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Jade Crossroads

There is no such thing as coincidence and reality is what you make of it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    Rewrite/ finish I Always Win
    Finish and then rewrite Courts of Sun and Moon.

    Here's an excerpt of what I have so far for the next chapter for the second:

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I'm curious as to why everyone treats leaving a comment on blogs akin to catching a disease.:applejackunsure:

"There is no such thing as coincidences" is my motto and I am a serious Fluttercord Shipper. I like watching MLP (obviously).

I DO take Art Requests and I don't charge anything. It wouldn't feel right.

My DeviantArt: http://jadecrossroads.deviantart.com/

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Alright! ^^ Sorry I missed ya while you were online though.

Whenever your online next time, just look at Mistletoe Kiss that we wrote. It is ridiculous, at how many view there are, :derpytongue2:

Oh...yeah, no i don't.:twilightsheepish: You've mentioned this before actually, now that of think of it.

No you don't! I have to ship Spike with twelve, TWELVE different mares in one chapter. Four in the chapter before and two before that one!

Why do I do this to myself, I swear Tales of Love 2 and Seven Days (Re-Write) are going to be the death of me.


2358871 Thanks, it's from the mlp comics if you didn't know the source.:yay:

Just saw your profile photo on an others guy comment section and had to comment how awesome it is :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for adding Feelings Out to your library!

  • Viewing 127 - 136 of 136
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