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Nick was your average human being. He mostly kept to himself, not really having any friends. That all changed when he found a mysterious gem while walking through his local park. Now he's woken up in Equestria, where he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save it from total destruction.

Disclaimer: While this takes place after the Cutie Remark, for the sake of simplicity, the Elements of Harmony defeated King Sombra, Queen Chrysallis and Lord Tirek.

Thanks to RocSushi for editing and brainstorming. A special thanks to CategoricalGrant for setting me on the right path with a massive edit to the beginning chapters.:twilightsmile:

Coverart provided by The Sleepless Beholder!

If you loved this story, you can find the sequel on my page as well. (Can't link since it is rated M)

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Will King Sombra appear or at least get mentioned in this story? I'm asking because something similar happened in this story.

It‘s good I am also a new writer when you get a chance go read my my adventure in Equestria

Ah. This story again.

7131814 He will make an appearance in this story, along with some other villains the mane 6 have faced.

Comment posted by Mewrilah deleted Apr 25th, 2016

7131814 However, I think that the way my story will end is different than how that one did.

ah another HIE turned into something fic....:twilightsmile:
this things cant really get old!:scootangel:


Ok, this intro is a bit heavy on the exposition but I'll let it slide a bit because it was mostly towards the end of this chapter. I'm a little reticent to get excited for a story that seems to be an adventure story cliche but I'll just file that away for if I abandon this story later because it feels like a cliche. But that's just a warning that you may be making promises to the reader you didn't want to make.

On a different note: is this some type of straight AU universe where different things happened with regards to Tirek, Chrysalis, and Sombra? Because the elements did defeat Tirek but he should be trapped in Tartarus. Also, the elements didn't defeat either Chrysalis or Sombra in the show. Sombra was defeated by the crystal heart via a combination of Cadance, Twilight, Spike, and Shining Armor; the rest of the elements were perfunctory. The same is true of Chrysalis who was truly defeated by Shining Armor and Cadance with an assist by Twilight, not any of the other elements who were there just for some action scenes.

7294789 I honestly didn't want to go through all the details of how each villain was defeated. Therefore I summed it up by just saying the Elements defeated each one. For the sake of the story, Nick's not going to defeat each villain as they were defeated before, so I guess it doesn't matter who defeated them in the first place. I appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion, since it means you actually read and thought about my writing. I'll take what you've said into consideration and incorporate it into new chapters.

Question why are the chapters out of order? Did you forget to put this in or what?

7311846 No, I am rewriting the previous chapters. I rushed through the story when I didn't mean to. I will take down the other chapters to clear up any confusion.

Couple of gripes on his diet. 1. Wolves are obligate carnivores. They can eat some vegetable and plant matter, but a vegan diet will result in severe malnutrition and ultimately death. 2. Onions and garlic are toxic to dogs! A small amount might be alright, but that much will result in hemolytic anemia.

7404228 magic? Or the transformation let him keep his omnivorous diet.

7428202 he hasn't been eating an omnivorous diet. He's been eating fruits and leaves. He needs a significant source of protein. Even horses or ponies need protein of some sort. Gotta have variety.

7428331 hmm good or he has an herbivores diet idk

7428344 again, no roots or anything of significant value besides onions and sugary fruits has been mentioned. Even strict herbivores need a source of protein. Nuts, seeds, roots...

Incidently, in his situation, I wouldn't have issues with killing non sapient animals for food. I already do that. Killed a rooster I didn't have room for wirh a machete and made delicious stew. Deer is good, squirrel tastes like gamey chicken, non-too-fond of elk or moose, love fish. I know someone who traps raccoons for some black folks to eat (I understand they taste like greasy turkey). Just killed an armadillo at point blank with a 9mm. I don't enjoy the killing part and endeavor to make it quick, but I understand the cycle of life and death enough to realize that predators must kill in order to survive, and humans are very much a predatory species.

7429575 I was considering making him eat some of the foes he defeated, like the Basilisk for example. I know for me personally I could never be a vegetarian, and made Nick one, just so he didn't scare off everypony. I might try to avoid talking about him eating just so I don't have to deal with it. I'm not too sure. I guess we'll see in future chapters what I decide to do.

Absolutely love this story. can. not wait.

7442024 Why thank you. Classes are winding down (Finals in TWO weeks! :pinkiegasp:) and I'll have a week before classes start up again. Hopefully I can get a lot written in that time frame.

Love the story, I can't wait to see what you have in store.

Yes, a new chapter! I've been waiting quite a while for one, and I've got to say, it was well worth it. Keep up the good work!

I have a feel that when he does sacrifice himself yes he will die but come back to life as something else. idk what though. Love the story started reading b4 the edit

Already loving this epic "tail"! XD

fantastic chapter as always :pinkiehappy:
Cliffhangers :twilightangry2:...... I can wait :twilightsmile:

Another great chapter, tis a little sad that we have to wait a while now but the story is worth it :pinkiesmile:

Soooo. You going to take the story out of hiatus mode?

7482077 Probably not, since I'm just taking a break. I put it on hiatus because I didn't think I was going to be able to write as much as I did this summer. I am by no means cancelling it and incomplete would mean I am still working on it. I'll take hiatus off when I get used to my new schedule.

Let's hop onto the HYPE TRAIN~:heart:

Great chapter as always, can't wait for the next. :pinkiehappy:

Great story, good chapter, and good luck.

Woooooo, new chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Wowser! A new chapter! I'm thinking that this might be a trap! (Sorry, just watched Inspector Gadget 2) Great story so far, keep it up!

Another fantastic chapter, and YES they're together finally. 10/10 cya next chapter :pinkiehappy:

It's weird how nobody ever questions what happens in dreams until after it happens
maybe lucid dreams don't exist

7617320 I myself am not a lucid dreamer. Even when I realize that what I'm experiencing is a dream, I'm helpless to do anything about it. I heard that you can teach yourself to dream lucidly but never really saw the point. Sure I'll remember the dream for a few days, but a week will pass by and I'll forget it. So since I don't really have any experience with lucid dreaming, and definitely not wanting to pretend I do, I wrote what I knew best, being at the mercy of your subconscious. :twilightsmile:

Faved... Check
Liked... Check
Tracked... Check
Enjoyed so far... Check

Read the story from start to this chapter, I can't wait for more

7640529 You forgot, Leave a very nice and appreciated comment... Double check :raritywink:

Make awkward fail... :facehoof: Check
Leave comment acknowledging awkward fail... Check
Leave very nice comment... Check

nick confirmed for power sponge

Ok.........Nick.....now would be a good time to RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!

A few things my biggest problem here is that to nick the everfree forest is should literally be the most natural thing about equestria. And "hey I need you to kill yourself so that these random people can live" really? He's just going to go along with it? Not say "I don't intend to die if I have a say in it but ill help until I find another way" also sombra I get and to an extent tirek but chrysalis there is no reason she shouldn't be mortal and should be able to be killed like any other.

7716507 The best answer I can give you to your questions is to read the rest of the story. I can totally see where you are coming from, which is why in later chapters such issues are addressed. For example, the next chapter explains the whole killing situation. :raritywink: I do appreciate your critique and taking the time to comment on my story. I love hearing feedback, good and bad, so I know how I can improve my writing. :twilightsmile:

7716831 Fair enough. ON WITH THE SHOW!

I like how you gave nick a sad back story but didn't make him broody. However I do expect some conflict to appear since it appears prevalent to the plot so far. If you don't address it a thousands nats will infest your brain! (Jk)

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