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And so, in your despair, you come, at last, to me...


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The Headless One

Just a dude who writes a lot. Aspiring professional author, horror aficionado, Pratchett fanboy, and so forth. Previously known as The Headless Horsepony.

Prereader for The Royal Guard.

Largely inactive nowadays. I lurk.

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Story Status · 5:06am Aug 27th, 2014

So, as I've been receiving a lot of comments on it lately. What Bound Them is... alive. Sort of.

That is, What Bound Them is not going any further in its current form. Basically, I'm unhappy with the way the story was progressing following the troupe arriving in Canterlot. Besides that, I've recently started a new job which has taken up almost all of the free time formerly reserved for writing projects, and I've started writing other things as well - things that, hopefully, I can actually get published.

So basically, I've been unable to find the time or the drive to continue the story as it is, but, on the other hand, I have come up with what I believe is a way to re-do the Canterlot portion of the story in a way that I am much happier with.

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Hay, Headless, I've sent you a personal message and it's been almost a week without an answer. I didn't want to push it and gave you some time - i know, that you don't have much right now. But i'm beginning to worry, so I'll ask you here and now - just to be sure and double my chances.
Please, check your PM box and contact me - maybe it's full or something like that, so, if you didn't get my message, give me some info on how and/or when I can contact you to re-send it. Thanks in advance.

I luv what bound them ;-;

You're so cool. :heart:

Just because he's headless, doesn't mean he's brainless! :pinkiehappy:

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