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Does this look infected to you?


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I am so happy this is finally out!:rainbowkiss:

Yay ! A new Who rules ?

Oh, yeaaaah! Sequel!:moustache:

mmmm okay so, some thoughts.

Luna's fairly open about the distrust thing, which might not be great for public relations. always gotta show solidarity.

Dapifer should have a system in place in case he gets replaced. he seems competant after all. such as "if I don't make this call everyday I've been replaced by a changeling, send help." Aside from that, is a good dude.

Kinda sucks to be that guard, having Luna's full displeasure focused on him like that. hope he catches a break. But as for the long line, I hope Luna's smart enough to realize that of the things that changed "which is the most significant one that might bring about this result. Answer: Chrysalis." Especially with her distrustful nature.

Damn it Chryssi, that kind of thing is going to be exposed so damn easily. its like, one idle comment on "man, I was listening to petitions nonstop" or "wow you were great earlier" or "now that I'm here lets get down to business" and that whole thing earlier is blown. though the way it seems right now is she wants to be Luna's "side dish" or something. also, was it common knowledge how their relationship worked? I wouldn't think it would be. or that Luna could use a "stallionhood" like that

hmmmm ,and looking at the tags, it seems that Fleur factors into this, could be interesting to see how the spy has been doing, having probably watched Chrysalis this whole time undder Luna's orders or something. hell, Fleur could blow that whole shapechange thing open herself if she was observing her.

Other things related to this Universe that I'm waiting for: Luna taking over Tarturus for a week and Selene bumming around with Celestia and Cadance (or maybe just Cadance, maybe Celestia goes with Luna, who knows!) and Luna and Tia having a kid, or at the least discussing it.

So... is Twilight gone or will she get a cameo some time in the future?:twilightsmile:

I'm so happy that another story in this series came out. Although I wonder what happened to Lulu, when Chryssy was out and about doing her nightly duties, and bucking her wife. I wonder where Twilight and Trixie are atm. Well this looks like it's going to be a good fic, and when you add Changeling to it, it's going to be even better.

His chis was high and his shoulders square.

Perhaps you mean "chin?"

Yay! A new sequel! Finally!

Of course even Chrysalis wants a piece of that sweet Nightmare ass. Who would not? Step one of Chrysalis' circuitous plan has been set into motion.

I look forward to the next chapter. KBO.:twilightsmile:

4174158 Yes, yes I did. Chis is now chin. Thanks for the catch! And circuitous is the right word. Notice the title, after all...

4174058 4173659 Twi and Trixie are not in this story. BUT, I do have stories planned for both of them after this one. So, they will be getting their moment in the spotlight. This is a Canterlot-centric story.

4173413 Yeah, it does seem like this sort of thing would be easy to see through, doesn't it... :trollestia:

And I do have a Selene and Tisiphone story in my head, but time is the key. Hopefully, I'll find a way to get it in.

Thanks all!


You made it to the favorites box! Was there ever any doubt?


Sweet! I have to say that I look forward to what you do here.

:pinkiegasp: *squee* *squee* *squee*

Yay. Thank you for this. This is the best day.

4175639 There is ALWAYS doubt. I am always humbled when I make it to the feature box. It gives me a giddy feeling every time.

And I have all you guys to thank, so...thanks. I am honored.


oh , that's right , i forgot that struck a deal with chrysalis to make her a princess at the end lol.....

Did Celestia feed Chrysalis?:trollestia:

A futa warning in the description would have been nice. That was the one thing that completely ruined this chapter for me. Why is this fandom so obsessed with futa?

4187296 I do apologize. There should have been a warning to that effect, you are right. I will say that the Fula aspect is not the predominant theme in the story, though.

Sorry about that.

4187296 hahaha someone didn't read any of the previous books ^^ .....

sooo uh what was different about luna's dick this time?.....
"Almost twice anything she had ever seen from her before."
just saying it was bigger than normal then? but we've already done bigger than normal before haven't we?....

i thought for sure that the size of this chapter would leave no room for picking back up on the world and including a sex scene , but it looks like i was wrong , although there's still so much more that needs to be explained and so many other character to revisit i can't wait , can you just skip all the sex stuff and get to the world building plz ^^?......

lol chrisy being a sneaky little bugger , some problems about that though....
1 how would she know exactly what luna and celestia do together well enough to pull off imitating them?

and 2 what history does luna have with chrisy to hate and not trust her so much? she wasn't there for the only canon episode she was in , if anything it should be celestia who has a huge distrust for her , but none of that is explained by reason in the fic it's just assumed based of the character's personalities it seems.......

4198463 All shall be revealed. I promise.

Though the sex scenes will continue. Might not be in every chapter, but they are a part of the story, IMO.


4199277 i like to think of it more as world building of characters doing sex stuff.....if that makes sense....

and i see , didn't realize that my observations revealed incoming planned plot development/twists , if im reading that correctly as well.....

Actually, I did read the previous stories. And that's part of the issue. Sometimes the chapters contain futa. Other times, they don't. That's one reason I think a warning would be nice. Because he's not one of those authors where I can say "Oh, it's from that guy. It's gonna have futa for sure so I'll just skip it or at least skip the clop parts."

It's bothered me in the past too. I just never said anything until now.

4202235 oh i see....

well for this case i would just have to say that's to bad then , i most certainly wouldn't want anything told to me before hand about the chapters for this story like if there's going to be futa sex in it or not cause then that would be spoiling the surprise of reading nom's work , which for this story i want to enjoy the ride as it comes out.....

By extension, would could say that all tags spoil the surprise because they give away info about what's going to be in the story.

4203362 knowing what characters will be featured in a story doesn't tell you what's going to happen to those characters in the story , like knowing who's going to sex who would , and we already know what characters exist in this story from reading the previous ones so we already have an idea of who we can expect to see in it without the tags , like twilight and surely seleen would make a reappearance as well , and who knows maybe they'll end up sexing each other at some point , don't want nom to tell me before hand that that's going to happen though :l .....

Knowing what characters are going to have sex isn't what I asked for. All I wanted was to know which chapters were going to have "fringe fetishes" like futa. Nom didn't have a problem with adding a futa warning..

When I said that by extension, all tags could be considered a spoiler. What I meant was things like the romance tag, the sex tag in general, and so on.

4203669 i suppose....

those aren't spoilers , those are genres -.o .....

Not necessarily. A romance tag could definitely be a spoiler. Anyway, I don't consider a futa warning to be a spoiler anyway. But I'm not going to argue with you about it any more. Nom added the futa warning.

4204299 ok , but that's not the warming you even wanted , so now both of us have been screwed over.....

I know that something wrong with that changeling! It look's like she have a big plan for both royal sisters and equestria.

Is Chrysalis planning to use Luna's impulsiveness and vindictiveness to improve her own image?

If there is some doubt it you—something that may jeopardize our love or Equestria—I not only deserve to know what it is, I insist upon it.”

"It" should probably be "in."

Their lips still together, Luna raised up her right wing up and started to move it over.

One "up" too many.

Perhaps Luna wants to bring Princess Love Bug into her relationship with Celestia. And perhaps winged monkeys will fly out of my ass.

When I saw that this had updated, I dropped everything to read it. I love this universe.

You have earned yourself an ahegao. However, since there is neither a Celesta nor a Luna ahegao, have a Twilight.:twilightoops:


4233743 Noted and fixed! Thanks. :)

And thanks for the kind words, too.


- Oh, gosh! Quill have one thing by Regnant Troth, this stallion is so blind.:rainbowlaugh:

- Daphner is a incredible char. He remenber me a young Alfred, but working for Bane, not with Bruce.:derpytongue2:

God, I need to get my glasses checked. I opened this up, walked away to do something then came back, glanced at the tab and for a second read it as, "Who Rules? Who Cares?" :twilightoops::twilightsheepish: :facehoof:

Anyway... this was great. As usual, pretty much as always. I love your Celestia and Luna, and Chrysalis. Oh dear god Chrissie, RUN!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: Oh, and Tenebrous Quill taking down Regnant Troth was a thing of beauty.

4318569 Who Rules?: Who Cares? is always my deepest fear when I write one of these things...


4320528 If you wanna use it as a parody title, go ahead. ;)

Normally these stories are pretty straightforward, but I have no freaking idea what was going on this time.

... okay, part of this was that I was confusing this with the Trixie's Magic Bit series, but I still have no idea what the characters are thinking. Especially Luna.

I am unsure how to feel about that. I can't say Luna hasn't deserved some punishment for a while but was mean.

....I...I'm so very confused...

Luna... How could Luna be protecting Chrysalis from Tia?.... Luna loves Tia more then anyone or anything...


Please update quickly I can't stand the idea of Luna hating Tia! :applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry:

The only thing that gives this chapter any sense would be Chrysalis mind controlling Luna somehow from their fight. That's the only thing that makes any sense to me. I saw the fight coming last chapter, with roast Chrysalis served up on a silver platter, but it ended much differently, I'll give you that, Nom.

4327581 4327782 4328083 4328189

Yeah, I was expecting a lot of confusion--and was even worried about a good deal of anger--from this chapter. I just want to remind everyone that, no matter how things look right now, I am a HUGE proponent of the happy ending.

All I can ask is that you have faith. (Well, I COULD spoil what is going to happen, I suppose, but I'm not gonna do that.)


no anger from me Nom just shock and confusement. I have every faith that Luna still loves her Tia more then her own life which is of course unending ^^

Does Chrysalis fancy herself some kind of alien (morally ambiguous) relationship therapist? The sex and domination is a bonus, of course.

Only four chapters in this one? After three very long stories?

Why does that make me feel uncomfortable...then again, this could be a lead up to an even bigger story.

And is it just me, or do Luna and Celestia end up yelling and growling at each other quite often?

You have succeeded in drawing both confusion and anger from me, though the anger is mostly directed at the characters involved. :facehoof::twilightangry2:

I await the next chapter eagerly.

Oooh i want to see Bugs head on a pike for placing such discrord between sisters. This should be counted as coup, nothing less.

Celestia was worried about destroying Luna? Isn't Luna literally the most immortal thing on the planet?

And OH MY GOD. Chrysalis is slowly taking a place below Discord as best villain, even if she's not a villain exactly. (Which sadly means that Sombra will have to go. RIP.)

But yeah. Serious mode activate.

In the middle of all this seems to be Luna's "aid". I'm predicting she's a changeling controlling Luna or at least dampening her senses much like Chrysalis did to Cadance. But the Queen herself seems to be stirring things up quite a bit. So it potentially could be in fact Chrysalis conducting this whole ordeal via other changeling drones whilst Equestria is in a weakened state.

Just some thoughts though. Probably not accurate beyond obvious observations.

Wow, a literal dick measuring contest between a princess and a queen.

“You are. It’s all right to admit it,” she interrupted, and then saddled up directly beside Luna.

I believe the word you want here is "sidled."

“The Ponytunes! That was it.”

They were the Ponytones. Although I just realized the joke may have been that he did not quite remember their name correctly.

The scene between Chrysalis and Luna reminded me of a certain tiarawhy game.

If the chapters continue following their current trend, the next and final chapter should be a little more than twelve thousand words.

Chrysalis can control minds. It would not be a stretch to think that the strife between Luna and Celestia is a puppet show being controlled by Chrysalis.

This was quite good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the uncomfortable sex scene. Have the elusive Fluttershy ahegao as a reward for how very uncomfortably turned on your sexy words made me.:fluttershbad:


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