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The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.

We hereby declare this group as a home for any furries who happen to be on who need a group dedicated exclusively to the furry community with little to no relation to the world of MLP. This group is a home for discussions and socialization in the forum, as of now, no stories are allowed to be posted.
Declared on Oct 15, 2016

Please feel free to engage in conversations and discussions in the forum, or start your own. You can also share artwork you've made, or found, as long as it does not contain NSFW content.

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We suggest also checking out The Canterlot Cafe.

Recommended Sites for Furry Art:
Feel free to recommend more!

*Group Icon Source - by Falvie from - Krystal is ©Nintendo
**Group Banner Source - by Fukari from - Suggested by NicLove

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413533 Seems like quite an accurate representation of Star Fox.

I'm furry for Krystal! Seriously, though, who isn't furry for Star Fox in general; doesn't everyone love Star Fox?

A humongous Thank You to everyone who has joined!

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