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I'm a little bit too obsessed with a certain Spirit of Chaos.


My Next Fanfiction is...Accidentally...a Bit 'Shippy' · 5:55pm Nov 24th, 2014

It's not my fault, I swear.
It's just...when I write...the story begins writing itself and I just help it get wherever it wants to go.
Which...happened to be in a bit of a 'shippy' area.

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A Sneak Peek For My Next Little Story! · 3:21pm Oct 19th, 2014

So, I just wrote a couple pages of my next fanfiction. It's the one I mentioned in my previous blog entry.
Of course, it is the first draft, so it will be edited and changed slightly afterwards, but without further ado, I present you with a small sneak peek of my next fanfiction, Don't Believe Your Eyes.

Finally, there was only one pony left – Twilight Sparkle.
“Tw-Twilight…?” Fluttershy whimpered.

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Ideeeaaa! · 8:54am Sep 16th, 2014

Whee! Just got an idea for another fanfiction!
So, I was working on this picture of Discord and Fluttershy for a couple days, and as I was finishing it, it inspired me.
(You can totally check that picture out on my DeviantArt)
I'd love to get started, but I'm sick or whatever.
Soon though. Soon.

It'll be a bit dark. So far, I wrote a comedy-like story and two sad ones.
You can probably expect something similar in oddness to the 'Twisted Alternate Ending' of Promise Me.

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So...What's Next? · 4:57pm Jul 25th, 2014

So what is next, hm?
I've just posted two new fanfictions in two days after like, a year of quiet.
What's next?

I dunno.

Well, I do have this one fanfiction I've been writing. It's kind of long compared to my other three, so it may take a while to write and stuff.
It's called Laugh Some More and it's about Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle.

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Two Fanfictions At Once? Blasphemy! · 4:36pm Jul 24th, 2014

I did.
I wrote two fanfictions at once.
One-shots or whatever their called.
A funny one, and a sad one.
The funny one took me months.
The sad one took me two days.
Two. Days.


Well, I'll post them both around the same time.
Their both ready to go.
Got some nice covers made.
Got them both edited.
One is awaiting approval.


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Twilight VS An Elevator · 4:28pm Nov 14th, 2013

As she reached forward, upon her face was a joyful smile. She couldn’t wait to report to the princess on how well the ‘elevator’ seemed to be working! All it needed were perhaps some instructions and warnings and then it would be ready for everypony’s use!
Twilight pressed the button and turned to the door with a smile.
Nothing moved.
The smile fell from Twilight’s face and she pressed the button again. Still, the doors did not move.

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Constellations · 5:00pm Sep 28th, 2013

I...I suppose I could make use of this blog as a like...journal thing for updates. Haven't given you guys much of anything as of late.

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