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imagine it said drawn out like you are golem's "prescioussss". i was going for creepy.

sorry, but for me, that's not scary.


... nope still not.

That's okay. I'm not the best at scary yet.
Any suggestions?

Wy is the queen having no reaction to him being an alicorn ??? She is treating him like a normal pony.

If you saw a steak after searching and searching for one for weeks would you really notice what type it was? On that note I will be editing it soon to make this more apparent.

I try to avoid horror so the best help I can give you is to look up a horror story with a lot of likes, then make a note of what parts scare you.

okay, quick suggestion: try to make it a little more clear of whose point of view it is, I was about five paragraphs in before I knew it was going from spikes perspective. Luna's was obvious, and Celestia's was right after her sister, so those two weren't hard to figure out.

Well they are all done for.:pinkiehappy:
nice start, i like how Faust is just adds a new person and sit back to watch.
how the rest of the story is like this.

simple don´t its to funny.:rainbowlaugh:

keep up the good stuff:twilightsmile:

Hmm... Morning wood can get awkward...

Eh. I myself don't see anything all too awkward with it. But then again, i'm not a normal guy. I don't care if morning wood greets me and at the same time if it greets any other people in the room XD

Not advice, just confirmed: This Faust is nuts :pinkiecrazy:

I love a good world building

The "BETTER GOD" doesn't throw fits like a five year old.

lol yes. I wouldn't tell him that though.

so, for how long will updates come out at the rate they are currently

hopefully for a while. I'm literally writing a chapter a day. We are in arc 1, 3 more arcs to go.

It’s so beautiful it makes me have all the feels:fluttershbad:

Diamond Dog barbuq anyone? Am I the only one that wants to see him rip and tear his way out.

Grab them, tie them up, and drag their cake inflated asses (or what ever Luna eats) outside their "perfect" kingdom, Point out the problem, and say:

This is an interesting story!!! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! I must read more!!!!!!!

well, it's definitely an interesting take on the planet's history. This is a rare reverse genderbender. There is far too many m—»f tg on fimfic.
Also, could you please change this /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\ to something else? Maybe something more compact? Because I mostly "read" on my phone thought google tts in moon reader and it sounds like this " slash backslash slash backslash slash backslash slash backslash" for quite some time. It's not necessary, but will be quite appreciated.( in other fics it sometimes waaay worse, like "dotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdot")
Hope to read more from you soon.

What happened to Azure and Barium from the previous chapter? Did they successfully escape and are they going to go back to Equestria to tell Celestia and Luna what they saw? This is a great story keep up the good work.

Don't worry they aren't done yet. They are making a reappearance next chapter.

This has surpisingly few views for how great it is, at least me thinks so :twilightsmile:

Am looking forward to continued awesomnes, great royal abductions, cute Cryssie and many more things you will do a
far better job of imagining that i would (Presumably) :twilightsheepish:

I'm sorry but, I can buy that the climate control of the Ponies could clause unstable weather at the borders and else where, since they have been doing that for centuries. However I can't believe that just moving the Sun and Moon is a problem, only cause one; the Alicorns did not start moving them first, that was the unicorns. Two if no one moves them, they don't move at all. Three that means that the gravitational mechanics for that planet are different then Earth. Finally Cannon evidence could have had a time before the unicorns moving the heavens, since Discord and that staff the Storm King had could do the same. Therefor it's possible that there has either been a spirit, god, or species who has always done so.

That's ok, it is a alternate universe. Meaning I have tweaked it, cannon wise some things haven't happened yet and some things never will happen. it is a 'what if' story, as in what if the planet used to move its sun and moon naturally but then a alicorn monarchy started. To get better crops, weather, etc they studied the seasons and solar system, eventually developing a magic to control the movement of the sun and the moon themselves. The immediate ramifications were not felt till literally thousands of years later.

Female use attract on Ari...
attract failed because Ari was a Female.:pinkiehappy:

why hello siren i'm a psionicly deaf nice singing by the way

Would you like to add 'Sad Siren' to the party?

A: Yes B: No

Surrounded by blood, gore and dead bodies....
Now ain't that the most romantic scene ever?:rainbowlaugh:

but when they threaten what is mine the restriction that 'I can’t kill' disappears…

"Release restraint level one..."

Yeah I could see that new law causing a huge problem for loyal loving couples...Makes me wonder if the two sisters thought this plan out far enough...

Soo.. someone just came to them at early morning, checked, said for himself/herself "yup, that's an alicorn", drank his water and skedaddled.
Nothing suspicious at all!

lol figured that the nice little dragon pony followed ari home

So the kirin pony can turn invisible eh? Interesting.

this is interesting world building is good.
I'm already trying to fill in the blanks, which is a good sign of a good story.

Are the other sirens going to join? This story is becoming more interesting. How about a Kirin next?

Things are starting to get interesting. Hopefully Lyric can find another mate cause I sure doubt Chrysalis is willing to share Ari.

i can say this is a interesting story, fast paced and a easy read.
i will be reading more as the chapters come out.

I can't wait until Ari reaches Canterlot to talk to the Princesses

Of course the ponies would fuck it up for everyone else.

Look on the bright side, this makes twerking much more amusing.

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