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That was fast release of a sequel, great!

Now let's see Winny's life, take two.

Yeah, take that, Sentry! My, what an ass he is.

YES, YES!, YES!!!! Although I'm still kinda sad that she can't go back to her previous world cause she died but at least she has a second chance in this new world. :twilightsmile:

So Flash Sentry will be a jerk and ass? I can work with that no problem. Fast sequel though but really good start to one and looking forward to what this story will be like :twilightsmile: Like how Spitfire is still her mother as well! :heart:

So flash sentry is replacing Celestia as the big bad guy? Works for me.

Sequel time ! :pinkiehappy:
This is gonna be awesome !
Just a question though, did Winter kept her memory ? It doesn't seem like it, but I still have a small doubt.

I think my brain and head just exploded from all the awesome.

You know those "oh. Shit." Moments? This is the perfect example.

"I'm not her marefriend. I'm her, Mother."

Hahaha, Winter screwed flash's chick!:rainbowlaugh:

this is another world bring back summer rose. it wont be the same but she was my favorite character in the previous story. Keep up the good work

very few stories make me laugh but this one sure has. keep it up

Looking down at the drink I was currently holding, I figured I could have a few more. Besides, the night was young, and you only live once!

ya you only live once it's totally not like your 3rd life or something that would just be silly:twilightsheepish:



YAY A SEQUEL! Great chapter man. I loved that reference to Cars:pinkiehappy:. Keep up the good work!

Taking one of the empty velvet stools in front of the obsidian countertop, I gazed over the large selection of spirits and hard liquor on displacing on shelves against the wall behind the counter. The beer taps themselves were quite literally within arms reach as they were attached to the countertop for ease of access.

Just change the bolded words to display. Other than that, didn't see anything else that popped out to much.

Great story and glad to see a sequel to this amazing and hilarious story.

I'm liking this sequel so far, but uhh... Champagne. Sorry, that one stuck out to much for me not to mention.

7983155 And we shall never talk about it again.........:pinkiecrazy:

I don't wanna be that guy or anything but

"Well, cause your job at the Bounding Bunny Cafe defiantly isn't,"

should be definitely

regardless nice chapter, a bit more serious than usual

7983331 Thanks, least it wasn't as bad as shampain. lel

So how much of her memory does she have :rainbowhuh:


Mate. Buddy. Pal o' mine.
Just popping in to tell you one thing:

Song's of Hawkfire

That's not how you use an apostrophe. This is how you use an apostrophe.

Songs of Hawkfire

Do I have to read all of A Winter's Rose to understand this story?

7983594 Not really, but some chapters will have things that you'll understand better if you read AWR

Was it always there? I feel like I read it before and didnt catch that

7983195 Word to the wise, you could probably use an editor, or at least a proofreader. Cause that was just the most glaring one, and I didn't mention all the typos I've seen. Polish can make a story that much better, and just a little can really show. Keep up the good work regaurdless.

7983822 Yeah, I've noticed them as well. and Fixed a few of the more noticeable ones, but finding one takes a while.

so far this story is hilarious! :pinkiehappy: Keep doing a good job!

Hostly my biggest beef with your writing is well im the guy who like to know i left my main cast at least the good one is some sort of happy ever after you seem to fuck them over lime with winter rose you had some mucb for winter then you kill her that kicked winter rose one of my first favorites right off that list

7985829 To each their own, I guess. Killing off Rose was what I planned since the beginning, even more so when she became too OP. She was never meant to stay in that version of Equestria, but to learn why that Is. You'll learn eventually.

Rainbow's got blindsided by Rose. Talk about rekt'

soon rainbow will see just how close rose is to spitfire, and how good she is

Aw yeah, I love cups!

but i still prefer plates :D

You and i need to keep in touch, cuz i had NO idea it already came out :'( I'm looking forward to reading this though!!!

7988819 It came out the same day that AWR ended. Cause, I'm fast like that

6 Days time 4 a new chapter! Your own fault, If you write so well.

7995986 Sorry about that. Some chapters might take a whIle due to my lifestyle or size of chap. :fluttershysad:

7996305 Its a joke. I know that some chapters need more time than others :twilightsmile:

With what I know of *cough cough* Winter Rose *cough*, the main character, that former guard captain must've been a real d-bag to get the beating he must've for the effects AJ described to RD...

I have a question I've been meaning to ask since the first character, will we be seeing summer and the rest of rose friends in this fic?

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