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An independent Wolf who's wise, kind, and loving; who only cares for the safety and well being of others. He wishes only to be loved and treated fair. A wondering soul searching for his longed dream.


A Yordle from Runeterra a far off world unreachable by land nor sea is spotted in the country of Equestria and is wanted for crimes committed against its beautiful land and ponies. He is from an alternate future and dimension in which he suffered a mental breakdown after constant exposure to an endless war. As a result, he is now a remorseless killing machine auctioning himself off as a hired gun to those who are willing to pay a considerable amount of coin. Will his past life ever catch up with him or will his soul find peace in the land he is trapped in and revert back to his original state of mind?

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Interesting story, worth a follow for now to see where it goes

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