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This story is a sequel to The Mare From Germaney

You’ve been dating Aryanne for quite a while now. And, well, yeah. She’s a nazi. Sort of. For the most part, she’s completely normal, except. For. Well.

Anyway, she asks you to meet her parents. In Germaney. Oh god help you.

A commission. A one-time commission.

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She’s a nazi. Sort of.

Dammit, and I still haven't read the prequel. Why must you add to my backlog like this.

I knew this was a Flutterpriest fic.

Well played, FP. Well played.

Well, could have been worse. Your German is pretty Good

Story Approver



I mean, yeah, I love it.

But dammit, Priest.


Well, that was a rollercoaster for the ages... And God's sake those puns to close it out were amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

Why Priest. WHY.

You just killed me!
Like, there is humour, jokes and puns everywhere! I almost spat my Scotch through my nose! You're really good at it! If I was that crazy, I would quote the gags and puns one by one to say how much they're hilarious! X'D

If I really have to notice a weakness in that story, it would be the reason of why Aryanne hates juice. It could have been any silly fucked up reason, like "juices are inferior drinks that deserve to be eradicated, because they are not as noble as beers."
And also, that creates an incoherence, because she drinks wine. Which is basically grape juice.

But in fact, that fic is just grandiose and hilarious! We even saw the soft side of Aryanne, and that's so cute! But it is sure that she's at her best when she dominates poor Anon.

If you ever want to make money, just come to me and write me more of it! I'll be there for sure!!

You silly genius!

Wow. I did NOT think of the whole Juice and wine disconnect.

Maybe I could roll with that somehow. Something about a refined culture made from tradition that Germaney has prided itself in for generations, and that juice is just a perversion of their traditions.

You know. For subtlety. :twilightsheepish:

Subtlety is all Aryanne is about isn't it... 😏😁

simply amazing

Vlade #16 · Oct 25th, 2018 · · 26 ·

If we fowwow ouw enyemies' pwopaganda, then I must say that is to be compawed with "Wejoicing towawds Heaven, depwessed untiw Death".The swightest success anywhewe, and they witewawwy tuwn somewsauwts in joy.They have awweady destwoyed us, and then the page tuwns and again they awe cast down and depwessed. I did nyot want to attack in the centew, nyot onwy because Stawin knyew I wouwd. I pwovide onye such exampwe. If you wead the Wussian tewegwams evewy day since Junye 22nd, they say the fowwowing each day: "Fighting of unyimpowtant chawactew". Ow maybe of impowtant chawactew. "We have shot down thwee times as many Gewman pwanyes. The amount of sunken tonnyage is awweady gweatew than the entiwe nyavaw tonnyage, of aww the Gewman tonnyage fwom befowe." They have so many of us missing that this amounts to mowe divisions than we can evew mustew. But, abuv aww, they awe awways fighting in the same pwace. "Hewe and thewe", they say modestwy, "aftew fouwteen days we have evacuated the city." But, in genyewaw, since Junye 22nd they have been fighting in the same pwace. Awways successfuw, we awe constantwy being beaten back. And in this continyued wetweat we have swowwy come to the Caucasus.

I shouwd say that fow ouw enyemies, and nyot fow youw sowdiews, that the speed at which ouw sowdiew shave nyow twavewsed tewwitowy is gigantic. And what has twanscwibed this past yeaw is vast and histowicawwy unyique. Nyow, I do nyot awways do things just as othews want them donye. I considew what the othews pwobabwy bewieve and then do the opposite on pwincipwe. So, if I did nyot want to attack in the centew, nyot onwy because Mw. Stawin pwobabwy bewieved I wouwd, but because I didn't cawe about it at aww. But I wanted to come to the Vowga, to a specific pwace and a specific city.It happenyed to have Stawin's nyame, but that's nyot why I went thewe. It couwd have had anyothew nyame.

But, nyow this is a vewy impowtant point. Because fwom hewe comes 30 miwwions tons of twaffic, incwuding about nyinye miwwions tons of oiw shipments. Fwom thewe the wheat pouws in fwom these enyowmous tewwitowies of the Ukwainye and fwom the Kuban wegion then to be twanspowted nyowth. Fwom hewe comes magnyesium owe. A gigantic tewminyaw is thewe and I wanted to take it. But, as you knyow, we awe modest. That is to say that we have it nyow. Onwy a few smaww pockets of wesistance awe weft. Some wouwd say "Why nyot fight onwawds?" Because I don't want a second Vewdun owo I wouwd wathew howd this with smaww combat patwows owo Time does nyot mattew, nyo ships awe coming up the Vowga owo That is the impowtant point.

So, how much does a commission like this from you holo-cost?

“I am Stutt Hoof. This is my wife, Raven Bruck. You must be uhm… how you say… Da Cow Aryanne has mentioned,” he says, shaking your hand.
I c wat u did there

Um Himmlers Willen jetzt Reichsadler SSkaliert.

If you gonna make nazi puns at least do it in the right language.

Going to Hell for liking this. Worth it.


“Well,” you say with a smile as you close the door behind you. “I did Nazi that coming.”

Puns like that are going to make people führerious.

i'm mad as HAIL!!

Dang I got myself...

Why is the best thing I've read? And why is there not more of this?
ALso suprised by no clop

Deutschland Über alles?

Damn puns...

An absolutely quality story.

I don't know whether to slow clap or delete my browser history. Perhaps both?

how could you invade the poland of my heart

“Are you Kampfy?” Stutt asks quietly as the mares leave the room. You blink, looking to Aryanne’s dad. He looks you up and down apprehensively.

Oof! Out of all the horrid, horrid puns on display herein, somehow this one was the worst, mostly because I didn’t even catch it the first time I read it. :rainbowlaugh:

Mehr! Mehr! MEHR!!! We need more of this!!!

Surprise sequel just as cyoot as the first.

“My father was a master sprinter for the Germaney olympics! This is… is… a master race!” --- Of all the jokes in here, this one was just corny enough to kill me

"I like it. ANOTHER!" *Sounds of phone smashing.*

I like it... I WANT MORE!

I actually feel physical pain

Echt Lustig, Mein Kumpel!!!

This is absolutely terrible on so many levels. It shouldn't be so funny. :rainbowderp:

But I guess, as they say, when you can laugh at evil, you've truly defeated it?

Or something?



And here I was, expecting her mother’s name to be Krystal.

Krystal Nacht.

I wish I knew more about German culture because I'm lost

Hahahaha :rainbowlaugh: Oh the puns, I love em. Good show Priest, good show!

I am both amazed and disgusted, bravo //clap

I find myself with a sort of depraved fascination, the sort one would associate with a madman's focus on rambling about the secrets that drove him mad but make no sense to any but him....I feel uneasy, a sick amusement, but nevertheless, fascinated.

As someone who has heavily studied world war two and is trying to learn German this was immensely amusing.

“So you are the creature who taint this family,” she says in a low, serious tone.

I think the father was saying this not the mother

This is an Ayranne I can really get behind...
if ya know what I mean!

Was habe ich gelesen? I came here to procrastinate studying for my German class and you make me read this? Why?

“My father was a master sprinter for the Germaney olympics! This is… is… a master race!”


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