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My thoughts on Alicorns. · 9:42am Jul 30th, 2013

Okay. I've heard a lot of debates about this subject so here's my thoughts on it. (I doubt anyone will read this but here goes.)

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Thanks a bunch for the watch! Proof, proof that I'm doing something right while on this site. :pinkiehappy:


Thank you for the favorite on Reap the Spoils. Let me know what you think about it, it is my first clopfic and I wish to improve.


Alright. I met a guy at a summer camp this year who I promised I would read his fic and I can only remember that it has the word blood in the title and is about vampire ponies.

100304 Haven't been to summer camp in years. Besides I live in the middle of freaking nowhere.

Would you by any chance be the person I met at a certain summer camp?

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