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All of my stories are better love stories than Twilight... I hope


After falling from Princess Luna’s grace, you, a simple Bat pony tasked to represent your race, are relocated to the castle walls. As part of your punishment, you encounter menial tasks such as cleaning of the barracks and various guard armors. Tonight was the first night in months your fellow guards have trusted you enough to do something beyond these simplistic chores. As the night passes and your head hits the pillow in the day, even in your dreams you find no peace.

Now, however, you will see that your chance for redemption has come in the form of the mare you hurt worst. Will you screw this up just as badly and lose the only pony who ever stuck by your side through your ordeals? Or will you rekindle your lost feelings for one another and finally atone for your mistakes?

Written for the 2017 CategoricalGrant’s CuddleFic Competition. Written in collaboration with Shadow Rift..

Coverart by Soulscapecreatives

Chapters (2)

First person view from an unlucky survivor of a curse and his plans for revenge against the alicorn that cast the spell.

This is for a contest Aeluna is hosting, based on her story The Pastromorbo Epidemic. Reading the story prior to this isn't necessary, most of the basics are covered in the story.

Chapters (1)

A couple of one shot, 2nd person stories to where you get friendzoned and in extreme cases abused by various ponies. These aren't as light hearted as some of the other stories on here, hence the sad tag. I'll start with a chapter for each of the mane 6 and will add other ponies based on demand and how comfortable I feel in portraying that specific pony. Hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Coverart by Hombre0

Chapters (11)

Nick was your average human being. He mostly kept to himself, not really having any friends. That all changed when he found a mysterious gem while walking through his local park. Now he's woken up in Equestria, where he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save it from total destruction.

Disclaimer: While this takes place after the Cutie Remark, for the sake of simplicity, the Elements of Harmony defeated King Sombra, Queen Chrysallis and Lord Tirek.

Thanks to RocSushi for editing and brainstorming. A special thanks to CategoricalGrant for setting me on the right path with a massive edit to the beginning chapters.:twilightsmile:

Coverart provided by Kate7489!

If you loved this story, you can find the sequel on my page as well. (Can't link since it is rated M)

Chapters (25)
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