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The Ranger

I try to be a friend to everyone I meet


Self-proclaimed fantasy fanatic and cheese addict.

I am the scourge of Gouda!

Build yourself a life worth remembering

Cling on to every little piece of normalcy you can get ahold of

Take the darkness and drag it kicking and screaming into the light


I spend all my writing time on what I hope becomes my first book.
So don't hope to see my stories here continued, I'm done with them.

Well, I'm just your average twenty-eight year old guy from Sweden.
I've been writing almost my entire life, but I first became a brony back in November of 2012..

Apart from ponies and writing, I'm into movies and acting, and spend my time messing around with my camera and whatnot.

I collect everything even remotely related to fantasy or the medieval age. Clothing, books, accessories, armor and weapons. Anything you'd expect to see in a fantasy or LARP setting can be found within my collection. My current goals are some very specific armor, both leather and steel.

The genre I prefer to write would be horror, and a lot of psychological terror presented as studies of the characters themselves. But naturally, I also enjoy fantasy.

I tend to work in a lot of hidden themes, messages and symbolism. And sorrow. Lots and lots of sorrow, grief, despair and loneliness.

I believe in the notion that no matter who or what you are, sadness and anger will always be a part of you. Even if you are a colorful pony in a magical world, you'll still feel it.

Ponies think and function the same way as us humans, and as such, they ultimately share our weakness.

Everyone and everypony have their demons.

And.. I guess that's about it. Not much else to say, really.

But I hope some of you will enjoy my writing, at least.

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The Hunt · 5:00pm Yesterday

Holy Nifelheim, this is pretty damn awesome! Haven't played the game yet as I've asked for it for Christmas, but this still looks great. I never thought that Maul would do a character looking as awesome as Geralt, but he did it.

And that axe-throw...

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You're very welcome. I think your reviews are great so far, not just the one of my story, but all your reviews in general. You seem like a nice person too, so naturally I'll follow you :twilightsmile:

And I hope you'll enjoy the rest of my work :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow; I am in the process of reading your other stories at the moment!

Thanks for the watch! Appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

That's a fairly mature topic. It reminds me a bit of Wallander, who has to battle Alzheimer's whilst working as a police detective. I look forward to reading it, once it's been finished.

As for my own novel? It's a mature topic as well, focusing on dealing with loss. My main character lost many people dear to him over the years, but it culminates in the loss of his grandson after he had been entrusted with his care by his daughter, who had run away from home many years prior. During a period of mourning, he loses his will to live and takes to alcohol. His depression eventually gives way to anger, and he embarks on a vendetta against the man he sees as responsible: the reigning king. One thing that must be mentioned is that he was one of the men responsible for bringing said king to power, an act he sorely regrets. His hope is that he will die on this quest, so that he may join his grandson. There are other details to mention as well, but those would be considered story spoilers.

I like the way you think. In my hopefully-soon-to-be-book, the main character is far from a hero. He's not an anti-hero or villain either, he's just someone who gets involved in certain unpleasantries for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. There's even one part of the book where he'll have to battle against the same medical condition that I've been suffering from for almost four years. I thought it would be different and add more depth to the character.

I followed because you seem to be interested in many of the same things that I am. Stalker, Metro, LOTR, you're even writing a book of your own.

Fantasy is just one of those incredibly versatile genres, where anything can happen if you give enough reason. However, I want my story to hold up not because it's got these grand battles where all sorts of climactic things happen, or because it's got interesting magic, I want it to hold up because it's believable and. Good characters with realistic traits and flaws, honest mistakes, and battle plans that aren't just "everyone run into the centre and fight them until they're dead, or the hero does something cool and the enemy runs away in fear!"

Honestly, I like it. The fantasy world in the book I'm writing actually has very much in common with medieval Sweden, mixed with supernatural elements.

Also, thank you so much for following me! It's much appreciated :twilightsmile:

What do you think on having historically accurate elements in a Fantasy setting?

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