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Decommissioning comes more easily to some ponies than others. Sweetie Drops happily fell into her cover identity. Not all of her co-agents reacted similarly. Now a stallion born to risk his life for the greater good has to find a way to make that talent work with being a husband and a father.

This might be a bit complicated for fillies who are still in elementary school.

Set during late Season 5.

A revised entry in the July 2016 Writeoff Competition Prompt: "End of an Era"

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I'm loving the Link pony :pinkiehappy:

Edit: also, I didn't know you were a Zelda fan, FoME.

Headcanon accepted.

So I saw the title and all I could think of was

He come to town!
Come to save!
The princess Zelda.

Just wait until you see the author's note!

This is pretty awesome! And it makes total sense, too :twilightsmile:

Could we get more of this please?! This is quite an amazing story. Would love to see more of this as a big series.

For peat's sake

Mind if I steal this? Too bad, I'm doing it anyway.

I always enjoy reading a nice LoZ story, even if it's just a one off and not a multi-chapter story...

...or will it?

What is Next Gen's talent??

How did they meet, etc!

Cool story! ... How many former Agency operatives ended up in Ponyville? *shrugs*


He opened his mouth to answer, then looked back at Button. His little guy wasn't that little anymore. The new scratch marks in the floor attested to that. But Button was still young enough to give puppy-dog eyes with the best of them.



All those nice Crusaders' self-reflection scenes!

Gosh, what a sweet little story to come from a blink-and-you'll-miss-it visual gag. And the Button connection makes too much sense.

Since no-one else has said it I guess I have to: He could have been a lawnmower for hire.

I'm two generations of consoles behind the curve (and ironically enough, I never actually played Twilight Princess) but I am a Nintendo fanboy through and through. I just don't have much time for console gaming these days.

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I'm flattered, but I'm afraid I don't have anything more planned for Brave Heart at the moment. Though I may have him at least show up in the background now and again. Feel free to make use of him in your own stories; after all, he's not even an OC.

Go right ahead. I love it when I can inspire others, whether it's with entire AUs or just little punny details.

Sorry to disappoint. Though he does give at least one trademark "Tyaaaah!"

As her name and mark imply, Next Generation's talent is for child care, from prenatal to prepubescent. In this setting, she changed it shortly after becoming the best foalsitter in town. She met Brave when he checked how some foals he rescued from nameless horrors of the Everfree were recovering.

Not many former S.M.I.L.E. operatives chose to move to Ponyville. Those that did did so because it was so close to a monster hot zone. Those that didn't avoided it for the exact same reason. The exact number of former agents in town is, of course, classified.

I actually considered that, but... well, they're horses. Everypony's a lawnmower for hire.


Wait...why can he talk?!

Good thing Brave Heart did not go to Fluttershy's and see the family of Skulltulas nesting there...

I see link still has a pot-smashing addiction. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Lavan the All-Smelter.

Man, I live for this shit.

"You missed Button's birthday again," said Gen.

Oh shit, son, you did not XD

Damn, that was way better than it had any right being. :)

This was fun. I liked that he was Button's dad.

I loved that pun at the end.

Now I am imagining Fizzlepop getting hired on as Brave's co-worker.

Bonny stuff! Plenty of wee character moments and gags I loved throughout the whole thing. Especially like this line from Spike, though.

"Come on, Twilight, the other princesses have all been on your case to have some kind of guard. Especially Luna." Spike shuddered. "I really don’t want to burp out another epic poem on the subject."

Luna doesn't muck around in her persuasion methods, clearly.


Well excuse me princess!

While he couldn't talk in most of the games there were the horrible, HORRIBLE, CDi games and the decent cartoon that aired with Captain Nintendo. Also it is implied in the games that he does actually talk, you just don't hear him say anything more than grunting noises.

It's like how Princess Peach used to have brown hair in the 'Super Mario Brothers Super Show' and the original Mario Bros. NES game. Nowadays most people would swear she was always blonde.

Edit: Bit of irony, link was also originally brown haired and turned blonde.

You are a mad, incredible genius and I love you even more than I did before. Link pony needs more stories.

"It's been about a decade since their last moment of competence. They're due for another one soon."

Wow, Bonnie. Tell us how you really feel. :rainbowlaugh:


My theory is that Link is still brown haired, it's just that he's advanced to the point of always being a Super Hylian, even in his sleep, now. :pinkiehappy:



You didn't sneak in an "Excuuuuuuuse me, Princess."? For shame!

Canonically, she's Cream Heart, but I'm going to stick to calling her Love Tap.


He was also pink-haired for a short time.


Back when I was risin up
the suckahs used to play
actin like they all that
and that they knew the way...

"What was that for!?" Brave cried as he rubbed his jaw.
Sweetie scowled down at him. "Making me think you were dead!"
"It was a routine mission."
Sweetie raised her front leg again, then brought it back down with visible effort, settling for shouting "You went into an active volcano!"

Link: So? Like I said, routine mission,
This was really amusing!
Very good work.


I've pretty much boycotted Nintendo until they bring the HD remakes of Twilight Princess and Windwaker (and maybe the 2DS Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask) to Switch.

It wasn't right how they discontinued the Wii-U so quickly. Never mind their bullshit decision to adopt completely subscription and rental-based online services.

And don't get me started on how they've been treating the Mother Trilogy. What were they thinking, putting the Mother 1/Earthbound Origins trailer in the DS store when they never had any intention of releasing it for any of the DSs? It's almost like they don't want our money and want us all to start moving completely to emus (and yes, I know all about the possible pitfalls when emulating Earthbound if not careful. ROMs are generally immune to the infamous copy-protection, but there are reports of the flag getting triggered by abusing save states or fast forwarding the clock).

Definitely the best Zelda crossover I've read on the site. Link stepped into the house, and in my head up popped:


Right, you've got the start of a pretty epic series here.


Nintendo did a comic on the whole story of links efforts throughout hyrule based on 'Link to the Past'. It was definitely blonde at that point.

You can look up 'Nintendo power comic, link to the past' and find images for it, I even owned that particular comic wholesale. Don't know where it is now, but it basically had a cyborg 009 character in it. It's what Jet Link 002 would have been like if his powers were magical instead of cybernetic.

In the game Link's hair is pink, though some people have debated that it is actually the rim of his cap and it's at an angle that you can't see his hair at.


Agreed, they dropped the WII U and hard. It was a good system and it worked well, then they developed the Switch to replace it. The differences are the removeable controllers and the console returning things to a cartridge system.

I still use Wii U to play BOTW, I have a lot of free downloads on it from Nintendo Rewards when they were running it and one of them is Earthbound. Also Golden Sun, Dr. Luigi and a few others. So yeah, I'm still getting my mileage out of it.

I think Nintendo is flagging for games on the 3DS, thanks to their handheld home console fusion in the Switch.

As for PlayStation, they get all kinds of third party support and thousands of games released for every console. Plus a store with free downloadable games if you have the internet never hurts, though the quality is expectedly low.

Dan #32 · Oct 28th, 2018 · · 2 ·

Nintendo Power?
Don't be a stupid, smelly, left-to-right-reading gaijin.


Say what you will, but Gaijin goombah is cool. Also I do read manga from time to time, it's expensive though. Ace Attorney series is good stuff.



I certainly hope you've read Akira or seen the movie. EVERYONE needs to do that at some point before the next Olympics.

This was great. I loved trying to find all the LoZ references...and of course it raises the rather good question of what do most Links do once they retire?

Oh, good, it's here already so I don't have to go to YouTube.

I knew what the title was about immediately, had the song on my computer, and was playing it on repeat the entire time I was reading. You had me at the title.

I can't belive you missed the oppurtunity to drop a "Well excuse me, Princess!" I think I may be contractually obligated to hate you forever. Oh well, it was still an excellent story. I like the way that elements of Hyrule were folded into Equestria, like how Ganondorf is a camel. Why does he turn into a pig anyway? It's weird.

Brave Heart promptly loses this new job after Starlight invades the cutie map room.

Triforce Guard fits Twilight to a T, courage, power, and wisdom.

I'm literally begging you to make more of this!:raritydespair:
I want to see Link helping the Mane 6 save the world!

This was so hilarious! The part about the red hat had me in stitches!

Guess it was too much to ask that the chickens not go cucco in Brave's presence. 😄

He was guarding the princess's person and he did make it harder for starlight

He locked the door when he left


Same reason the Sacred Realm turns Link into a bunny, I guess. Ganon's humanoid male Greudo-form is unstable once he gains the Triforce of Power.

Making this prediction before I read the story: lawnmower / landscaping


Psychic powers, cool bikes and giants blob monsters of flesh, yes I've seen the movie.

He's already dealing with a drastic shift in his career path and missing most of his son's childhood. I wasn't going to throw Silent Protagonist Syndrome on top of that.

Or the Wolfos, the Keese swarm, the Chuchus... and that was before Discord started bringing in specimens!

Truly the highest praise I could ask for. (And this isn't even the only idea I have that involves cultists trying to summon Lavan!)

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Hmm. I'd said that I had no idea what to do for a sequel, but now... :trixieshiftright:

Well, no promises, but there's definitely some potential here.

And she likes Twilight. Imagine her letters to newspaper editors!

Heh. I should've known you'd love this story. :derpytongue2:

To be fair, the Royal Guard actually is pretty competent in times of conventional warfare. It's just that Equestria lives in unconventional times.

9256416 9256789
Going for the animated catchphrase with his wife would've likely ended with Brave sleeping in the street, much less on the couch.

Glad to know the story was so immersive. :twilightsmile:

Dare I ask why you set that deadline? Is there going to be a heaving pile of mutated psychic flesh at the opening ceremony? :twilightoops:

Yeah, that's the thing about happily-ever-afters. They never seem to consider "What now?" At least some Links have pre-established occupations they can go back to.

I may have passed up on the animated series reference, but any story with Link needs to have him get mobbed by the true unbeatable army of evil.

Sadly, I've yet to play Breath of the Wild. And I'm pretty sure Brave wants to keep the Saddle Arabian outfits in the bedroom.

But yes, the Crusaders could be a terrifying force for evil in the right circumstances.


What about Princess Twilight?


The 2020 Olympics figure into the plot.

Is there going to be a heaving pile of mutated psychic flesh at the opening ceremony?

We can only hope...

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