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This is just some random fluff I wanted to write for the holidays. Some fluttercord shorts to have fun with while I take a small break from my other projects. I hope you enjoy this nonsense that my brain came up with and I hope to write more of them for all of you.

cover art by Darebel-Red on deviant art check out their work it's amazing.

Chapters (3)
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I Practically Exploded From The Cuteness :rainbowkiss: :heart:


I'm pretty sure i must have said "aaawww" at least a thousand times. Just the cuteness.

Very well done, i hope you will write something about their New Year celebration too xD

5364150 get out of my....I mean...maybe:derpytongue2:

5365132 :rainbowlaugh: omg love that you referenced my favorite cartoon:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh: glad u enjoyed it hopefully I can get the next one out this week

Me at 11:31 and 11:46

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: no words, just love. Can't wait to read more :pinkiesad2:

THIS. WAS. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm smiling like a dork at these dorks. Ah, they'll be the death of me, I swear. Very cute. I enjoy it so far.

Happy Hearths Warming. ^.^

I want moooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the fwufffffffffffffffff............
oh man...:twilightblush:

I think my heart exploded- twice- :pinkiegasp: and yes it can do that

It's funny actually I had just read the first chapter and it was the only one posted then I see the next button and I freaked out I almost screamed hehe :twilightblush:

Agh, snuggling: my one weakness! Well... among many. It's too cute, stop! don't stop, please

One thing that could use fixing is some grammatical and sentence structure. There's quite a few run-on sentences, punctuation errors among other things. For example:

He looked into her eyes and grumbled something inaudible as he pulled watched her as she ate the entire bowl and by the end of it she felt much better.

While I can tell the "he pulled watched her" thing is just a clear mistype, this whole sentence could be separated a little with commas to organize it better. Like here:

He looked into her eyes and grumbled something inaudible as he watched her eat from the entire bowl, and by the end of it, she felt much better.

(because you don't eat bowls... unless you're Discord. Sorry, I'm a bit of smartass. Heh)

I highly recommend an editor to clear up these errors. It'd increase the already decent quality of this story.

5384421 thanks for pointing those out. usually what happens is when I copy paste to here some of my sentences get cut? idk why but i'll go and fix that one right now thanks for pointing it out

Aww the way his ears flattened against his head when he confessed his feelings for her was so sweet. :yay:

One day, your stories and DisneyFanatic stories will kill me :yay:

5362889 :rainbowlaugh: I love that movie and that part is me anytime I see something cute :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

YESSSS. THIS IS WHY FLUTTERCORD WORKS. He knows she's the only one who seems to always care, so in return, he worries about her and makes her number one. Haha, we think the same, friend, the same! I was so excited by the overall message here, because that's why I think F luttershy would fall for him. Yes, your fics make me sooo happy and validate why this ship is awesome to sail! And adorable as always! I love how well you portray her kindness...

5388691 as always tater I love your reviews:heart:. yes, we do think so much alike :pinkiecrazy:


I'm glad you enjoyed it and will start writing the next one today once I wake up(need to :ajsleepy: after LONG day at work:ajsleepy:)
the next one will be one of three-
inspired by the amazing cover art
Lop universe
Mending universe
all three will happen just not sure in what order?

I think I obtained a heart disease by the sheer cuteness. :twilightsmile: I need recovery before I can continue reading fics such as this.

Top tier fluff:raritywink:

Too cute! Might explode! :pinkiehappy:

Your writing makes my heart do weird things that feel really warm and happy but I'm not even sure what it's doing. Like, it's not exploding or jumping or squeezing or whatever. My heart just kinda goes "keweoikrpwoaijwa9t(*#UR(@#UR(UTJFIJSDKFLJkepoeijgwipq". Yeah, that's what it does!

Gotta say, this is probably my favorite of the three so far! I always love seeing Fluttershy's point of view on him. You see so much of Discord and why he loves her, but never her side as much. Though I'm seeing this ship getting more and more popular all of a sudden (did you notice that? It's like two weeks ago or something it feels like it's gone KABOOM, BAM, HAVE SOME FLUTTERCORD!), I want to see more Flutterperspective. Yes, I just made that a word. HER NAME IS SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY WITH.

Anyways, this made my heart do "keweoikrpwoaijwa9t(*#UR(@#UR(UTJFIJSDKFLJkepoeijgwipq". That's not very constructive, but it's true all the same and now I can't get it to calm down. Dear lord, your fluttercord is gonna need me to require heart meds. XD

Not only that, but your writing just gets better and better and BETTER. It's so beautiful to watch! And your adjectives are changing, descriptions, all that. Excellent work as always!

5395391 lol oh my I seem to be causing a lot of heart problems all around I'm sorry everyone:twilightblush: I'm glad though that you enjoyed it and it was my favorite to write so far too so I'm happy it was your favorite to read.
I have noticed the increased Fluttercord stories and it makes the fangirl in me *squee!* so very much!

Oh...erg...GAH!....HHNNNGGG!!! Oh da FEELS!!! My heart has now EXPLODED!!!!
C-can't breath!!!!...nngh SQUUEEEEEEE!!!! OH! OH! Oh CRAP!! Just....so....CUTE!! Oh I swear Fluttercord is gonna KILL ME!! :heart: :applecry: :fluttershbad: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowkiss:

It's just...there's no words!
I love this!! Your AWSOME ATOMICPUFFIN!!!


I concur, more Fluttercord = always good.

Love your work!

I have just died from The Feels... Thank You :pinkiehappy: :heart: :pinkiehappy: :heart: :pinkiehappy:


please finish this im begging you

6146276 this is actually where I'm going to post holiday fluff every year so until I quit writing faniction its gonna stay incomplete:pinkiehappy:

6195067 these are one shots that are mindless fun

No, the fluff!!!!!!! It weakens me!!!!!!! Fluttercord fluff is my kryptonite, but I just can't stay away!!!!!!! Squee levels: maximum. :pinkiehappy: Oh, they're just so cute!!!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Oh my gosh, this made me squee so many times!!!!! You write the BEST Fluttercord fluff!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!!! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

6195123 Still I wish there was more

Such sweet stories that fill me with joy, even in the summer.:pinkiehappy: Thank you for filling me with holiday joy!!

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