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This story is a sequel to Sonata's Food Trouble

Adagio tries to teach Sonata to drive and sets the blue knucklehead up for an experience that'll need double the insurance.

These two sirens are now stuck in traffic and they are set on driving, but this is not easy for Adagio, Sonata, or Aria, who was stuck in the backseat for a different reason.

(You don't need to read the prequel to understand this, but it would tell you where things are going in terms of success.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 8 )

Best Driving Lessons ever lol I laughed through the whole chaper :rainbowlaugh:

"With property damage like that, who needs magic?" Aria laughed.

Remind me make sure Sonata stays a mile away from my Mercedes. Great story though, it made my day. You earned a like from me. :rainbowlaugh:

Well at least she figured out the Prindle. Next lesson: the radio, and the difference between am and fmmm.

Methinks that Aria hates driving the most. This i like!

I can't even xd

The wind was in my eyes." Sonata rubbed her eyes

Wow xd

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Hilarious Sire Hijinks. This had me laughing. I'm surprised the cops didn't come rolling in

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