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Horrifically Fun


This story is a sequel to The SweetieMash Chronicles

The Crusaders and Button Mash have all suffered a potential life-changing setback! Do they A: Try to calm down and think about how to best move on. B: Talk to their family and loved ones about how to deal with adversity. C: Freak the hay out attempt to leave pony society to eventually become misguided villains that will someday threaten Equestria itself.

The answer may (not) surprise you!

Warning: Contains Spoilers for My Little Pony: The Movie.

Thanks to Tired Old Man
for his edits and corrections and Nova Quill for much the same AND some help with the cover.

Edited (by yours truely) CMC vector by jhayarr23. Button Mash vector by clamstacker.

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...am I the only one who thinks the CMC and Button somehow talked Starlight, Trixie, and Tempest into helping them take over Equestria?

Aaah Alicorns. The cause of- and solution to- most of that world's problems.

...BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! ...Huh, decent amount of fics and updates happening on my birthday... Which means something is going to go terribly wrong for me... Meh. Favored!

It's beautiful. :pinkiesad2:'
And downright hilarious.
Btw... will buttons "Sisters" show up later?

Truthfully, I'm probably going to leave them out. Nothing personal against the Dazzlings. They're great fun, but I've already got portions of the chapters written and there's just a TON of characters at the moment. I dunno if I can handle three additional psycho/sociopaths. :derpyderp1:

“Okay, okay!” Scootaloo said as she glanced skywards and tossed up a forehoof. “So mistakes were made, tantrums were thrown, and dynamite was set off in mass quantities!” She looked back down at her friends. “The important thing is we try to look past this tragedy and move on…”

This is my new favorite line in anything.

Wait, Twilight AND Celestia?! *Looks in combo of shock and confusion* What did they DO?!

Huh. They actually did it. I'm impressed.

You think?

It's practically guaranteed.

In fact, I bet they even called in Discord who convinced Flutttserhy to do it so she could declare nature preserves.

Rainbow Dash would join just for fun.

Sunset shimmer would come in all angry, find four proteges, bond with yet another orphan and that's another one biting the dust.

Rarity would be all over the whole,"Viva La Revlucion!" vibe and make awesome outfits.

Pinkie Pie just wants parties and what's a revolution except the biggest party?

Hell Chrysalis would gladly join the adorable munchkin four of destruction.

And you also forget that the CMC have been expanding their borders to Manehattan and summer camps with their things. Few messages sent and bam shaka laka ding dong, organized revolutions.

And they havae all the PR.

I haven't forgotten about it and even have an idea regarding several of the arcs. It's kinda a matter of my muse hitting me with the best time to start it up again.


Incidentally, Scootaloo's apparently being raised by lesbian aunts now. So yay, not a homeless orphan!

"So she got in one little fight, and her friends got scared..."


If I didn't do it, someone else would.

Great story so far btw, lookin' forward to updates of this/Love Call.
Or you can focus on Wheel and the Butterfly, that'd also be great.


Comment posted by DeltaXeno1138 deleted Oct 23rd, 2017

At least there won't be romance according to the tags.

So, how long until Sunset shows up? No fic of yours is complete unless Sunset is at least referenced. I kid, I kid, this is already quite hilarious (and insane). Though I can't really blame the CMC's (and Button's) logic, most villains get redeemed and then get even more screentime and get to live in the castle, so obviously the best thing to do is to wreck as much havoc as possible, sit through a Twilight lecture and then cookies for everyone.

Unless you count their earlier Crusades as their troubled past (and the CMCs' various schemes were already less stupid than Starlight and Tempest's excuses). Looks like they even got to the "make the Princesses look useless" stage. Though hopefully they didn't do too much damage to Twilight's castle, or else it might be replaced by an even bigger eyesore. Poor Love Tap, after she finally snaps I hope she gets a room with a good view in Twilight's castle.

And people who haven’t enough with shipping everyday expectedly thumb down. It’s good to see a few fanfics without shipping for the sake of it.

I'm so glad that there's a sequel to a story I really enjoyed.


It's a shame all the sociologists focus more on the psychos infesting DayZ. Watching the people in Minecraft 1-Life collaborate and help each other and not rob each other blind or murder each other at the drop of the hat is useful in restoring faith in humanity.


When they fell into lava, they should have quickly logged off the server before all the hearts were gone, contacted someone on the server and ask them to find the lava pit and flood it, so when they logged back in, they spawned in water and not instadeath.

Don't suppose Love Call the Sirens is part of this canon?

It is! Though, with all I've written thus far, it's unlikely the trio will play a part. Still, there might be the odd reference to that piece at some point.

It's fantastic, but needs a romance tag for all the wonderful ButtonBelle.

I'm waffling on that front... On the one hoof, there's not much build up. On the other, I'm editing chapter 2 now and there's clearly a doubling down by these two after the first fic. :unsuresweetie:

Please don’t add shipping just for the sake of it. Too many fanfics already are plagued with out of the blue shipping that adds nothing to the story.

It's clearly there, but it it's not there to move the plot at all. Your input is most appreciated. :twilightsmile:

I suspect that there will BE romance, it just won't be ABOUT the romance.

8509094 I'm just assuming it will have romantic elements because it is a sequel to a comedy series that had some fantastic romantic elements. It'd be pretty odd to have a romantic story that ends with two characters starting a relationship, then the sequel has those two characters interacting with each other in only a non-romantic context.

Most importantly, it's Justice3442, so you know it will be hilarious.

Everyone in this town needs professional help...or extremely strong sedatives.

Finally realized which story this is a sequel to. I love it!

Love the chapter! This continues to be one of my favourites!

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes. “Come on guys! I’m sure my chase after Button Mash wasn’t nearly as drawn out as another pony’s chase!”

Is this a reference to The Chase by Kudzuhaiku? You're both incredibly engaging writers, and I can see you enjoying each other's work.

Honestly, it's writers like you that convince me that I should stick with being a reader. Your work is just so... good! If there will one day rise a writer to take up Terry Pratchett's mantle, it will be one such as you.

*Edited to remove the typo report. (No need to preserve those for posterity.)

Twilight let out a groan, clearly regretting she opened a can of worms she wasn’t expecting to be more like a barrel full of face-grabbing cephalopods.

C̷̫̥t̟̗ͅh̢̨̨̘̟̖͕u̩̫̥̟̯̙̩̲̕͠ĺ̬̙̩̝̥͢ͅu͏̧̥͈̘̥̝ ͡͏̺͍̯̮͚̳͖̹͡l̷̛̼͔͕͈ǫ̳͖̖̦͠v͝҉̫͔͔̝̕é̟̲̦̘͚͇s͕̤̥̥̰̬̱̕ͅͅ ͏͈̝̖̺͝y͈̗̙̦͍̺o̧̬̹͜͠u̻̘̣̪,͈͙͙͔̹̤̖͖ ̹̣̠͖̲̺͘T͎͔̤͔̻͇͍̕͜w̭̲̹͘i͙̫̝̲̠͢͢ͅͅļ͕͉͓͠į͚͟͞ģ̫̥̝́͜h̛̛̖̤̬̟̞̮͠ṯ̵̟̭̱̪̙̼̘̀.̧̡̧̭̩͙͇̻̳̜̟ ̰̟͓̼̹͢B̡̥̰̩͙͕̘ȩ̶͕̗͇͇͇̬̭̺̗ ̶̘̖̠̲̞̣̤̩̰͢a̭̞͔̯͔t͇͔̪̟͖͖͔̙ ̡̫͕p̷̢̯̣̺̠̺̟e̗̖̗̺̘̮a̴̮̘͘c̨̝̹͉͟ẹ̩̤.̥̝͍̠̝̥̰

Oh god...this set up...I can't...just....


I am wondering something...how will your Sunset Shimmer react to eventually meeting Tempest?

Definitely, have a fic or two I'm thinking about that would handle this. I'm actually really starting to like writing for Tempest, so she'll likely start to pop up in my newer works as we march down this strange and wonderful journey of horse words together. :twilightsmile:

Button's impassioned speech has stirred me to new heights of nerdy pride! Truly, we should all learn well from his heroic actions of power-glove usage! Although it seems now that Love Tap might have to keep Button locked away for certain periods of time in the future. Puberty has never looked so daunting.

Each and every one of the pones are badass.

Ponyville has so many disasters. If you read the comics, it's implied that it was being attacked LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG before Twilight Sparkle came.

They have an evacuation drill for Tatzlwurms.

Oh geez! I love this fic. already. Button and Sweetie are adorable and it’s simply a riot to watch them interact. Plus you have the foreshadowing that what they do coming s really bad... I love this so much.

As she got to the living room, Love Tap turned and looked up at the princess who controlled the very sun in the sky. Again, what she wanted to say was ‘Thank you! They’re my pride and joy!’ but what came out was “T-thanks! The-the ma-my p-p-pri-n-joy!”

I suppose that's understandable.

She maneuvered her hooves as she also stared up at her horn and ducked down slightly, looking very much like a cautious feline checking its surroundings before settling in

Cats do actually do this.

Twilight looked up and stared Love Tap dead in the eye. “Yeah. Glass of grain alcohol. No ice. Leave the bottle,” she barked out.

Wow, must have been a bad day, huh?

“I think long would be better,” Celestia said. “The context for what I’m going to ask is rather important.” Celestia turned towards Love Tap. “As well as a full understanding of the magnitude of what has been started today.”

You're oddly serene.

Fizzlepop Berrytwist smiled slightly as she tilted her head to the right then left.

I maintain the headcanon that for a pony, that is actually a genuinely awesome name.

Twilight’s chest puffed up and down and she gave Love Tap a stare as if she was contemplating if Princesses could get away with murder or not.

You seem displeased.

Tempest’s face began to go from plum to a color much closer to Twilight’s. “I hope it’s not too big…”

It's SO much bigger than you think.

Momentarily caught off guard, Fizzlepop found herself grinning. “Now, was that a horn joke or a lower horn joke?”


“I’m going to be walking into a room with some peoples who assuredly mostly know me from my time with the Storm King.” Fizzlepop put on a rather professional look like a trained soldier standing at attention. “I only felt protecting myself would be wise and would make me a more ready battle asset for you if the situation so calls for it.”

I, see...

“You’re my princess,” Fizzlepop stressed. “Ipso facto, you’re my leader, and therefore can give me orders.”

She has a point.

Fizzlepop’s expression went from its already ‘above tepid irritation’ state to ‘bubbling low-simmer glower’ immediately. “Oh good-eeee.”

“Uh… Was that ‘good-ee’ genuine, or sarcasm? Because it sounded like—”

I don't think she could have been more sarcastic if she tried.

A small, yet wicked grin spread across Tempest’s face. “Really…” she purred darkly.

Oh dear...

Fizzlepop nodded her head in response. “There’s a large cloud with five swirls etched into the wall behind us above three doors. The doors lead to a bathroom in the center. It’s flanked by two changing rooms that can be locked from the inside, but also from the bathroom.” She nodded forward. “That tree with its three central branches is set next to a quiet study with a with a window that’s only about a floor’s drop from one of the lower crystal branches.” She nodded to her right. “And those twenty-six stars are above a bedroom. It also has a window, but the drop would be straight down to the ground.”

I'm impressed. I have no joke, her memorizing that is impressive as hell.

“No, not you,” Fizzlepop clarified. “Starlight.” She sighed. “That mare conducts herself with such confidence. As if she doesn’t even need to think twice over her actions and yet ‘hallways’ are one of the many things that trip her up.”

Well, you know, everyone has their weaknesses.

Smiling, Trixie wrapped a foreleg around Starlight’s shoulder. “Well, the Great and Powerful Trixie thinks your tragic, life-changing event is much more compelling than that, blech, Fizzlepop Berrytwist’s.”

That's because she's one of the few ponies who LIKES you.

“I’m not sure why you’re looking at me,” Trixie replied. She closed her eyes, tilted her head upwards, and placed a forehoof on her chest, “but I do appreciate the attention.”


“There’s nothing slight about an Ursa Minor, Twilight!” Fizzlepop snapped. She frowned slightly. “I mean… once you disregard the fact that ‘minor’ is in its name.”

Twilight is well aware. She SAW and barely managed to take that thing out of Ponyville in Season 1.

It was Fizzlepop’s turn to huff out a sigh. “Of course you don’t, but looking at Starlight feels like looking at my reflection in a dirty mirror.” Fizzlepop motioned skyward dramatically. “It’s like you want me to wake up and notice that I’m somepony I’m not!” Frowning, she looked back down at Twilight. “It’s not like you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see.”

I think I see.

Spike shrugged with an open claw. “We don’t, but me and Grubber hang out! It’s kinda like a small, underappreciated helper gathering.”

That sounds about right.

“Say, where is the fat little creature, anyhow?” Trixie asked looking about. “Also, what is he?”

Hedgehog apparently.

Trixie smiled wryly and winked at Spike. “Like somepony we know.”

Spike chuckled. “Aw, shucks. Thanks, Trixie.”

Trixie’s smile dropped. “Thanks for what? I was talking about myself.”

Why doesn't that surprise me?

Spike shot the magician a glare. “Just remember who you ask to clean your cape and hat when they get too dirty.”

And who can burn you to a crisp by breathing.

“Sociopath,” uttered Fizzlepop.

“Edge-horse,” mumbled Starlight.

Both mares suddenly wheeled around and sneered. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!”


Trixie pumped a victorious forehoof. “And BOOM goes the fireworks!”

Spike smashed his open claw right between his eyes. “Facepalm deployed!”

“It hurts!” Starlight exclaimed as she clutched the sides of her head. “Right in the think-pan!” She massaged her temples and thought frantically: Was it really possible the mare that had saved her from herself was this oblivious and predictable to all things friendship?

HAHAAHAHAHAHA! Oh I love this fic.

Scootaloo shuttered


Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes. “Come on guys! I’m sure my chase after Button Mash wasn’t nearly as drawn out as another pony’s chase!”

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes. “‘Monarchy’ means a single ruler. ‘Oligarchy’ means control is in the hand of a small group of elites.”

Huh, nice.

Sweetie Belle gave Scootaloo a scrutinizing look. “So all four of us are now ‘Danger Danger Danger’?” She took her turn to roll her eyes. “Yeah, that won’t get old anytime soon.”

I love how they all alternate the role of crazy ponies and straight mares so effortlessly, it's a fantastic dynamic.

“There’s four of us, Scoots!” Apple Bloom pointed out. “We’d need eleven!”

“Hah!” Scootaloo shook her head. “Four times three is twelve, AB! Thought you were supposed to be good at math.”

Apple Bloom gave Scootaloo a smug look. “But one of us can use danger once, so it’s four times three minus one!”

... Clever girl.

They’re not a befuddle!” Button Mash cried out. “Also, Scootaloo, I’m prepared to slap you across the face with the mega glove as hard as I can if it comes to it,” Button said in an even tone.


Scootaloo smiled at Sweetie Belle. “Betcha like it if you and Button where zamboning right now!”

Sweetie Belle’s face flushed red enough a ripe tomato would return to being green with envy. “Uh… Wha-wha-what makes you—”

I freaking love these 3.

Scootaloo shrugged. “Eh, I’m going for maybe more of an equal socialist outcome, possibly after a complete societal shutdown that forces ponies to fend for themselves in a post-government environment for a bit.”


“Tte,” Scootaloo spat out in an annoyed tone. “Guess your new name is ‘Trouble Peril Danger!’”

“… TPD?” Apple Bloom asked in confusion.

“Yeah!” Scootaloo said with a nod. “‘Cause you’re so tepid!”

... Well played.

“So don’t think!” Button Mash exclaimed with a huge smile.

“… Kinda par for the course with us,” Sweetie Belle quipped.

She's right.

Still hummin,


Scootaloo looked down. “Something is stirring, alright…”

“HEY!” Sweetie Belle said.

Scootaloo looked up at Sweetie with a grin. “My heart of course!”

“… That’s only marginally better!” shrilled Sweetie Belle.


Apple Bloom grunted in displeasure. “Right… Like Bad Seed... ” She shook her head. “Ya know, language would be a lot easier if ponies stopped takin’ words and changing them to mean the opposite of what they do.”



This can only end in Chaos.

Spike shrugged with an open claw. “We don’t, but me and Grubber hang out! It’s kinda like a small, underappreciated helper gathering.”

I want this to happen.

Button smirked and held up the mega glove above him. “It’s all in the glove, girls!” Button declared. “It’s so bad…”

There it is!

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