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"What the Hell did I just read." --Most people Patreon is here!


This is what happens when you misread story titles, children.

Thanks to Tired Old Man for some last-minute editing and the human torch line.

Art on the cover artisted by Hellhounds04.

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Also. Stop. Drop. And roll.

Well all i can say is that was twisted.

I... I'm note sure I get it, but... I'm gonna go to bed now.

Well. That was a thing. An interesting, twisted, darkly funny thing.

I'd be tempted to make a fire pun, but it's late and I'm too burned out.

Was... Was this because of me?...

8174864 Yes in the sense that I misread "I don't want to be fine" as "I don't want to be on fire" somehow and decided to run with it.

8174834 Glad to see you found a spark deep inside.

8174871 - Pardon my butting in, but you've reminded of the time in junior high that I was reading up on the history of comic strips, and accidentally melded Gasoline Alley and Little Orphan Annie in my brain.

The result was Gasoline Annie, a series of comics I did of Annie as a crazy pyromaniac.

8174902 - It grew. Grew, grew, and grew… until I spontaneously combusted.

Story Approver

I misread "I don't want to be fine" as "I don't want to be on fire"

Y'alright mate?

Woah, this is like... thirdhand story spinoff


I'm torn between posting Burn Baby Burn or Burning Love.

There is only ONE song that would do this justice...




I misread "I don't want to be fine" as "I don't want to be on fire"

That's especially bad since the story in question isn't even called "I don't want to be fine," but "You're not fine."

8176482 - Justice wasn't referring to "You're Not Fine" by full-merr, it was the follow-up by Lichlord18 entitled "I Don't Want to be Fine" that Justice misread.

8176156 - Thank you for that. I always upvote good disco.

8176942 My mistake. I didn't see the other story because it's rated Mature unlike the first story, and I have Mature-rated stories filtered.

Justice enters his blue period?


And even if Justice had misread that title, fatigue can mess with your vision. Back in high school, I'd studied a ton for my finals and was walking up the stairs. I thought I saw someone holding a kitten up top. It was actually a box of donuts. :rainbowlaugh:

I mentally replaced all instances of "on fire" with "fine" and laughed uncontrollably.

That does make for an interesting juxtaposition back to the original misread. :rainbowlaugh:

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