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  • 66 weeks
    To do list

    Rewrite/ finish I Always Win
    Finish and then rewrite Courts of Sun and Moon.

    Here's an excerpt of what I have so far for the next chapter for the second:

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  • 95 weeks
    Sorry to disappoint, but I am Not Dead

    I've been hanging around other fandoms as well as focusing more on my academics, trying to get through my depression... But I'm not dead, and yeah... not sure what else to say?

    I'm accepting questions and rants on my absence and my stories if anyone even bothers to read this, much less leave a comment. So, hiya!

    (I'm sorry for sounding negative, it's... been a day for me.)

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    I've been gone for what feels like forever!

    I keep singing "I keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling." and coming up with a bunch of other parodies of songs about scrolling while going through the feed. Sue me, I'm bored.

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  • 146 weeks

    I'm still here! I just had to focus on my finals for a while, and finishing up the school year. I'm back though, and I'm ready t write! Starting with Once Upon a Beautiful but Tragic Knight, and followed up by either a new story and or one of the other two ongoing stories I haven't put on hiatus.

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  • 151 weeks
    What I've been up to

    In the spare time I've had:

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To do list · 4:42pm Dec 13th, 2017

Rewrite/ finish I Always Win
Finish and then rewrite Courts of Sun and Moon.

Here's an excerpt of what I have so far for the next chapter for the second:

"Haha, very funny.”

“Who’s joking?”

“Thou are… not … joking.” Luna gulped, this was new to her. Ordinarily her sister was the one ponies asked after to dance, they hardly noticed her at all unless they served under her, but this pony, this stallion… something was so different about him, besides what she’d already seen. Still, she refused to dance with him, saying only that she didn’t have the time nor the luxury to do so.

“Are you certain? I’m sure I could find another dance partner, but… if you're certain you don't wish to get through this crowd… I will just have to settle for finding one other than you.”

“Are you saying I’m not good enough?!” She asked her voice harsh and cheeks aflame.

“Of course not, you said so yourself, you don’t have the luxury to dance, you must be too busy with your chores to truly appreciate the time away from them, and I shan’t keep you any longer.”

“You should watch your tongue you don’t know who you’re addressing you-!”

“And neither do you, Luna.” Sombra interrupted, making the mare take a step back, the statement only succeeded in strengthening her wariness of him. but he still insulted me, and something about the way he said that.. Sounds like a challenge… Luna, stubborn as she is, refused to back down altogether, she would undoubtedly maintain a keen eye on him, however, in spite of everything, she was flattered, before he had insulted her and said that he could have asked anymare, he chose to ask her to dance. No pony had done that before… It’s part of the reason she never went to galas and soirees. The other was the silent judgement that seemed to swallow her whole, but here, in this place made from Discord's magic, no pony’s eyes were on her, but this strange stallion. And Luna wanted to learn more about him, and maybe… he could show her what he saw, to want to ask her to dance, something she along with everyone else, was missing.

Doubtful, he was probably just teasing her, either way, she had made up her mind. “Though, I am loathe to admit it, you’re right, I don’t know you, and perhaps you only guessed my name correctly?” She asked, paying close attention to his reaction, nothing, no hesitation, no surprise, only slight amusement and.. Something else.

“Perhaps…What is it you are really meaning to ask?”

“We- .. I- I am only… That is..” She began flustered. “Are thou certain it is I you wish to dance with? As you said, there are very many other mares here and-”

“Surely you could tell I didn’t intend to do anything more than convince you to join me, any slight was unintentional./ I do hope you’ll pardon my slights, they were not all unintentional, though they were meant naught at all. You are a mare no less than any other beneath your veil of moonlight and mane of stardust and I’d ask no other, however, I know a stubborn pony when I see one. I wasn't sure you’d agree otherwise, unless you felt not doing so would wound your pride. I never imagined it would take such an... Interesting turn of events for you to ask the same of me. If you would do me the honor,”

Yes.” she sighed, grateful and glad he took the weight off her withers and had taken no offense.

“Take my arm then, and we’ll be off and across the room before you take a glance back.”

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