A Fun Day In Her Shoes

by Mystical Rainboom

"Welcome to the-oh wait."

"This is bad." Adagio said.

Sunset Shimmer was lying flat out on her back with no sign of consciousness whatsoever. She had been hit in the head by the door with enough force to knock her out.

Adagio put an ear to her chest.

"Ooh. Adagio's making her move." Sonata giggled.

"Shut up." Adagio said. She could hear breathing and a heart pumping. Sunset was still alive.

"Why did you have to rush out the door anyway?!" Aria shouted.

"I thought there was a booster shot!" Sonata shivered.

"We've got bigger problems!" Adagio shouted. She dragged Sunset inside and pulled out a to do list.

"1. Get ready for the day. 2. Eat a big breakfast..."

"3. Get my comb back from Fuzzhead, Purple the Pigtails, and Taco Nut?" Aria read aloud. "If she was awake, I'd gladly kill her now."

"Shush. 4. Meet friends at CHS at 11:00 for the full day." Adagio finished. "This isn't good."

"Yeah. She could've made a better nickname for me."

"No, It's worse than that."

Adagio explained that if the others found out Sunset was attacked by the Dazzlings, they'd come after them and blast them.

"Well what do we do? It's not like we have a robot copy of her." Aria asked.

"Oh she could be Sundrive 3000." Sonata daydreamed.

Aria facepalmed and Adagio sighed. She knew what she must do. Adagio dragged Sunset to the bathroom.

"Can I watch, Adagio?" Sonata giggled.

"No! Stop thinking dirty, Sonata." Adagio dragged her farther. "Aria, why did you let her read you special books again?"

"I didn't! She snuck in my room and took them."

Adagio stripped Sunset down and changed clothes. Adagio took a few minutes and came back. She had miraculously changed every detail to look like Sunset. Sunset was in a towel and still breathing through her mouth.

"How did you do that?" Aria asked.

"I can change my outfits as fast as the gem girl." Adagio walked towards the door. "You two stay here and try to wake her up, or I'll destroy you both."

Adagio turned around and smiled. "Sorry, that wasn't right. You two stay here and wake me up or else Adagio will pound you." She said in Sunset's voice.

Aria threw a glare at her as she walked out the door. Meanwhile, Sonata ran with a bucket of ice. Aria jumped back at the site.

"Wake up!" Sonata dunked the bucket on Sunset's head with no effect.

"What did you think would happen? You smacked her with a bucket." Aria said.

"It works on cartoons." Sonata shrugged.

"This isn't a-!" Aria shouted and lost her words. "Shut up." Sonata giggled at Aria.

"Gee Sunset, I can't wait to reconnect with everybody. It's been weeks since our last day off." Fluttershy said.

"Me too, Fluttershee." Adagio looked around with a bit of a faster heart rate. "Oops. I meant Fluttershy. There was something up my leg."

Adagio pretended to get a worm out of her shoe, but she really had just forgotten their names. Fluttershy accepted it and saw Pinkie Pie up ahead.

"Hey guys!" Pinkie ran up for a hug. She practicality took their breathe away. Adagio got loose and let Fluttershy in Pinkie's grasp. She tried to remember the names of everyone in a split second.

"Hey, Pinkie. How are you?" She nailed Sunset's voice yet again.

"I'm excited to start our day of fun! The others are all waiting in front of the school. Let's go!" Pinkie beamed and ran with the two.

Pinkie ran her mouth a bit and talked about their day. Roller skating, lunch, a movie, and music festival were in the future and she couldn't wait.

Adagio mentally prepared herself and put a forced grin on her face. "Aria and Sonata, you better hurry up." She whispered.

Sonata was pumping Sunset's chest with her hands. She was smiling.

"Aria! I've got her up." Sonata cheered.

"Really? Hold on." Aria checked Sunset's breathing. She facepalmed. "How stupid are you?"

"I'm as stupid as you are." Sonata stuck her tounge out.

"Idiot. She's turning blue! She's not breathing!" Aria tried to get a cork out of Sunset's mouth. "What did you think would happen?"

"I thought the air in he mouth would fly to her brain and wake her up." Sonata shrugged. "She turned blue, so I thought she was okay."

"Why would you-?" Aria turned silent and facepalmed again. Sonata just giggled again. She grabbed a pan and a spoon. "What are you up too?"

"Nothing. I was gonna make some noise for her." Sonata looked innocent.

"Oh...for a second, I thought...just give it a shot." Aria said.

Sonata began beating rapidly on the pan trying to get Sunset up.

Back To Adagio

"Ready to go everyone?" Twilight smiled.

"Ready!" Everyone smiled, including Adagio.

"Wait, Sunset why are you sweating?" Rainbow asked.

"Huh! Oh, I'm just hot." Adagio said with a smile.

"How hot are you?" Pinkie asked.

"Smoking." Adagio said. She had been with Aria and Sonata for years, so she was ready for anything that could be annoying.

The group laughed and headed to the roller rink. It was only a short bus ride, but the panic started a few seconds in.

"Sunset, do you have the tickets?" Twilight asked.

Adagio checked the clothes, but she didn't find any tickets. She found money to buy new ones, but if she had used it, Sunset might say she robbed her. Adagio also wasn't gonna use her own money.

"I've got them covered." Adagio said.

Adagio stepped off the bus at the stop and found a person with seven spare tickets out of sight.

"I'll give you the tickets...for a little favor." The guy had a devious smile.

Adagio turned around to see two girls, one with black hair and the other with purple and black hair. The black haired girl had a massive gavel hammer in her hands.

"Hey, you!" Adagio shouted.

Two minutes later

The guy was knocked out with a few missing teeth. Adagio had his tickets. She gave the hammer back.

"Thank you, black hair." Adagio said.

"My name is Mystic." The two girls walked off as Adagio returned to the group.

Everyone went in and found the right kind of gear and everything. It was a blast. Adagio won't admit it, but she had fun. Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow were racing and enjoying themselves. Pinkie was teaching Twilight to skate on her feet, because walking on two legs was strange, but skating was just out there. Fluttershy mainly stuck around Adagio, who wasn't much for skating.

She wasn't much for sympathy, but she at least tried to act sweet. Fluttershy went to skate a bit, but since she hadn't been practicing much since last time, she fell on her butt six times. A group of bullies pointed and laughed at her. She felt terrible.

"She's terrible at this." One girl laughed.

"How can she even stand?"

"Someone get the baby a pillow." They laughed.

Adagio got sick of it early and whistled to the others. They came over and set them straight. Fluttershy cuddled Adagio of the others for them.

"I'll be back." Adagio ran to the bathroom. She was thinking to herself. She never really cared much for many others, why does she suddenly feel so nice? She was sweating. She only saw Sunset in the mirror and feared she was starting to be just her.

"It's just the wig and rainbow beams." Adagio walked out.

"Hey, Sunny. We're off to go get some food, but we need you for something." Pinkie smiled.

"Okay. What is-" Adagio said.

"Group roller lap time!" Pinkie grabbed her and the seven of them breezed through the area to the music.

They tossed each other forward and had rhythm with each other. When they finished, they agreed to go get lunch.

They got onto another bus and went to a great restaurant. They sat in a booth and Adagio ran off to the bathroom again.

"Hey does Sunset seem strange today?" Rainbow asked. "Like she's a bit more...abrasive?"

"I kinda like it. She seems braver and less afraid of falling when skating." Pinkie grabbed two breadsticks and a bottle of ketchup and mustard.

"I wonder of she's felling okay. She seemed pretty nervous around us though." Rarity said.

"We all forgave her ages ago. She's not still upset is she?" Applejack chimed in.

"Don't worry, she'll feel better after today." Twilight reassured them all and then made a confused face. Pinkie made a replica of Sunset's face with tools from the table.

In the bathroom, Adagio was texting the others. "Dear Aria and Sonata, hurry up and wake her up or I'll bury you both alive in a graveyard. Or I might be nice and not bury you ALIVE." She whispered.

-At the house-

"Adagio just sent a text. We're gonna nap in the dirt." Sonata said.

Aria walked nearby and used a towel on Sunset. Nothing happened, but she was all wet.

"It's no use!" Aria shouted.

"Take this!" Sonata threw Aria her phone for her to read the text, then she put it on the nearby table.

"We're running out of time. I've got a new idea." Aria said. She got on top of Sunset with a straw and the phone rang. "1. 2. 3!" Aria blew into Sunset's mouth through the straw.

"Hi, Dagi." Sonata answered. "We've got two hours? Don't worry, Dagi. We're on the case!"

Sonata leaned back and accidentally pushed Aria into Sunset Shimmer. The sound of a smooch was heard and an angry growl followed. The sound of wrestling echoed through the phone.

-Back at the restaurant-

"That's why I'm worried you idiot! Hurry up!" Adagio was shouting in a low voice.

Adagio went to her seat and found six pairs of eyes following her. "What's up?"

The group got up and hugged her on all sides. She smiled nervously and tried to wiggle out of it. They all nuzzled on her for a couple minutes.

"We thought you felt a bit nervous, darling." Rarity said.

"You don't have to be scared, you're surrounded by friends." Twilight said.

It felt great to be hugged by so many people, but Adagio still felt a little shakey. After the meal, everyone put in a fair amount of money, but Adagio picked up the bill to see something.

"These numbers aren't right." She said.

"What?" Twilight said.

"Look at these separate parts. $15.99 + $20.99 doesn't equal $50." Adagio said.

Twilight checked the math and found they had the wrong bill. It was actually $35 less than what they said. Cheap trick or not the restaurant admitted the mistake and fixed it.

"Nice save, Sunset Shimmer." Pinkie said.

"Thanks." Adagio said.

Everyone boarded the bus and went to the movie theater. They had enough time to catch one of three movies. Reality realm, with many monsters fantasy elements, or Making the path, one lone woman makes a successful path for her friends in the big city. The group was divided and Adagio had to pick. She had seen the movies before and randomly picked one movie, Switched Identities.

The movie highlighted how one girl switched places with a girl like her, while the original girl was unconscious with her friends. Adagio immediately started sweating again. She called it now. She had the worst luck in the world!

"Sunset, are you okay? You look a little green." Fluttershy asked.

"I'm fine. Let's go." Adagio said. They all went to the movie with snacks.

It was good show, but Adagio was green through the whole show. She wasn't usually worried like this, she was confident in herself, but still felt under pressure. She was so worried, she didn't catch the end of the movie. She ran to the restroom again to make a call.

"She's been packing the drinks today, huh?" Pinkie said.

Adagio talked to the others and almost screamed, when she heard Sunset was still unconscious. She agreed to see them at the festival.

-The house-

"Sonata, she's waking up." Aria said.

"I got it!" Sonata beaned Sunset with a ball to knock her out.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Aria yelled.

"Force of habit." Sonata said.

"What?" Aria yelled.

"I'm used to fighting them all." Sonata seemed shameful.

Instead of keeping angry, Aria just continued trying to wake Sunset up.

-Back to Dagi-

Adagio pulled another fake smile and got on the bus for the music festival. Adagio tried to ease herself. She could handle this.

In the time it took for the group to get to the festival, Adagio got a text. Sunset was somewhat awake and dressed. The music started the crowd started cheering. Adagio tried to escape, but she was trapped in another hug. She then had the idea to surf the crowd to the exit.

She climbed up on stage and started to sing. She needed to get the crowd pumped and distract the others. She was doing flips and tricks then found Aria and Sonata near an exit.

"Stage dive!" She shouted and jumped in.

Meanwhile, Sunset was tossed in the crowd too. Eventually Adagio escaped and got to the sirens. They all ran to the car.

"It only took Aria's smelly socks to wake her up. I was laughing the whole time and-" Sonata started.

"Just drive!" Adagio shouted.

The trio drove off to home. With the six distracted, and their tracks covered maybe things would balance out.

Two hours later...

A knock on the door, led Aria to open the door.

"Hey, Adagio!" Aria shouted.

Adagio walked to the door and had a surprised expression, when a pink blur wrapped around her waist. The Main Six and Sunset were at the door with a cake.

"Hey, bestie!" Pinkie said.

"What are you doing?" Adagio asked.

"You've been with us all day." Applejack said.

"How did you even..." Adagio was confused.

"When Sunset met us, she was barely awake and we asked her what happened." Twilight said.

"But I told them what happened and how I was knocked out for hours." Sunset said.

"We thought you were trying to attack us, but then Twilight said we weren't harmed in anyway." Rarity said.

"Then we realized you were just hanging out with us and didn't want to start a fight." Rainbow Dash said.

"So we went to Pinkie's emergency sweet stash and..." Fluttershy said.

"Then we hopped in a cab and ran here to say thank you and we forgive you all!" Pinkie said in a hyper tone.

"What?!" Adagio said.

Twilight talked about how she had forgiven many past villains and convinced the others. They all agreed to let things go.

"Even though my head hurts like I smashed a door with my head." Sunset said.

Sonata and Aria glared at each other, but Adagio separated them.

"So. Are you ready to reform?" Twilight asked. The cake was being eaten by Sonata and Pinkie.

"Sure." Adagio said in agreement with the others.

Once again, the main six hugged everyone. Aria felt pretty calm if it meant she had less people to hate, Sonata felt great with the cake, and Adagio felt she could finally relax, but she had one thing to do...


She threw the bat in her arms into a closet.

"What was that?" Rainbow asked.

"Nothing." Adagio said.