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You should mark this as a sequel


I wonder How long it will be untill encounter and engaging with Tyrant sun?!
Overpowered griffin's adventure it will be so excited. Especially leveling pony land!

"Glade! Can you help Spike with cleaning up the library?" Twilight Sparkle ordered her slav-er-servant. Twilight didn't like that term that the princess gave them. After all, they were Pony kinds loyal servants. The would do anything and not cause a fuss. From farming to mining, sex to training dummies, the Griffin race was eternally loyal to all of Pony Kind after their non-existent kingdom was ruined.
Glade was just as helpful as her assistant Spike, if not more so. Glade was a small hen with a golden goat and silver chest. She was an owl variant, a snowy owl to be precise. When she wasn't doing her duties like the good little griffin she was, she was reading in the library in the castle.

oh, that's not so bad

"Of course master!" Glade replied happily. Twilight watched the griffin walked out from the kitchen with a smile with a tray of food on her back. She placed the trays contents in front of twilight at the table, just like she liked it. Perfectly organized for the most effective meal time before trotting off to help Spike do his own chores. It took her several days and several beatings to get Glade to get it right. Of course, that was her duty! To teach her servant the right way or dispose of her and get another one.

wait a second...

Twilight smiled as Glade left the room and went to begin the most important deal of the day, but she saw something off. The pancakes were to close to the orange juice.
Twilight sighed, "I guess I have to break out the whip and give her twenty lashings again. One day she will get it right."

HOLY SHIT that went from 0 to 100 real quick

yas:pinkiehappy: can't wait for the next chapter!

Great chapter, keep up the work.

'One day Rainbow. One day I will kill you for murdering my family in that factory. Mark my words," Gilda seethed as she had to continue her facade as being an adoring lover to her archnemesis. 'Once the White Claws give the signal. You. Are. Mine.'

dun dun dun...

I just finished reading The Prince of Darkness and The Return of Darkness after 2 days of non-stop reading and I must say that I really liked The Prince of Darkness and I like this story even more.
Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

I want to kill Celestia so bad! You don't hurt my Favorite Princess/Pony AND my favorite Species and get away with it :flutterrage:

7024571 Sorry, but I plan on making her as evil as possible.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Also, I'm glad you enjoy.

Ooh you are an amazing writer, I think I see the tie in you are planning on making with the prequel. It would explain Winter's mismatched memories as well as missing the eye and human aspect of his soul. That is assuming that the Vault is Stable-tec and that he is in there.

Will he let himself be captured? or assert his dominance over them?
I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

7030760 I CAN DO THAT TOOOO! Respect my authorataah! :yay:

When he decides to pull that ship out, he must make it look like he pulled it out of his ass.

That mind-rape spell is seriously OP, lucky for me, I love OP :twilightsmile:
Take that Twilight! You know you're fucked when even the Dictator of your country can't help you :rainbowlaugh:

he is the true definition of darkness. The shadows worship him as he has tamed and purged himself of a dangerous curse. He is the tamer of Demons and seducer of Angels. He will unlock his memories in time and when he does. My he show mercy to us all.

I want that to be on my tombstone :rainbowderp:

mind-rape spell's are op, this on is so op that Griffon the Griffon feared to use it. and that was when he was still was ath war with the dimond dogs.

So little Winter is a creature of the void ?, not good nor bad. but with a temper that matches that of the worst storms and supercells.

With each new chapter, this story gets me more and more enthralled by it. Im curios though, i thought he had all his memories back. Do you mean that he read his story so he is going off of that (Like hes suffering from amnesia and hes being told who he was by the book) and when he actually gets his memories back/unlocked,his true power will awaken

7034262 I planned that to be a dream something. But that has some plot holes that I want to avoid. So... You'll find out eventually.

7034262 No he had signs that his memories weren't the same from the start. He believed that he died in a black hole used to kill Malice when in truth he did not die in one and when he killed malice he was unaware of it.

7034292 His memories will be unlocked when he meets the one in the vault correct?

7036183 Most likely. Dark mind magic will be art of it

Did you use "mind-rape" and talk about his OP powers because of me and the others that said it in the comments? If that's the case,THANKS, I feel all nice and fluffy inside :twilightsmile:
if not I'll just go cry in a dark corner and think about what a pathetic human being I am... (and it'll be all your fault)

Twilight........................I'm going to rip your head off and shove it so far up your ass that'll come back in it's place!
OK, Twilight just claimed the second place on my "Tartarus is too nice for them" list just after (and close to) Celestia.
I'd want Twilight to be punched in the face but that would probably be nothing compared to what Winter will do to her (and that makes me happy) :rainbowkiss:

Adding a limit to Winter's slave network is a good idea. Raven is adorable AND interesting (can't wait to see more of her).

I undid my spells and walked up to the Griffin with towers of books and scrolls around her. I tapped her should, causing her to jump out of her seat like a cat to a cucumber with a cute, 'Eeep!'

You probably meant shoulder.

In the end, I hate Twilight, I still hate Celestia, and I still love this story so I'd say you reached all your objectives this far.Congratulations :yay:

7036770 I did feel the need to talk about the mind-rape spell but I was having some trouble making the rules for a bit. So, congrats! To all that talked about it!:scootangel:

Also. I have special plans of all of the main six, but AppleJack and Rarity on the insanity Department.

So, I'll give you a hint with Fluttershy. Does Hanible Lector mean anything to you?:pinkiecrazy:

Is there a good reason, in story, why the Princesses and Twilight are evil in this story?

7037163 Yes. I have that ready to go that should make sense, but that won't be for a while yet.

The Garden of (I-forgot-it's-name) is to nice for them.

And raven reminds me of ugly grandma kitten lady from emperors new groove.

7036835 I personally would have expected Pinkie Pie to be like Hannibal Lecter, not Fluttershy.

7039649 Nah, she just bakes ALL ponies into her special cupcakes.

While Rarity makes coats out of Griffins.

7039730 Ah figures she would go full on Cupcakes and not discriminate.

Edit: Rarity vaguely reminds me of Buffalo Bill, since he skinned women to make a woman suit.

So winter has gained one servant and one slave-slot. I'd say that was a pretty good day.

OK...it's not that hard...I'll just put Fluttershy on #3 and move back...no that wouldn't work...#4 or #9? ...where do I put Rainbow? Is killing chilldren worse than torturing adults?...but who knows what then other element are doing and what if it's all Celestia's fault but what if........fuck it- :ajbemused:

Every single one inhabitants of this world that agrees with Celestia's mindset in any way, shape or form shall be written down on the list of eternal suffering....have a good day.

Nice incest by the way :raritywink:

Aaaaaarg why do i read so fast! This is the third 'good' story that I had caught up on! Waaaaaaaaaah! :raritycry:

Nice to know that a sequel is out, I don't even know. Have I followed you after I finished 'the prince of darkness'? I'll check later.

Good job btw, I wish you the best!:pinkiesmile::heart:

7039899 I one hundred precent agree with you.


... But am i the only one that noticed that the author is trying to hold out on Winter getting his true memories back?


7040402 This is one hard cryptogram...:moustache:

The answers toaster

What happens to everything in you hammer space when you die?

7042241 It disintegrateseems into nothingness unless for some reason the creator reincarnates. Then it travelshould wherever you go.

7042248 Hmm I would have thought that upon death, the person would explode into gore as all the items in the hammer space are forcibly deposited into reality. I knew that disintegration was a possibility, but what about artifacts?

7042366 Hmm. They will explode in an epic gore storm of blood and guts

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