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Discord finds out about Fluttershy's newest friend. He's not happy about it. It's the principle of the thing.

Set shortly after the Season 5 finale.

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Discord gets a two-parter



Yeah, confirmed by John de Lancie.

This is basically perfect. Of course Discord would be mad that someone gets acceptance immediately from the Mane Six when he had to do a lot over the span of what, two years, to get it when

Pony in question has super-petty motives (People try to apply reason to it but to be honest, it makes no sense no matter how you slice it. Yeah a cutie mark took your friend. Don't drag the rest of Equestria into your shit.) I know how that sounds in comparison to Discord's motives, but at least it's easy to see why he was doing these things. He was an asshole with too much power that liked messing with ponies.

Did things so much worse than him and (again) was accepted immediately. Lets face it, Discord was a jerk when he first showed up (and kinda still is :rainbowlaugh:) but did what he was doing to Equestria really do much actual harm? Starlight caused several wars and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ponies. And people are just gonna ignore that apparently.

Got no penalty for actions. When Discord turned Ponyville upside down, he got turned to stone again and later on was threatened with losing his new friends if he acted out like that again. (Discord DID in a way have consequences for betraying them by the way. Tirek stole his magic and imprisoned him, on top of feeling like complete shit afterwards. Don't say he didn't.) Starlight who actually caused ponies to get KILLED in MULTIPLE different realities got NOTHING.

Taking all that into account, thinking that Discord wouldn't be at least a little angry over something like this wouldn't make sense. He'd probably think that if he had to do so much then she should receive equal treatment in the regards of trust and friendship. (Oh the irony :trollestia:) As we've obviously seen with Tree Hugger, he's susceptible to get jealous and angry over silly things. In this case though, he's got pretty much every single reason to be feeling like this.


Discord gets a two-parter
Yeah, confirmed by John de Lancie.

I only saw that there were two episodes featuring Discord, not that there was a two-parter for him. Not the point, I suppose.

As to the story, I think you hit Discord's feelings on Starlight quite nicely. He is right about her on multiple accounts. But I also see where Fluttershy is coming from here.

Discord and Starlight locking horns needs to happen. Like five minutes of them going back-and-forth before being broken up by Twilight and Fluttershy.


Lets face it, Discord was a jerk when he first showed up (and kinda still is :rainbowlaugh:) but did what he was doing to Equestria really do much actual harm? Starlight caused several wars and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ponies. And people are just gonna ignore that apparently.

Well, to be fair, we don't know if he caused the death of any ponies in the past. In my headcanon he did, but indirectly. i.e. he wouldn't allow any organisation to happen, such as laws or community groups, so ponies would have gotten hurt or died because there was no protection. There was no war either, because this would have also involved organisation, but awful things did still happen like famine and widespread one-off crimes.

He is kind of being a hypocrite here, but at the same time I do kind of sympathize with him. I've been in his position and felt like it just wasn't FAIR that I was treated differently, dammit. However, as time passed I realize how petty it all was and how my paranoia and jealousy mainly caused problems for myself. Hindsight is a wonderful, wonderful thing. :P


He said: "Head's up two more Discord episodes coming up. I think one of them is a two-parter."

Discord and Starlight locking horns needs to happen. Like five minutes of them going back-and-forth before being broken up by Twilight and Fluttershy.

I would also love it if this happened. We shall see...

6963445 I can't prove or disprove it since it's headcanon so I don't have an argument against it or anything, but it does sort of make sense. :twilightsmile:

Though one thing is for sure. I feel really sorry for Discord. I don't feel sorry for Starlight whatsoever. That's not a good thing considering Starlight actually has a backstory and Discord really doesn't. (I say a lot that some of the best villains in animated history don't have backstories and are just evil for the sake of being evil. Try giving too much of a backstory to villains like that, and you get things like Maleficent) I've got legitimate reasons for not liking Starlight, but at the same time I can't help but feel like I'm just salty because MLP does redemption for the most part really badly when shows like Steven Universe and Avatar do it better, and at the same time, shows like Gravity Falls have a great recurring villain that's totally evil even until his very last words and is not shown mercy for the things he's done even when he's begging for his life.

Sorry for the rant about that, it's just whenever things about the finale and Starlight's redemption are brought up, I get super fucking analytical and triggered and junk because I hate the ending to the finale on so many levels. Seriously, you don't even know. :derpyderp2::rainbowderp:


As someone who learnt the hard way that people don't merit immediate trust, I agree with you when it comes to redemption. In reality not everyone is deserving of forgiveness, so I actually feel a bit miffed when villians are forgiven so easily. When I first watched Keep Calm and Flutter on I was like "really? That's way too fast!" So I was glad when they brought Discord back he was mischievous and sneaky and his character arc developed across the 4th season.

There is only so much they can do with 20 minute episodes, and in the world of MLP perhaps everyone who is forgiven does merit it, but real life is another matter entirely.

Haha, it's all good! I think I stole that term myself from tumblr.

Loved this. I actually wondered the same thimg myself, why Starlight got such an easy acceptance with love and butterflies and cupcakes with little to no admonishment from anypony. Discord was not trusted nearly as fast when he was first released. So i think Fluttershy telling him trust was the key thing makes sense.

But the last part was the best part and here's why.

Discord: AHEM, sorry, newbie, but this is my special time with Fluttershy. Tuesday Tea does not include YOU.

Starlight: ...What? Tuesday Tea? But today is Sunday...?

XD He's such a needy baby.

Is this getting a sequel?

It's only natural Discord would feel jealous of Starlight Glimmer. Discord had to work for his redemption, and had to put up with not being trusted for at least the better half of a year. Starlight Glimmer on the other hoof, was automatically taken in and accepted with no ill feelings what so ever, and unlike Discord she didn't realize the error of her ways when presented with a chance to do the right thing. If Twilight hadn't talked her into submission, Starlight would've ripped up the spell and continued to mess with time forever.


I think it makes sense from a pony's perspective, even if not Discord's. Especially not Discord's because he doesn't really believe what he did was wrong - just that continuing to do it would make his friends angry with him again and that he should stop/hold back.

Where from a pony perspective, Starlight made a very equine mistake with FAR too much power at her command. Power which she is now cut off from. But at the end of the day she's still a pony. Discord is an ancient being of Chaos, unpredictable and too-often showing that he still has all of his power. It's harder to trust someone who makes a habit of showing you how scary they are and reminding you of all the bad things they've done simply from their displays.

From what we -know- of Discord he's done less than Starlight, even though I believe he's done much more than simply turn the world stupid and whimsical. His window in Canterlot Castle wouldn't have pony-puppets dancing over flames if it'd just been silly-wacky-hijinx. I digress. The point is she created a bunch of alternate timelines where there was a ton of death and suffering and nothing told us they no longer exist. While it might not affect the Alpha Timeline, she still has the bloodiest hooves of anyone in the MLP lore - and considering there's been dark gods aplenty, necromancers, and flesh-tearing critters in old MLP, her killcount standing at the highest is fairly impressive and ridiculous.

So, if we go entirely by what was shown and not what makes sense, Starlight has done more harm than Discord, even if she didn't mean to. Which does factor in to how we look at Discord and have to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that he's on the up and up, because he actually meant to do all the bad things he's done as opposed to an idiot mare's temper tantrum that spawned grimdark worlds of murder, war, and butch lesbian haircuts.


Not for the forseeable. I want to see if Discord does actually come to blows with Starlight in canon first.

I'm really into this idea. I didn't even give any thought to how Discord would react to the acceptance of Starlight glimmer but it makes perfect sense.

If anything this just made me more excited for season 6.


Since the Season 5 premiere, I've thought that the idea of Starlight Glimmer's village was Discord's worst nightmare come true, and after seeing the season finale, and how quickly she was accepted into the fold, yeah...you better believe that would grate on him.

But it's also very attractive to predators. At some point you're going to offer kindness to someone who will totally use it against you."

Many predators nod, "We would totally eat her the moment her back is turned."

And Discord's two-parter will be... he betrays them again! But this time when things go south he's REALLY sorry! And he cries some and is instantly forgiven! :trollestia:

(I'm hoping it'll be backstory... a well thought-out backstory and not another Starlight Glimmer 'wut' backstory of lameness.)


I'd actually be happy if we never got too much of Discord's backstory. Or at least not too much of HOW he became the Spirit of Chaos.

JDL has said this episode will be a little darker than most and its message is geared more towards adults, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is about how Discord just can't deal with the fact that someone who has done similiar/worse things than him gets a seemingly free pass when he's not taking into account that he was making it difficult to trust him in the first place.

6968366 There's no reason he could not ALWAYS have been a spirit of chaos.

The real question is, how did he enter their world in the first place? If he'd always been present, he'd have taken over a very long time before he did as there was simply nothing powerful enough to oppose him.

But we know the ponies came together during Hearths Warming with no trace of him yet. So, where did a creature as powerful as a god come from?

I have always liked the idea that Discord and the changelings have a combined backstory... involving windigoes in Flutter Valley of the distant past. :raritywink:

As for the episode... frankly, I'm pissed they just forgave Starlight Glimmer like that. And primarily from a storytelling standpoint. That's just terrible tiny kiddie-level stuff right there and makes the assumption kids can't handle the consequences of bad decisions. It'd be like forgiving the White Witch if she cried and said she was sorry.

And yet this is the same series that gave us Discord's betrayal to Tirek and the DBZ action scene... and then Starlight and Twilight blasting at each other... it's so tonally inconsistent!

I heard that S6 finale involve both Discord and Chrysalis.

6972021 where's the info from just out of interest?

6972041 Theories based on Guardians of Harmony toyline and John De Lancie stating that Discord will appear in a two-parter which may be darker than other episodes. Equestria Daily noted that Discord toys will also appear in this toy set later this year. And Chrysalis with changelings is the only villain in that toyline.

Well, and mind controlling Discord instead of Shining Armor also seem like an obvious choice for Chrysalis.

I love this! You point out so many things I noticed in the show, good and bad!
Of course Discord would hate Starlight Glimmer's Our Town where everything is the same. In my WIP FiMfics, Discord goes with the Mane 6 in the season 5 premiere and he finds the town to be almost agonizing to his chaotic nature.
And I agree it's ridiculous how Discord had to wait several episodes before everyone really accepts him as a friend where Starlight Glimmer is right away! It looks racist that way.

And now, of course, we know the answer to your speculation in the end A/N! I read this before that happened in canon, but that doesn't really matter as I enjoyed this mainly for its fun, believable Discord.

I actually really like Starlight and Discord’s interaction in canon, but honesty I can 100% imagine this being his first reaction. It’s a fair point; Discord was treated with apprehension if not outright dislike by the mane cast for quite a while, but Starlight screwed reality in an arguably worse way and was forgiven immediately. I liked the acknowledgement that they’d treated Discord incorrectly, though. Also:

"She seems genuinely sorry for what she's done."
"You thought I was genuinely sorry for what I'd done."
"Aren't you?" 😂😂

I love this idea! It completely fits in with Discords character & I can imagine this being a problem with him at first

This was a little treat of show-like slice of life. Not a lot of stories really handle their friendship with quite the skill you have for Discord and Fluttershy's dialogue.

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