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For all of you fimfiction creators, and Editors/pre-readers from the north (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) who finds it hard to find others who dwells in the same timezone as you do, can join this group so it will be easier to find people who can work according to your schedule. Of Course this group is not closed for other countries to join, but its main purpose is to help the nordic folks so keep that in mind before you league with us.

Here you can ask for help if you need editing, by commenting or to submit your story on the folder: Find nordic editor, where editors from the north only, may accept work from. If you want to find an editor elsewhere you can once again just coment, or submit your story on: Find non nordic editor.

You may also join if you just want some good old vikings to keep you company.:P

And as the Swedes say. Ha en god dag. (Have a nice day)

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Hei hei, hvordan gar det?
I'm actually a Dutchman with a great passion for everything Nordic. You can safelys say that I am a bit of a fanatic, as I collect all kinds of travel books, mythology books, folk music, comics, language books, coins, runestones, history books, and everything else that has to do with the nordic countries, even going so far as to take a few courses in Norwegian. (I'm at A2 level, if you guys/girls are wondering). I'm really happy to be here among fellow Scandinavian enthusiasts. :pinkiehappy: Currently I am writing a book everyone's favorite eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, who travels all the way from the Horseshoe Fjord to seek the help of the main six. Of course Loki is in it, as well as Odin and even Jormungandr. Lots of runes too, for all you runologists out there. But no spoilers! It is a bit of an ode to MLP and Scandinavia. Maybe I'll finish it this year. I already have 300 pages and work on it every day. I hope you're having a wonderful day under the sun in her chariot. See you at Ragnarök!


I agree with this idea. It would be inspiring like nothing else, and It would probably, touch my heart in a very special way. Olof Palme is someone I really adore.

Someone needs to write a fic where Olof Palme is transported to Equestria when he is shot...

yeah i know:twilightsmile:, but at least it's easier than to work with someone from the U.S which i have lots of experience of :facehoof:. Yust wanted to start a group with a few nord folk :pinkiehappy:.

P.S. The infiltration has begun, now all we have to do is to wait. :yay: *evil laugh*

Hi there :pinkiehappy: A Finn here!
While I'm at it, I'd just like to say: Nordic countries don't all have the same timezone, silly~

Other than that, I think there should be some more advertising about other Nordic groups in here since we're supposed to collect all of them. So here's what I found:
Finnish Bronies
Swedish Swedes from Sweden
Danes who like MLP

Now, I can only advertise this group in the Finnish group since I'm part of it, but you could go and infiltrate the Swedish one to spread the word :twilightsmile:

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