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Friendship is complicated · 10:25pm Aug 26th, 2015

So. I know i'm not much of a poster here. I'm more of a reader and lurker. But I appreciate the conversations and stories I find here. One of those I follow here is Applejinx who recently wrote a blog post about friendship and the process of it which resonated. It had to do with the site feature of being able to follow people and how it shows your network in the site. As someone who is more of a lurker it mostly shows that people

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Thanks for adding so much of my stuff into "D'Awwwwww". The folder name makes me giggle happily. ^////^

Thank you so much for adding my story to your bookshelves!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for adding another fic to your library:yay:

Thank you for adding two of my fics to one of your folders:yay::yay:
Although 'Intimacy' isn't a clop fic:twilightblush:

Thank you for adding The Stars Will Aid in Her Escape to your libraries--particularly to Thought Provoking! That's something any author loves to hear.

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