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Are You a Horseback Rider? Do you love Horses? If so, this is the group For you!

Welcome, new and returning members! Please remember to follow the rules below:

1) Remember to Follow the sites rules. If you are unsure of the rules, or question something, please refer to this link here.

2) This group is for decisions of horses, but there are some topics ( Like NSFW Topics) That are not allowed.

3) Be kind to everyone. Just because So and So are at the beginning level of riding, doesn't mean you should be mean to them. Remember you were there once too. Same goes for horse breeds. Just because So and So #2 doesn't like the American Quarter Horse, but that is your favorite breed, shaming them is not right. We all have our own Opinions.

4) Have Fun!

If you are new, be sure to introduce yourself at this thread here

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