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And so, in your despair, you come, at last, to me...

The Headless One

Just a dude who writes a lot. Aspiring professional author, horror aficionado, Pratchett fanboy, and so forth. Previously known as The Headless Horsepony.

Prereader for The Royal Guard.

Largely inactive nowadays. I lurk.

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Story Status · 5:06am Aug 27th, 2014

So, as I've been receiving a lot of comments on it lately. What Bound Them is... alive. Sort of.

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"last seen Last Sunday"
Does anybody know a way to contact him outside fimfiction? If so, please do and tell him, that I'd like to hear something - and I mean anything - in return. It's been three years now and I'm ready to move on. I just need some closure, even it'll be "stop bothering me".
I don't believe in devices visiting the site on their own and a lack of time so severe, that he can't type the three words in return after I've translated 130 thousands of his.
So it's either unawareness or plain out rude.

I'm thinking that Headless is no longer on this website. A shame, since their stories are fantastic. Ah well. Wherever you are, Headless, and whatever you're doing, I wish you the best.

I'm not gonna stop being your conscience, you know - not until you tell me so.

Hay, Headless, I've sent you a personal message and it's been almost a week without an answer. I didn't want to push it and gave you some time - i know, that you don't have much right now. But i'm beginning to worry, so I'll ask you here and now - just to be sure and double my chances.
Please, check your PM box and contact me - maybe it's full or something like that, so, if you didn't get my message, give me some info on how and/or when I can contact you to re-send it. Thanks in advance.

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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