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This is a short little oneshot I did as a collab with Mister Phoenix, who actually came up with the idea for it in the first place, but he wanted me to post it here.

The story starts with Trixie in a rainstorm, unable to find shelter.
When Twilight gets involved can the two get past their differences?

(told ya it was short!)

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This is a Sequel to Mistletoe Kiss with my co-writer Jade Crossroads

Edited by TwilightSparkleBestPony

Spike and Sweetie Belle on Hearth's Warming Eve share a kiss under the mistletoe on the cheek but two don't talk to each other or even look eye to eye. After something happen with the couple over the passed week.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo set out to try get the young unicorn and drake back together.

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Go check out the sequel: After The Mistletoe

With Hearth's Warming Eve just around the corner and ponies out buying gifts for those held dear to their hearts Ponyville is abuzz with activity. As Pinkie holds a small party with a secret Santa Hooves

And a certain draconian resident of Ponyville found the wait for the holiday that before now had seemed out of reach.

Yep, Spike could tell that it was going to be a good day.

Edited by TwilightSparkleBestPony

With my lovely friend who help me write this Jade Crossroads

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