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I'm not dead, yet · 2:40am July 8th

Hiya wolfpack and others that come across my page,

Well, this summer hasn't really gone the way I had thought it would, hence my absence. Sorry about that. :applecry: I'm not fully back but work has continued on the two big stories I currently am planning. It's mostly I need to get artwork done for both of them along with some tweaks and then I'll be able to release them to you for your viewing pleasure. So I appreciate your patience with me and hope I continue to entertain you.


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Hello fellow non-brony!

Collab huh? You got my interest, how about we take this to a pm hmm? Don't spoil the story for potential "readers" :raritywink:

Yeah, I feel bad for not talking to everyone on here for so long. Figured I could drop by and see if you wanted to catch up, or do a collab to pass the time? :)

That's good. I guess this was just a friendly check in? :twilightsmile:

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