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i have some rules
1. if someone is religious and they post something religious Don't make fun of it or say something mean about it or you will be banned.
2. can't be staitenist Not allowed (JK)
3. can't post anything offensive or racist. you will be banned
4. have fun
5. don't be a troll unless it's good trolling, as in people will find it funny, especially the person your trolling
6. no horror stories, can't stand them
7. No narrated porn

here's how it's gonna go. everyone is at the same rank. but if your causing one of the problem that is on the list of rules or worse you will be demoted, and if it continues, you will be demoted to the point that i will have to kick you out.

This group is also for people who are just getting into the sport, want to lern about it, and if you are thinking about getting Into, me and the other admins will do our best to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, until notifications are reactivated (if they ever will) please PM us

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I'm an Airsofter and a Brony.Nuff said.

Anyone live in California i would really like to meet new bronys and get along with you and have a great time hope we could meet in Hollywood sports or sc village or tac city or forge airsoft i would love to meet people who like MLP as I do

We should do more FIMfiction that crossover EG and Airsoft

This is my baby:

A fully automatic g36c airsoft gun with foregrip, suppressor, folding stock and red dot.

What's your favorite airsoft gun?

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