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Just some guy with a fascination in My Little Pony, The Walking Dead, and Team Fortress 2. Both Writer and Gamer, I am an exceptionally socially awkward individual. Also I like AppleDash. That is all.


I'm back, much like the Zombies I write about. · 3:17am Jul 31st, 2018

Speaking of which, said story is back in development. I won't give a definite answer for when the next chapter will be finished (or when KJay will be able to upload it afterwards) but know that this story is not dead...

Or should I say...

Undead :p

i'm not sorry

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Are you going to continue the trotting dead? I like it and I want more of it.

2020333 I have a blog talking about this actually. Long story short: I was on a long hiatus, personal problems, many tears, I'm getting back to writing. The next chapter is being worked on and should be finished by the time November's over (I have to get back into the flow of writing, so give or take a week on that)

P.S. Thank you for reading the story, I hope you've enjoyed it so far!

So, The Trotting Dead... ??

1133004 When are you releasing the next chapter of "The Trotting Dead"?

1132732 No problem, it was really good! Also, fun fact, I had that story in my 'Read Later' list for over four months. :twilightblush:

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