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Horrifically Fun


The bitter rivalry between Hiesenbridle and El Burro comes to a head in this spastic, many-holds-barred, showdown between the legendary chemists. Meanwhile, can love bloom even on the playing field? If these men's partners survive, maybe we'll find out.

Was originally just a side story to Not Another Anon-a-Miss fic (Being caught up with that fic is not strictly necessary for the enjoyment of this one), but more is already being cooked up to be served in small, conveniently sized baggies!

Special thanks to
Nova Quill/Firimill for her edits, suggestion, and Pinkie's song in chapter one, and a bunch of ideas already and probably more to come! Also thanks to Tired Old Man for his edits!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

Oh great, throw me under the bus for swapping you away from boobs!

"Golly-jee, it sure is a lovely snowy day out in mid-April!" Beep Beep! *CRUNCH* "Ack! MY SQUIGGLY SPOOCH!"

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowwild:

Also... Pinks can already climb the ceiling, she'd be terrifying on meth.

I'm largely unfamiliar with Breaking Bad, but this is still hilarious. Looking forward to whatever else you have in mind.

(And two competing meth dealers at CHS might explain at least some of Anon-a-miss's required rampant stupidity...)

“Don’t do this, Mr. Doodle!” one of the spectators shouted in a high-pitched voice. In this case, Pinkie Pie stood with her hands balled into fists and held under her chin as she clenched her teeth tightly, her sky blue eyes a picture of dread as she stood a few yards behind Mr. Doodle, her science teacher. “You have soooo many students to still teach driving too and so many papers to grade!”

Pinkie you’re supposed to talk him out of this not to do the opposite.

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