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Turning thirty can bring out the worst in some ponies. Sweetie Belle just turned thirty and is not in the least happy about it. Add being single and having numerous ponies thinking she'll retire from the music scene just because of her age doesn't exactly help out. So in an attempt to show that the big 3-0 isn't as sucky as it seems, The Mane Six and Spike recount their own crazy thirtieths. Tales ranging from drunken princesses, Gummy, mountains of tissues, Las Pegasus, flying, a forced day off, and even a little romance.

Inspired by the show FRIENDS

I know the image a little weird, with the Korean letters and all, but it is literally all I could find with ALL the main cast partying and fitting the 1MB max requirement.

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My lesson from the first story is to not count on Rainbow Dash to buy a good gift.

Thanks. Everyone else's birthday's already have a general concept, and lemme just say... Twilight and Spike's are gonna be my favorites to write, and hopefully just as good to read.

I wanna hear fluttershy's story:yay:

:0 FRIENDS?! I love you. And the show. But also you, and maybe your fanfic. TIME TO READ!

Two chapters at once. I like you.

Yep, this fic is amazing. :heart: Next chapter QUICK! If that's alright with you of course...

I know the image a little weird, with the Korean letters and all, but it is literally all I could find with ALL the main cast partying and fitting the 1MB max requirement.

Google "mlp fim party", 2nd result (no Spike tho).

“Happy Birthday, Grandma.”

:facehoof: Rainbow...

“You know what they say... Better to be over the hill... than buried under it. Wishing you a Happy Birthday,
- Rainbow Dash”

A single facehoof is inadequate for the catastrophe of the card.

“Make me sore, dragon boy.”

Oh my...

This chapter alone has me hooked. You've built a really believable future for the group. Since I am an unabashed shipper, I am desperate to find out who they all ended up with. I truly hope there is no Inter-Mane Six ships, but meh, this is well-written, funny, and witty, so I'll deal. Will read the next chapter later, but for now, have an upvote, a fave, and a mustache! :moustache:

I haven't read this yet, but why does everyone seem to think that 30 is old? Isn't that age pretty much smack in the center of a person's prime? I mean, I'm only 19, but I don't think I'll start stressing over my advancing age until I hit my forties or fifties.

And you did not disappoint! This was so cute and emotional. The perfect balance of cheese and heart. Love this, man.

Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

That was thing. Some reason there was a lack of Spike in a lot of those party photos, and I REFUSE to leave him out.

Thank you so so so so so much. That means a lot.

[quote“Make me sore, dragon boy.” ]Oh god, that sentence. That made me cringe. Why? I don't know. Just wanna see Spike's reaction when he realizes that he is going to outlive all of his friends. With the exception of Twilight.

And everyone stayed downstairs playing the most awkward game of charades ever as bed squeaks, moans, growls, howls, and other unspeakable sounds flooded the boutique... but at least Magnum got some cake.

:moustache::heart::raritywink: :yay:

FRIENDS? Dude, I'd give you two Faves if I could. One for the fantastic story, and two for the FRIENDS. :twilightsmile:


“Make me sore, dragon boy.”

I wonder how the crowd listening to the story reacted when they heard that bit. :trollestia:

Loved this story and now I can't wait to hear Dashie's tale.

"Holy Shit."

That's literally all i could think to say at the end of this. But now that I have had adequate time to actually think again, wow. That's some good Slice of Life right there. This is the kind of story i'd use to explain my love for the genre. Looking forward to more. (especially AJs story. real curious, and favorite pony. you know how it is.)

Oh, and. I'm definitely gonna use RDs card on one of my friends at some point. :trixieshiftleft:

Very nice. Very nice indeed.

That card almost deserves a commemorative medal it was so bad. And dat ending!

Really, really looking forward to more of this.

That FRIENDS reference.
I would friggin' hug you to death for that if I could.

When I realized where you were going with this, this was all that was in my head:

Also, for the Chapter name, I couldn't stop thinking "Tears, Tissues And Thirty Issues"
I just don't know why xD

That little three letter purple tag is making me hesitate. Is it a full-on clop scene, or just mention, or what?

2969419 When a fic is tagged with sex but also rated teen, the sex is just implied.

Love this story. Can't wait for Rainbow Dash's. :rainbowwild:

My Little Pony and Friends?!?! There is a god... or Celestia and Luna, I don't mind which

No idea. Honestly I was gonna hold off posting this till I got RD's chapter done, but I was kinda full of anticipation... Soooooo. But if it helps, I'e already got all their birthdays planned out

Yay! The first two chapters were hilarious so keep up the good work!:yay:

I love it! Its funny and sweet :scootangel: Can't wait for the next chapter with RD :twilightsmile:

I just saw this in a group and I didn't even have to read the description to know it was from FRIENDS XD I love that show!!

I love the concept and I love Friends, so what's not to like :pinkiehappy:

Goddamn it. You have sweetie belle and friends.
... I just use this site for social networking and not for reading fic's nowadays...

... Completely worth it.
You, sir, are a competent writer and I shall never be able to live up to your creativity and splendor. Good day.

Nice friends reference in the title.
And I haven't even seen the show in... god, how long has it been?


Considering how he's matured, I'm pretty sure he already had that revelation about the same time Twilight did, probably within the first month after her coronation. No doubt the Princesses helped Twilight and Spike through and they were there for each other. Doesn't fit the nature of the story to have it included.

Ok, this fic gets a favorite. It has an extremely good premise, and is very well-written. I've never seen Friends before, but it doesn't matter.
You get lotsa mustaches!!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

:twistnerd: just ten years til your 40
Which won't happen because *looks up* :flutterrage: WE HAVE A NEW DEAL!!

inb4 Dash is in lesbians with Spitfire. Again.

But naw, this is a great story you've got going here. Keep up the stellar work!

I've just realized that this is the first fic that I've read where Rarity and Spike get married.

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2966040 I think I know what Spike's birthday's gonna be like...

I must show my friend this. THANK YOU!

Dear god,i thought this was funny with friends,but wow :rainbowlaugh:

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