire Flu.

With Spike sneezing flames like an erupting volcano, it's up to Twilight and Starlight to get together and help cure him, before he burns the whole place down.

(Source For Cover Art)

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Great story, but I have to complain about the lack of details at the end... I mean, all you said about the days between the letter and the elixir taking effect was ONLY "It took a few days"... how did they deal with the fire? How did the towns ponies handle the fact that it was Spike and his illness? How did they fix the castle? and I can go on

8038247 Interesting factors. Allow me to rectify that

I didn't know Ember cared.

8038623 I was trying to imply she only did so as a favor since he did help her and she's kind of struck me as the "Yeah we're kind of friends you dork" type XD

8038661 Maybe Spike could repay her with a Ponyville Tour.

Good story.
I enjoyed reading it.

But I have to suggest you may look for an editor/proofreader.
There are some smaller typos and formatting errors, and a few times you could improve your wording.
Other small note: better use this link for the cover-source: https://korikian.deviantart.com/art/365-Day-204-Sick-Spike-244541562
Don't get me wrong: It's still a good story, but it could be even better.

There’s a certain helicopter in the air and it goes soi soi soi

I've reviewed this here.

I love star and spikes relationship

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