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All of my stories are better love stories than Twilight... I hope

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I Quit · 9:24pm April 1st

Welp, this was bound to happen sometime. I just can't do this anymore. The blatant lack of enthusiasm for my stories, low like ratios and follower count. I even bothered getting cover art for them yet they're not on the featured list! And then the lack of comments and praise for how awesome I am as a writer. Honestly, what's the point of continuing to write if I'm not noticed for my efforts and remarkable skills? Then there's the fucking show ending in a shitstorm that I can't even bother to

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Hello fellow non-brony!

Collab huh? You got my interest, how about we take this to a pm hmm? Don't spoil the story for potential "readers" :raritywink:

Yeah, I feel bad for not talking to everyone on here for so long. Figured I could drop by and see if you wanted to catch up, or do a collab to pass the time? :)

That's good. I guess this was just a friendly check in? :twilightsmile:

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