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Not a brony, just a pony appreciator... that writes pony stories. Hmm...

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I'm humbled · 4:28am September 19th

Wow... I... dunno what to say.

:fluttercry: I can't believe that just over two years ago I was just starting out on this site, getting into the fandom and hoping that my stories could entertain. And all of you, my wonderful followers proved that. Thank you for helping me reach this milestone and I hope to continue to provide the quality of story telling that you all have recognized me for.

Thank You!!!


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Hello fellow non-brony!

Collab huh? You got my interest, how about we take this to a pm hmm? Don't spoil the story for potential "readers" :raritywink:

Yeah, I feel bad for not talking to everyone on here for so long. Figured I could drop by and see if you wanted to catch up, or do a collab to pass the time? :)

That's good. I guess this was just a friendly check in? :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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