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Horrifically Fun


What would you do if destiny came knocking on the door? Would you ignore it? Would you pretend you weren’t home? Would you hide? Or would you face life head on, throw that door open, and immediately embark on a life-changing adventure to right a wrong?

Trixie Lulamoon knows what she’d do, and she’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Thanks to Tired Old Man, Nuclearcore, and Steel Resolve for their inputs, suggestions, and edits!

And special thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil for the same and her gorgeous cover art!

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I wonder how much fire is going to be involved?

gerogeous cover art

I'm not seeing Dr. Gero, though.

How many times did you write the words "decidedly average" in this chapter alone?
I counted: Unless my math was wrong, you use the words "decidedly average" a total of 30 times during this chapter.

Trixie being referred to in third person the entire time really sells it.

32. It was used 32 times. TOM did a control 'F' during editing.

We both screamed.

I very much look forward to seeing where this goes.


Did...did you make the Powerpuff Girls into grade-school bullies? (Do they count as bullies at this point? Not sure)

Also, wow. This is gonna hurt.

I based the design off the Powerpunk girls, but close enough.

She’d find her father and then she’d say one simple word.


And the response, most likely, would be, "I never knew."

I myself have not read this story yet, but I am wondering if you got the title of this story from the first book Narnia: The Magicians Nephew?

Ah, man. I wish I could claim that, but I actually got it from "The Magician's Wife"... which may have got it from C.S. Lewis

holy molly trixie got violent

I absolutely love your style of prose. It's fluid, humorous, maybe a bit wordy at times, but overall perfect for the story. It almost reminds me of the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

I'll be sure to watch this. I'm liking where it's going.

Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it so! :pinkiehappy: Man, Douglas Adams... now there's a feather in my cap.

I see someone is both a Monty Python and a Red vs Blue fan. Story looks interesting, no major spelling or grammar issues, everything seems to flow well. Will be looking forward to more.

Well. I'm not much of a fan of the "Trixie's father abandoned her mom when she was but a baby" meme, but the writing in this story more than makes up for that. Will be following with interest.

(Can't believe I didn't pick up on the PP girls thing. I'll have to hand my nerd card back in).

or a confusing mess of however many ponies were willing to contribute their dna… which was a confusing word that looked to be missing at least one vowel…

Had to spend a bit sounding out DNA phonetically in my head after that. Dna...dna...dna...it's actually kinda fun to say. :pinkiehappy:

This story has Trixie's ego slathered all over it. I love it. :raritystarry: Have a fave. :twilightsmile:

Man being an unstoppable juggernaut of destiny sounds rough. Hope she gets dental out of it.


I usually don't care that much about the cover, but Trixie there actually looks more pissed off then she did after being disgraced, working on a rock farm for an undisclosed time, AND being hopped up on dark magic!

So, yeah, definitely reading this one. (And mad props to your artist. Nicely done!)

Uh… Mr. Happy Tree the art teacher that was actually super nice to everyone but standing in Trixie’s way and suggesting they ‘talk about this’?

Bob Ross didn't deserve that.

I just realized this isn’t tagged a comedy, which is very different for Icey.

As a fellow writer of things-atypically-written, I have an obligation to read it.

So I did.

And I like it.

Trixie needs a reminder that Mr. Happy Tree was a drill instructor for the guard at one point.

She's the Trixienaut, bitch.

In any case, this looks like it's going to be one heck of a ride. Looking forward to it. (Also, very nice work with the Bullypuff Fillies, especially in giving them some depth beyond "petty antagonist group.")


Which is EXACTLY why he was bowled out of the way by an underage very average unicorn filly.

That was a fun little journey especially given that in my initial draft Trixie snatches the poster from Denominator and flash-bangs the trio. That part got rewritten and the dubious honor went to Straight Laced after I went through the whole scene and purposely avoided making them generic, shallow bullies.

I'll grant that just means Straight Laced is now super shallow in that we barely see him and only know he's pretty overzealous about his hall monitor task but... eh...

Eff that guy.

It's okay to have some stereotypes. Not every character gets developed, after all. Some people in our lives we get one impression of them and that's it, they are forever guy with lettuce in his teeth.

I really ended up liking Denominator and her flunkies during this. They really felt like actual people instead of one-note bullies, and I appreciate that. Color me interested for the rest of this story.

Huh, Spice is actually very perceptive. With instincts like those she has a bright future in gooning. I wonder if Caballeron offers scholarships?

Thank you very much, that's very sweet. :twilightsmile:

This sounds amazing!

(And a whole lot of shhhhtuff will go down)

This sounds amazing!

(And a whole lot of shhhhtuff will go down)

I actually had to pause reading this and check that this wasn't being written by Douglas Adams, that's how similar your writing seemed to me.

They started as bullies, but by the end the day has been saved thanks to them.


Yes, thanks to them, the...uh...they're going to need a name.

short sweet and full of humor I love it

Damn! My feels we're not ready for that!:rainbowderp:
Smiles, then unsheathed tears, then more smiles. Great chapter!:moustache:

Go Trixie!:trixieshiftright:

I can see this trio helping out Trixie, not so much for "doing the right thing" as "watch the chaos". Loving the humor so far!:pinkiecrazy:

Standing in the wake of a juggernaut is certainly preferable to being in one's way, but it still comes with its share of risks. Especially if you enjoyed the experience.

If Show Trixie had this drive, she would've DESTROYED the Ursa.

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