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We all know that two princesses reign over Equestria, but just what goes on as the world makes way for the moon and then for the dawn? What changes occur to all the two lights touch? What goes on as the two meet again in the hours before day break? Luna tries to prevent discord from winning her sister's hand, and in the process meets a strange stallion. Maybe she'll abandon breaking the two lovebirds apart for one night? Or maybe she'll act as if she didn't just meet the most curious of ponies?

(Sombra X Luna and Celestia X Discord, so no hate, or don't read!)

This is something I came up with when thinking of the seelie and Unseelie fairy courts I read about, it ended up a bit different than I thought it would, but the idea still stands. I have it nearly finished, but I need to work on editing it a bit.

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This is a short little oneshot I did as a collab with Mister Phoenix, who actually came up with the idea for it in the first place, but he wanted me to post it here.

The story starts with Trixie in a rainstorm, unable to find shelter.
When Twilight gets involved can the two get past their differences?

(told ya it was short!)

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The current cover art was done by Alyssa Hartwick , who offered to draw one for this story.

A story of knights and a serpentine chimeric beast who has turned it's back to ponykind. That is, until he meets a strange kind of knight. She's different from the rest, and bears no evil intent towards him.

Fluttershy, a knight and friend of Rainbow Dash in the medieval ages where Dragons didn't migrate quite so often, and nopony knew of the ways and mannerisms of the other magical creatures that inhabited their world.

a knight falls for a monster, and is plunged through a world known only in fairy tales to us today. All because of a betrayal, a misunderstanding and a dangerous love.

For this is a story about Flutter Knight!

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Fluttershy afraid Discord will return, or at least, that he's left some of his curruption behind, refuses to leave the saftey of her cottage until she decides to take matters Into her own hooves. She soon learns that she had every reason to worry.

(I'm not sure where I'm going with this story yet, so I'll be adding tags as needed, but so far I don't see that happening.) The teen is just in case and will probably be removed.

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Image drawn by Bluegrass Brooke

"Draconnequi are not beautiful".

A short one shot centered around Discord's thoughts, those vague about himself and how he has changed, and those about Fluttershy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just something I whipped up on the spot, never published, and then came back to. I was going to add it to a later fan fiction, but I'd rather just do something short.

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Discord is not the villain, not a monster as he is called, no Celestia, sun princess of Equestria, is far worse, in fact, she's the reason behind his existence, his need to spread chaos. Discord, a crooked immortal who only seeks balance.
(kind of similar to a free style poem, but it's not, some of it is meant to be as if it were a poem, but it is really a short, short, short story.

Also keep in mind that Fluttershy is only really hinted at and is only mentioned at the end, just as Luna is not a main concern of Discord's either, as he has his eyes, and revenge, on one pony in particular.

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Discord has made a deal with Celestia, or rather the other way around, If Discord can refrain from falling for the sweet mare Fluttershy, then she will not stand in his way. He already has everything, and they can't stop him, but Luna has made no such promises... Despite this, he wonders... why not? That is until he does fall for her..... Can he still have everything? Will power's corruption cloud his judgement, or will he finally see what love is capable of? The alternative is no joking matter... if he wins this bet.... The royal pony sisters, the elements of harmony, they'll all break apart because of Discord. The only thing worse than that is the possibility that Discord will make up his own rules in this game he plays with all the citizens and rulers of Equestria as his puppets, will Fluttershy fall prey to this as well amidst Discord's growing affections for the kind if mislead mare?

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