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Fluttershy has been having a recurring nightmare about her friends begging her to 'not trust him' and to 'help them before it's too late'.
At first, it seems that perhaps this is just one of those nightmares that Fluttershy has all the time and it's nothing to worry about. Discord assists her in erasing the unpleasant dream memories from her mind.
Yet, this dream simply won't be forgotten.
Fluttershy is then faced with the question...is seeing really believing, or can she truly not believe her eyes?

(This story takes place sometime after Princess Twilight Sparkle and before Twilight's Kingdom.
It was written after Twilight's Kingdom premiered and before Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks premiered. Any similarities are purely coincidental.
Furthermore, the relationship between Discord and Fluttershy in this story is very much platonic.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 25 )

This was pretty damn good. Great job man!

Damn! This was fantastic.

This is amazing. It is horribly, horribly dark--and without bloodshed, which is always a great accomplishment of its own accord--but you put enough light into it that we can know that the cycle will end, and that there's even a chance for a happy end.

Not absolutely happy. Not for Discord, and not for Fluttershy. But an ending where the world continues to exist as a world, rather than a playbox.

I also love what you did with friendship. Even without Celestia sending them the letters, Twilight and the others still manage to break through Discord's mind-breaking. And if there really is any way for Discord to become better from this, it would be because of Fluttershy.

As he said, they were never his friends in the first place. But he didn't kill them, even though they didn't tell him where they took Twilight. I think that is significant.

Damn...great story!! So many feels at the end there, I swear I wasn't tearing up... :fluttercry:

No happy ending...? Exellent! That was a fine piece of work I must say... left me utterly speechless.... :pinkiehappy:

I Was Tearing Up Reading That xD Great Story :pinkiehappy:

Having read this for the fourth time, still fantastic. This begs for a follow up. Okay, I beg for a follow up.

This somehow manages to be simultaneously very sweet and very dark. Extremely well done.

Read this for the ninth time. Still love it.

Please; I'm on my knees - I'm begging you: make a sequel to this story.
Or maybe an alternate ending, an epilogue, another chapter, etc.
Please? I really want to see exactly what would will happen if when Fluttershy wakes up in reality...
I am IN LOVE with this story. Great idea! I mean, even if you don't do a sequel of any sort, this is still one of my all-time favourite fanfics!

I feel my brain melting with love for this beautiful story :heart::rainbowlaugh:raritycry::pinkiesad2:::raritystarry:

Such a beautiful story! It ended kinda vague, but I still love it! (I sense a second chapter/sequel bere)

That was so creappy! Scary! But also romantic... But that was great story! Good job! I love it!

OMG!! This story is awesome!!! It is so scary and wonderful at the same time!!!!
I love it!!!

Omg! I loved it! And... Shes's waking up! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiesad2:

There's a couple bits that seem unclear to me.

Is Fluttershy dead? Then what does her friends trying to wake her up represent? Ghosts/spirits/the fate of the dead has never been discussed in the show, and there's no exposition here to clarify their motives.

Also, what basis do they have for believing they can punish Discord if Fluttershy is dead? How does interfering with the dream realm where her ghost/simulacrum reside further that agenda?

There is one major shortcoming with the dream angle: Fluttershy or Twilight should be seeking Luna's advice, because dream interpretation is the equivalent of trying to diagnose where a cancerous tumour is with traditional chinese medicine vs. an MRI. There is some useful diagnostic information that tcm can gather, but it simply doesn't have the precision, speed and reliability for this purpose of an MRI. LIkewise Luna's talents compared to Twilight's psychologically informed dream analysis.

However, the writing was good and the atmosphere/tone et al were engaging. It's just a shade clumsy and needs a hair less mystery imo.

Though Angel kicking Discord in the head was wonderful. For once that little demon does something for Fluttershy's sake.


I felt I should respond to this, and hope I can clear things up a bit.

No, Fluttershy is not dead. Cx She's merely stuck in an imaginary world that Discord has locked her it, similar to a 'Dreamscape' - though it isn't really a dream either - or a 'Wonderland' that are usually created by people who have created Tulpas as a place for them to escape to and a place for the Tulpa to stay when they aren't interacting with their host.

It's a bit similar to a dream, in the sense that in reality, Fluttershy would seem to be sleeping or dead. In order to reach her, the rest of the ponies have to jump into the imaginary world by some means and help Fluttershy realize that something is wrong. Once Fluttershy begins to understand that the world she's in isn't reality, she'll 'wake' up. It's similar to how when someone realizes they're dreaming, it's a bit hard to not wake up, especially when you're shocked or surprised or even too excited.

When it comes to Luna, Fluttershy herself did not try to reach her as it hadn't really crossed her mind to. The reasons for this would be that, for one thing, she has nightmares often, being frightened of many things like she is. Secondly, Discord had been helping her for the most part, and she had been focused on his help rather than anyone else's. When she finally realized he could no longer help, she went to see Twilight. Twilight is somepony who she's familiar with, comfortable with. She'd have difficulty speaking with Luna about her dreams as she doesn't meet with often and probably wouldn't want to bother a princess. I should have mentioned this in the story though, I apologise.

And then there is Twilight. She had probably tried before to get Luna's help, but the princesses are likely somewhere unreachable. I'm sure Discord wouldn't have let them interfere a third time, especially Luna, since there is a possibility that she could mess with his little Fluttershy's world. It's also unlikely that she could have done much to help, since - as I mentioned before - Fluttershy wasn't really in a dream. Twilight had no choice but to find a way to help Fluttershy on her own, so she studied books on dreams - as that seemed to be the closest thing to the 'Wonderland' Fluttershy was really in - and she discovered books on dream analysis. She figured that she could try to use that on Fluttershy, but simply to help Fluttershy realize that there was much more to her dreams than meets the way. That way, Fluttershy could 'wake up' from the false reality once again.
It was the best she could do.

Had Fluttershy or Twilight visited the Luna of the 'Wonderland', she would have just pushed Fluttershy off the trail or told DIscord of Twilight's attempts to 'wake' Fluttershy up. After all, none of the ponies in that false reality, besides Fluttershy and Discord, are real until Twilight and the gang find a way in, and then it would still only be the mane six and Discord. Luna would still be as fake as Discord's sanity.
However, Discord did make sure most of the ponies acted like themselves - the ones who could do no damage as a realistic Luna or Celestia could - like Angel Bunny. While he was in complete control of the fake Luna, he wasn't in control of Angel as he didn't think it was important enough.
Discord overlooks things a lot. It always ends up messing up his plans.

I hope that clears things up, but honestly, I shouldn't have to clear them up at all. I should have made them more obvious in the actual story.
Thank you for commenting, and sharing. Cx It's very helpful. In my future works, I'll be sure to keep in mind to make things much less subtle.
Also...sorry for such a long response. xD I didn't mean for it to be this long.

Oh my god the ending! I've read this so many times and just can't get over the ending! I am hanging on a thin string off the edge of the grand canyon. It's about to snap and I'm gonna die.

This story was truly amazing. It's really dark without bloodshed and really sad without any deaths. :raritydespair: it would be wonderful if you made a sequel though:fluttershysad: Thank you for writing this story.:pinkiesad2:

:rainbowderp: mind= blown :rainbowderp:

Fantastic story my friend, absolutely fantastic, 10 out of 10, would read again.

Wowww....that was fantastic. Sad in so many ways, it really makes you feel for Discord and everyone involved here. Fluttershy's caring nature and feelings of betrayal, Discord's pain, And those lines about why Twilight is so upset because Flutters was one of her first friends, it's all heartbreaking but such a good read. I mean, it's too sad to read again, but for once, it's wonderful to see. Kind of wish this had a resolution, but you leave it at such a painful point. Fluttershy won't be under that spell much longer, even if she continues to believe in Discord and lets him mind control her, something is going to break soon. Makes me wish I could see that happen, but this ending definitely leaves an impression on the reader. :pinkiehappy:

If MLP was a more mature show I think something like this would have happened in cannon. Good Fic.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. This fic gave me the chills and I didn't even know where this was going to go. You kept me on my toes throughout the entire ride! Great work!

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