• Published 9th Apr 2015
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Not A Trick? - trevordark

You have another unexpected encounter with Adagio, but something is different... Now Sunset is involved?

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You Want To Do WHAT To Me?

Sitting in the back of the taxi cab, the two of you exchange nervous smiles as Adagio clings to your arm.

So much for giving myself a day to think about it... You smile weakly at her as she lays her head on your shoulder. Both she and Sunset had been much more convincing than you thought they'd be.

"You don't know how happy you've made me." She whispers, grinning up at you.

"Sunset was right about you." You whisper back, peaking her attention. "You really have changed."

Her eyes tear up a little as she picks her back up off of your shoulder. "Thank you..." She replies, smiling more."You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that." She ponders for a moment, "I can't imagine what you've been through, even before you came to this world. Before today, I was worried that maybe you'd gone back to your world to get away from what I did..." She pauses for a moment, her voice shaking a little. "I've never been through a war, but I remember hearing stories from before my time..."

"I didn't go back. I couldn't, even if I wanted to." You procrastinate for a few seconds, perking her curiosity. "The old Canterlot library... That's where it was..." You finally admit.

She processes the thought for a moment, before suddenly remembering that the building in question had been demolished months ago. "You mean... Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry, Anon..." She hugs your arm tighter.

"It's alright..." You reply, "Maybe someday I'll find a way back."

"I hope you can." She smiles, pecking you on the cheek as the taxi pulls into your driveway. "Maybe there's something the girls can do about the war..." She ponders thoughtfully, making sure to bring it up with Sunset at some point.

Opening the front door, you both step into the semi-warm atmosphere of your modest urban home. You suddenly begin to wonder if it's almost too quaint for her as you have no idea of her current living arrangement, but the contented smile lingering on her face says otherwise as you proceed into the living room. "Can I get you anything? Anything at all?" You ask as you remove your gloves.

"It's okay, I'm fine." She smirks, playing impishly with your scarf before untying it. "The only thing I need right now... is you." Her hand moves up to your coat zipper, gripping it between two fingers and slowly pulling it down. Her eyes follow it for a while before she looks back up at you, the corners of her mouth lifting playfully. At this, you lean in and kiss her, causing her to catch her breath for a second before she eagerly reciprocates.

Aside from your first kiss with Adagio earlier, not to mention your earlier encounter with her, you've never done this before. It's such an intricate feeling to describe: full of passion, instinct, and admiration. You unbutton her coat and she slides it off, letting it fall to the floor as she removes yours without breaking off from the kiss. You throw your coat aside and she wraps her arms around you in a soft embrace. Placing your hands on the small of her back, you gently caress her, sliding your hands up and down her sides.

"Mmmmh..." She moans quietly into your mouth and shivers excitedly in response. You absentmindedly slide your tongue into her mouth, wondering if perhaps there is such a thing as a "French kiss" here in this world. She hesitates for a few seconds, but soon returns the gesture in a cute, albeit slightly clumsy manner as if she's never done it before--an answer to your question. You stand there, contemplating whether or not it's appropriate, but another moan escaping from her throat tells you that she is thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. You continue to caress the small of her back, sliding your hands ever-so-slightly further downward with each iteration until you can feel her belt loops.

Daring to push your luck, you allow your hands to slide tentatively over the curve of her rear and to her thighs. Quivering excitedly at the gesture, her breathing quickens and so does her movement, pressing her full front onto you with unrestrained passion.

"Mmmmnhh..." She moans louder, warming up beneath your touch and you can tell that she's getting really close. She grips your leg with her thighs as she dangles tantalizingly near her climax. With a final gesture, you give her rear a firm squeeze and she jolts with excitement. "Mmnahhh!" She cries, pulling back as she shudders passionately. She squeezes you with her thighs so tightly that you can literally feel the circulation being cut off from your leg. Finally releasing her grip after a few seconds, she pants slightly as she recovers. "Oops..." She grins sheepishly, realizing what had just happened. "Oh, that was amazing..." She giggles, "You're a wonderful kisser, Anon... I didn't realize you could do that with your tongue."

"That's not the only thing I can do with my tongue..." You smile, gesturing downward with your eyes. "That is, if you haven't yet had your fill..."

Smirking widely, she takes both ends of your scarf in hand and gently pulls on it, leading you down the hallway to the bedroom with a rogue-ish wink. "Oh, I'm not even close..."

Shutting the door to the bedroom, you turn around to find Adagio staring hungrily into your eyes. You gulp nervously at this and she notices, letting out an amused giggle as she approaches, kissing you deeply. Returning the kiss, you untie her scarf and let it fall to the floor as she unbuttons your shirt. You gingerly pull hers off, exposing a lavender bra and she does the same, after which she playfully runs her hands over your shoulders and down your chest, stopping at your belt catch. Pulling back a little, she undoes your belt and slips it off, folding it in half and playfully tapping your hip with it.

You tense up at the suggestion, "Oh, dear god..." You utter and she laughs at the expected response, tossing the belt aside as her hands drift back to your waistline.

"Oh, we'll get to that later..." She unbuttons your jeans and lets them drop to your ankles. "Oh my..." She giggles, smiling contentedly at what she's presented with. Returning the favor, you can't help but gape at her damp, lavender panties. You had forgotten how breathtakingly beautiful she was, even in semi-raw form.

"Awwwh..." She melts inwardly, pecking you on the cheek. "Are we at a loss for words, hon?" She laughs, making you gasp as she quickly removes her panties and dangles them in front of your face, drawing your attention away from her luscious nethers.

"Hey, you." She giggles, tossing them aside. "You zoned out there for a second."

"Oh, sorry..." You wince, blushing fiercely at her words.

"Hey now," She smirks, "There's no shame here. I like it when you look at me like that. After all..." She presses herself up against you, whispering into your ear. "I always did love being adored." Pulling back, she reaches behind herself and unclasps her bra, sliding it off of her shoulders and throwing it aside next to her panties.

Your eyes drift, staring at her now completely nude figure before you're brought back to attention by a tickling sensation at your waistline. You look down to see Adagio slipping her fingers underneath the elastic band on your boxers.

"May I...?" She groans amorously, shooting you a playful wink as her fingers wiggle in anticipation. You simply nod in response, and with one quick motion, she pulls your boxers down and they fall to your feet. She looks down at you and catches her breath, her smirk turning into an open-mouthed grin.

"Oh, this is going to be fun..." She articulates, meeting your eyes again. "Someone's eager, and it's not just me..."

"You..." You breathe, "You are so beautiful, Dagie..."

She cocks her head at you with a smile, "Well, aren't you just quite the charmer?" She giggles, running her hands over your shoulders. "How about we put that sweet tongue of yours to work..."