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Hey y'all and hello Bronies!

Here is our little corner of the web that is made specifically for our reviews. You might be wondering who I'm talking about. The OCs on the banner: me, Silver Melodies and Silver Drop, and my friend, Little Wood. We'll be posting our reviews of the various stories we read here, along with the stories them selves. If wish for us to read one of your stories, feel free to ask. I can't promise immediate results, though.
Now, about our reviews, yes? Well, we both vary in our reviewing styles, but that's a good thing. If you want a solid, easy-to-understand and review, you should really check out Little Woods reviews, My Little Reviews and Reading is Magic. Really good stuff, and a quicker read as well. If you want a deeper, longer read, that really digs into a story, you should check out mine, Drops of Silver. Of course, its a longer read and little harder to understand, but that's okay, right?
So look around, see what you like. If you have suggestions as to what you think might make this group even better, please tell us!

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Ok, good to know. Going to be quite some time before this one is finished.

Thanks for your time!

366734 Hi there! Sorry I didn't reply right away, I've been busy. Now we do look at different stories. I have a rule of only complete stories, but I think Silver has made an exception with a few! When you complete a story, I will take a look at it! Happy writing!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Hi, do you review incomplete stories ad well? If so, I have one I'd like you to take a look at: Irony's Story, a five score side fic.

Thank you.

360016 A warrior's lullaby please :twilightsmile:.

349601 Well, I'm doing a review soon and looking as you have two stories, which one do you want to be reviewed?:pinkiesmile:

349378 We'll try! Don't worry! I 'just' posted my story list so you'll have to wait for my feedback! :twilightsheepish:Sorry!

could use some feedback on my story, whenever you guys have the time would be great.:twilightsheepish:

346617 No prob! I'll get to it once I can, but I have a lot to do right now.

346722 Thanks!

Neat, a nice little place for reviews:twilightsmile:

Hey there! I'm new to fanfic writing but I'm really enjoying myself so far. i have already have a completed oneshot and two WiP stories going for me and I just started this month!

As a new writer I would love for some meaningful feedback on my stories so i can tell how I'm doing. Thumbs are great but they don't give me the kind of feedback that helps me improve as a writer. I'm hoping that a smaller and more personal group such as this can help me!

Ill throw my stories in the folder, if you have the time i would appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!:pinkiehappy:

Okay. Sounds like a good idea!


I mean a folder for authors to put in their stories that they want reviewed.

I think he means the latter,

345788 Like, for us to put in stories we WANT to review, but haven't? or for people to tell us what
they want us to review?

You should have a folder for stories that the authors want to be reviewed.

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