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Horrifically Fun


This story is a sequel to It’s Not Easy Being Green… and Purple

Spike lives in a giant castle with the company of not one, but two mares. So everything's just peachy, right? You know… ignoring how unhinged his castlemates can be in conjunction with how much magical power they happen to have… and sometimes abuse.

Having read the previous story is not strictly necessary to enjoy this one, though it will help in regards to the second section.

Spike vector from dipi11.

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Fantastic Funny Frolic For Fim Fiction Fans!
:moustache: Kiss it!

Just read the previous one today.

Edit: And that bait and switch with the end...hilarious!

Also, I really like P.S. now. Any chance of a part 3 covering that date?


There IS a chance. Honestly, I did not plan for the scene to go down that way until I was writing it and got near the end where I realized that I basically presented P.S. with a rather real, not entirely unlikely, chance of complete destruction that would loom over her where her options were to sort of 'get over herself' or just have a BSOD and shut down. So, it's an idea that I never really existed until yesterday, but it's something I'll definitely give a bit more thought to.

Mostly I just hope Spike doesn't try to use P.S. to make Rarity jealous. Because that plot is really old-hat.


Naw. I'm not entirely sure where I'll take things from here in regards to romance and am entertaining the thought of doing a love triangle or something. Still, my personal thought on the matter is that such dickish behavior is beneath Spike.

Spike should go on strike and real stick it to the mares.

7934492 Very. Especially with females like Twilight, Starlight, Ember and possibly P.S., why should Rarity be even a thought!?:trollestia:

Good story. Love to see the daily day to day life of, Purple and Green, Purple and Light Purple.:moustache::twilightblush:

Very nice. P.S. was adorable.

Further proof Spike is best dragon :moustache:

her new student is another pony of great magical talent, except based on her past actions, she apparently doesn’t have any morals to speak of!

In most situations, Spike would consider himself one lucky dragon living under the same roof with a mare like that. :trollestia:

But having a breakup with a pony that can control minds and master time travel probably wouldn't end well for the little guy...

7934374 I like that you gave PS a happier ending.

It's easy to forget in comedy that you condemn characters to certain fates. It's nice that you "saved" her.

Seems like it's always a day to panic in Ponyville.

Thanks, I needed that after today! :yay:

Never expected you'd ever write a sequel to your last Spike story, but I'm glad you did. This was hilarious!

...What does it say about me that I didn't start actually realizing that the "reward" Spike gets from Twilight and Starlight isn't what it's very specifically implied to be until Spike mentioned he first started getting the "reward" from Twilight when she was a filly?


At the very least, I'm guessing it suggests you're not a pedophile. :rainbowlaugh:

I’m sort of afraid you’re going to sneeze in here and then I’ll be trapped inside my own burning shop and die a terrible death from smoke inhalation.”

He's strong and tough, he can make it through to the doors, bust it open and carry you out.

Both mares jumped slightly as they felt a light tap on their shoulders and both turned to see their dragon castlemate covered in blackened ashy smudges but smiling as if nothing had happened to him.

I mean, he belly flopped into LAVA, and came out just fine. An explosion is nothing.

Spike shook her head and licked his lips. “Sorry girls! You rip open the reality hole, you pay the toll!”

... He has a point.

With an eye-roll that was impossible to conceal, Twilight threw her forehoves in the air then lowered them and her muzzle to the ground as she offered up an unenthusiastic. “All hail the Mayor of I Told You So Town.”


Thanks a lot, Justice! Now I want to read a Spanic shipfic... :ajbemused:

This is so funny. It's one of the best stories I've read in a long time. :yay:

And this is the story how Equestria was almost unmade by a creature of the eye of terror. I also ship Spike and Panic Station so hard. Can't wait to hopefully see more of Spike and this cute terrified mare. :pinkiehappy:

The entire pancake scene, Twilight Sparkle edition

Ladies and gentlemen, the Princess of Being Fat and Lazy.

Starlight making it worse

Ladies and gentlemen, a pony who truly belongs in Tartarus. Or an asylum.

Panic Station

Just... :facehoof: That mare... :facehoof: Also, d'aww at her crush on Spike!

Dat ending... :rainbowlaugh:

This needs editing!

I would do so here, but there are so many little errors.

Speaking of which, same goes for the previous story.

7934497 they date, all goes well, and Rarity takes a week to realize it's even happening.

7939256 The only idiot who ever got laid by fucking a child got fucked a lot.

If I explain the joke, I can't shoot straight.

Why are you saying that to me?

8002993 Because you're right.

So everything's just peachy, right?

Except of course for the undeniable fact that somebody somewhere was gonna make a Weird Al reference.

I like this version of Spike a lot.

Panic Station will make a fine addition to my waifu collection.
And from the sound of it, Spike's too. He gets all the mares.

With an eye-roll that was impossible to conceal, Twilight threw her forehoves in the air then lowered them and her muzzle to the ground as she offered up an unenthusiastic. “All hail the Mayor of I Told You So Town.”

Starlight giggled and mimicked Twilight, though a fair amount more enthusiasm. “All hail the Mayor of I Told You So Town!”

“That’s right, girls!” Spike said as he leaned on his cane and adjusted his hat. He held out one of his claws. “Now kiss my ring.”

I have got to do this to my friends and family. when I get married i'm making this apart of the vows. have a moustache you genius bastard you:


Also i'd totally ship Spike x Panic Station :heart:


That would be a cute ship.

If Starlight deserves it, than so does every other pony. 😈 Just saying.

Reread, and that was a cute ending / ship. Just the fic I needed for this morning.

Please do another one of these. It needs to happen!

I was sorting through my library and getting rid of the canceled and those that I have lost interest in and I came across this two story gem. Thank you sir for Writing it. I still want to see the Panic Station and Spike date. But I understand if that is not where you want to go and it can stand perfectly fine on it's own. I absolutely love this tale, it was one of the tales that inspired me to write Always Bet on Green. So I salute you sir. :twilightsmile:

“Whoops!” Twilight cried out. “Sounds like somepony is going to have to plug up those holes and then go out and get more towels!~” Twilight sang out. “And by somepony, I mean ‘dragon!’ And by ‘dragon’ I mean—”

Okay, at this point, it's time to get a new job and place to live. And to report her behavior to Princess Celelstia before Twilight or Starlight accidentally (or perhaps completely on purpose) invite Cthulu over for afternoon tea because he promised to give them Forbidden Knowledge magical lessons afterward if they did.

Was one of those a portal to Albuquerque?

Some people just shouldn't be trusted with phenomenal cosmic power.

Really, most people shouldn't be trusted with phenomenal cosmic power.

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