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An independent Wolf who's wise, kind, and loving; who only cares for the safety and well being of others. He wishes only to be loved and treated fair. A wondering soul searching for his longed dream.


Gender: Male
Name: Wolf Ste'fur
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Favorite Quote: "Silence is both the greatest question, and answer"

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Reckoning: Epoch Time Between Illusionary Worlds · 2:09am Jan 26th, 2017


E is Equestria while V is Valley. 7 days on E is = to 2 months in V but when the bridge between E and V are open, time is ≠ to V instead = to E. I must find the time difference between E and V by days...
6 (d = Days)
60d / 7d = 8.57d (Let us imagine that every month on E is 30d, this is where I get 60d, 2 months adds up to 60d)

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I am sorry to say no that was not my avatar, I do not take credit for that art I was only using it for now until I could submit some of my own art on DeviantArt. I am sorry to disappoint.

If your ever online again, I may have made a creature called The Spirit Wolf for my new story The Guardian, (Shameless Plug here) So I hope that's okay with you.

Thanks for the watch.:moustache:

You are very welcome. I found that after reading so much; and your great dedication to such a large layer of text, that I thought it deserved a place [should be remembered]. I also plan on reading the sequels if you do not mind. I have always wanted to read a long series, and why not let it be this one. I hope to read more of your fantastic imagination in the near future, friend. And, have a memorable Merry Christmas with those you love. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Piercing the Heavens to your special bookshelf! :scootangel:

I hope to be able to bring you more works to enjoy!:twilightsmile:

You are very welcome Mr,Descendant, you are a great help to the community and to our beloved friends. You deserve to be who you are. Without you my friend, we would not have came here and discovered our talents as writers, readers, and the gift of friendship. I hope to see more of your amazing words and helpful guiding in the near future. :pinkiesad2:

--Wolf Ste'fur

Oh, hey! Thanks a bunch for the Watch! I really, really appreciate it, and I hope that I can keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow too! :eeyup:

Thank you for the watch, I hooe you enjoy my stories and my reviews.

Thanks for the fave! :eeyup:

Thanks for the watch, and I hope you enjoy what I'll be posting here!

Thank you for the fav on Celestia's Rocket Adventures! I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me a like and some feedback in the comments!

Thanks for the fav for A Gamer in Equestria

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